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    Hello! Messages are welcome. I can alternatively be reached on the unofficial DC Discord server, and occasionally the #arts channel on IRC. 

    I own a caveborn male bronze Shimmer-scale dragon, but the breeding list is currently closed. Therefore, please be patient for this to change before requesting one in a message.

    Dragon Requests I am working on:

    Clamskimmer Dragons
    ~[update; paused]

    Crested Amphipteres
    ~[in progress]

    Ferret Dragons
    ~[in progress]

    Glowback Pygmy Dragons
    ~[update; paused]

    Honeycomb Pygmy Dragons
    ~[looking for critiques]

    Mistra Dragons


    Should I ever become inactive from the entire Dragon Cave Forums for at least half a year without former notice, please, if it is actually a viable thing to do, do not hesitate to cross me from the credits if that is the only way a sprite could be released! Additionally, permission for edits is then granted to all in-cave spriters, who may also grant said permission to anyone else they choose until I return.