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  1. darn it, missed out on the eggs while I was at work
  2. I just found the Kiki's Delivery Service treat!
  3. 1) darn it! 2) oaky, that's all I wanted to know >
  4. I have two questions: 1) are the potions permanent? (I'm hoping that they are) 2) is there a potion for the mint dragons?
  5. here are my favorites, in order form most favorite to regular favorite : Also...I've never played the fire emblem games.....this kinda makes me want to, though
  6. yay! new release and I'm here for it! I have two gemstones and one of each of the others.
  7. Banned for having a candle as an avatar.
  8. Banned for having an avatar that I can't make out well.
  9. True. TPBM has played an online game.
  10. Banned for not realizing that it's a she, not a he.
  11. http://ihasahotdog.files.wordpress.com/200...jpg?w=430&h=500 (it wouldn't let me: "Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed")
  12. True, mostly. I haven't red the later three books. TPBM has seen the movie Eragon.
  13. *Chugs down a few bottles of root beer before shaking the rest until they explode*
  14. Banned for not watching anime instead.
  15. *tosses tuna salad all over the place*
  16. Draenyan. Next person fuse with: Cortosis
  17. Yum, but gets boring after awhile. A pineapple and pickle pizza.
  18. Got out into a large, spacious field in the middle of summer, at the hottest time of the day and wait for five hours. How do I get a pink dragon?