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I usually accept IOUs for my trades. My Wish-List. Avatar by Cryptid-Creations   HowlingOwl.pngoneScrollOath.gif

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    Scroll-ID: HowlingOwl

    Many thanks to Wahya, Mystic_Halo, Tetra Kataki, Varekis, blizzardjade, SickThing and Iside for gifting wonderful eggs and hatchlings to me!

    I only collect EvenGen dragons with interesting patterns (mostly purebred).
    Even holiday dragons I prefer to be at least 2nd gen.
    But then why suddenly caveborns?! Because I decided to keep a pair of CB Holidays along the way, and now I want a CB pair of all breedable breeds as mates...
    So, the accepting of CBs in trade not only continues, but is even focused on right now to have a lot of different mates available for Christmas and Valentine's.

    My mate's scroll and forum ID is Shroomlet.
    We started this game to play together and work on reaching our separate scroll goals with the help of each other. I sincerely hope this does not collide with the rules.
    I would really appreciate some heads-up or feedback in case it does, before drastic action is taken.

    Please contact me if the names I give dragons descending from your scroll are offensive to you or you would like them to be changed for another reason.

    I may take breeding request, if there should be anything on my scroll you would want an egg from.

    Long-term scroll goals:
    - even-gen gold Shimmer
    - where possible, a PB pair of each breed from the same generation
    - even more BSA dragons:
    Red: 64/80
    Pink: male 21/30; female 26/30
    Purple: 9/20
    Aeons: 11/30 - especially important during Halloween...
    From me:
    110 CB hatchlings to PREDATOR (their part is fulfilled) - Currently unavailable, IOU on hold.
    from: Aria, Antarean, Candelabra, Diamond, Spinel, and Scimitar-wing (until further notice)
    focus on: Arias and Candelabras (until further notice)
    current need to influence: n/a
    - Aria: 16
    - Antarean: 8
    - Candelabra: 11
    - Diamond: 2
    - Spinel: 7
    - Scimitar: 3
    => 47 / 110

    To me:
    - Sibling to http://dragcave.net/view/pNSYZ from zenkaty