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  1. I was worried I'd have to search through pages for confirmation about what timezone's midnight was the right one. Means I get to hop on at 11 for me to try and snatch some new pretties
  2. Finally got a pair of all three types! (watch them refuse to gender into pairs though, lol)
  3. egg locked for a day and 2 hours...hopefully i'll be able to grab 2 Coastals then. I'm really excited to see how these turn out.
  4. got a pair from the volcano...so that's something got locked with other eggs just to get those though...
  5. In 2 hours I can actually start looking for these...lol..
  6. Just recently came back after almost a year's hiatus...so I was already egglocked before this started, lol! I've missed sooo much.
  7. On my mom's side, we have Irish with traces back to the Scottish clam Macdonald of Clanranald, and German. On my dad's side, Hungarian and German. May or may not be able to claim Bela Lugosi as a relative, his real surname is Blasko, and we've got Blasko's on the Hungarian side, but we aren't sure if any were from Lugos(where Bela was born and took his stage name from).
  8. Blacktip....it does sound like they're based off birds, also...I still love the styling though
  9. This dragon is one of my favorites from this release so far, seriously hope it'll still be when it grows up
  10. Like how breeding the stripes works? That'd be epic
  11. I think they're metals technically, but it's been stated over and over that they will not be rares. The creator herself said that they won't be rare.
  12. Also this...I specifically don't gift to whiners.
  13. Coppers were the one day that people maybe couldn't offer extras if they wanted one of each color. I was egg-locked to catch the one I gifted away. Really, no one expected the alts, and everyone was in a scramble because it broke the patterns people had laid out. This isn't a fair situation to use as an example, but people were still gifting and trading.
  14. Throughout the event I caught extras to gift to others for free. A lot of people did this, I know because I saw the gifting and trading threads. Some people gift anonymously through PM's(my personal choice).
  15. @____@ It has just hit me!! The name must be Sickle-something! Maybe Sickle Claws? *muses!* That would sort after Sick, I think...
  16. Again we are of similar minds...
  17. Just now noticed at the Gilded Bloodscales can breed with the original 2 headed dragons This has been a really lovely event but...please try not to kill us again?
  18. Did pulling out your mom's ultralaptop help you? For some reason I am very curious after seeing you mention it two nights in a row
  19. *flops on the floor* it's over...it's finally over....I can die in peace now...
  20. Your do not press button just made me laugh so hard that i'm no longer stressed over this drop. Thank you.
  21. A warning to anyone who may not have noticed...the drops actually seem to start about 30 seconds before the actual :*5 or hour....
  22. Got my pair now...the youngest of my coppers that i thought had a while left hatched before my 2 at 4 days...
  23. got my first one in the 5 minute drop...now have to deal with 2 stubborn coppers at 4 days with big holes refusing to hatch...
  24. Maybe after this release tonight I can actually fix my sleep schedule, lol