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  1. As far as I'm aware, anyone who uses Dragon Cave without blocking the ads supports it, and the subscription is just a way to block the ads while still supporting the site. And generally, I think the incentive for supporting something should be something one wants to support, not an unrelated reward one gets for doing so.
  2. It is not possible to trade Guardians of Nature. The egg is meant for you. c:
  3. The Tercorn Dragons are the first of my own concepts and my first "regular" dragon breed that made it in-cave. If the sprites of the S1 hatchling and adult are slightly familiar-looking to anyone, that's possibly right. These are the updated Frill-Gill Dragons, my axolotl-inspired Dragon Request from about five years ago. After their rejection I decided to attempt a substantial update, and over the span of multiple years they changed immensely. While the S2 hatchling sprite is a new one, the sprites of the S1 hatchling and adult are direct updates from my old sprites. Many, many thanks to the kind persons who helped me with feedback, suggestions and advice, you probably know who you are. Without that help, I don't think they would ever have gotten in-cave. ❤️ My intention for the name was that it reminds of "three-horned" but has a certain peculiarity to it, not sounding too much like Tri-Horn Wyvern or necessarily being the accurate translation of "three-horned" in another language. :3 Last of all, congratulations, Marri, for the release of the Coral Pygmy Wyverns! I'm very excited to start building pretty lineages with them. :D
  4. The male Coral Pygmy Wyvern headbutts and its far wing is on the ground for support. Since the wing is on the ground and we see the dragon from the side, it looks flat on the bottom edge. :3
  5. Basically, the color the Siyat Dragon has depends on how long it was allowed to stay inside the egg. A dragon that hatches from an incubated egg may hatch before it becomes three days old, which is the requirement to get a green hatchling. So wait for it to hatch at the 4 day mark and, since you removed a day from the timer through incubation, it should hatch green.
  6. The judgmental aspect of the proposed changes puts me into the opposition, and I'm actually not sure whether there even is a way to prevent "walls" without losing the reasonable chronological order and neutrality of the AP.
  7. The eggs with 3 days and 17 hours left probably should have appeared before they reached that time. There are many eggs that are about an entire day older than the oldest egg that is shown, which doesn't seem normal.
  8. Do you indeed have to, though?
  9. Am I understanding it correctly that you collected the dragons for the July 31 raffle, but when you wanted to enter, the drawing had already occurred? I think the page says, after having entered, to check back on the last day of the month at approximately 3 AM, but I currently can't find it stated anywhere else on the site. Maybe if the time was added to the text at the top or after "Next Drawing", rather than being just in the message after having entered, such confusion could be avoided? (Or is it indeed the entire last day that no longer counts?)
  10. Did you use their BSA recently? Their markings glow for a week after their ability has been used.
  11. As for the weird user count, TJ said on the official Dragon Cave server on Discord that it "doesn't seem right", so presumably it is a bug and he is already aware of it. :3
  12. Thanks to all others who were involved in the creation of these newly released dragons, and to TJ! The Luminoxes are among my favorites on the entire site! As many here probably already know, Glowback Pygmies were a Dragon Request. SkyWolf25 readily jumped in when I asked for help with the adult sprites and is responsible for the adorable hatchlings, which I only edited slightly. The sprite of the female adult received an update while hidden, not because the sprite needed it in order to get accepted, but simply because SkyWolf25 and I agreed that we could make something better. The head should be pretty much the same as before, but if I recall correctly, the entire rest was redone. I might share a comparison here a little later, but need to ask Sky first and find what could be the old sprite's latest version. As a bonus, here is a little sprite I made of a Glowback Pygmy's head. :3 Regarding usage: EDIT: Aaand Sky said it's okay for me to share the old female adult sprite here for comparison! I'm not a hundred percent certain that this was the latest version of the old sprite, but even then, it should be very similar to what we had as an end result: ->
  13. Bugzilla is probably referring to the Thuwed names. There can't be two dragons with identical names on the site, so when there are two adult sprites, TJ usually names the male adult "[breed name] Dragon" in Saurian and the female one "Girl [breed name] Dragon" in Saurian.
  14. With the chosen breed, this requires specific circumstances to make sense. If a BSA doesn't require magic, or only requires magic at the moment it is performed, then there seems to be no reason why a Cassare Dragon would be able to afterwards nullify the effect with its abilities. I personally would like a BSA that has the consequences of a trade without an actual trade, though.
  15. Mewtie

    Trading Issue

    Would the trade currently put you or the person you are trying to trade with above your or that person's limit for eggs or growing dragons? If yes, then that is why. You can also search members on this forum by scroll name. If the person has a forum account and accepts messages, you can inform the person here that you are interested in the offer.
  16. Yes, it is an alt. :3
  17. Assuming your scroll name is the same as your forum username, I found six tombstones on your scroll (two hatchlings and four adults). Do you mean just tombstones of hatchlings, or tombstones in general? If you mean any, then they appear to still be there, at least, but I don't know what could make you unable to see some of them.
  18. Disregarding how well they fit the respectively chosen breed, here are a few thoughts: Super Teleport: While I personally wouldn't mind the option for larger teleports, adding a literally just stronger version of Teleport that can fully replace it in functionality seems a little odd to me. In my opinion, there should be more to set the two apart. EDIT: Wait, no. I think four is probably the maximum because that's how many eggs a scroll without a trophy can have, and allowing larger trades of eggs would put those without a trophy at a disadvantage. Corrupt: There presently seems to be no downside at all to increasing the chance for successful zombification, and therefore might be a case in which TJ could just increase the chance altogether. I believe this BSA might need better balance, which could be done by adding possible negative consequences. Time Loop: I'd like a BSA like that. It's already possible through teleports, so I don't see why it couldn't also be a BSA on its own that doesn't require another person. Soulstrike: Basically the same I said about the "Corrupt" BSA also seems to be true for this one. It just seems like a way to practically bypass something that exists for a reason.
  19. I think I might like the Aeria Gloris with Starsingers, Celestials, bronze Lunar Heralds, Antareans and Aeons. For the others I'm still trying to gather ideas.
  20. What I imagine is that they are still "growing" to a point at which they can care about themselves. It's really subjective whether players should be able to accumulate dragons in equal speed, disregarding whether they only raise dragons to adulthood, only freeze or do both. I don't freeze at all so this change wouldn't really affect me, it's just a concept I find preferable, because I think it's less "judging" of what the player decides to do. One can argue that the player isn't forced to do it, but decides to, and therefore accepts the disadvantage. I think at that point, we can't come to a conclusion. However, TJ said that "freezing is intentionally not supposed to be faster than actually raising dragons", and as it presently stands, raising dragons to adulthood in addition to freezing hatchlings can, in theory, be faster than only collecting adults. What I meant to point out is that, as far as I can tell, the current system is not as much in agreement with that stated goal as an exact match of freezing and raising dragons to adulthood.
  21. Such a change would affect existing progress towards a trophy level if someone has frozen hatchlings and not yet enough adult dragons for a platinum trophy, which to me doesn't seem particularly fair.
  22. To me it never seemed intentional that the freeze action can be used to accumulate a greater number of no longer growing dragons overall in a shorter amount of time, so I think something that 100% matches the dragon-raising behavior actually sounds more sensible to me than the current system. I have not yet understood how exactly this would make freezing more inconvenient to use aside from that, and if I'm not mistaken, it would actually allow people to freeze more dragons in a shorter amount of time. And I personally like the idea of people that don't or no longer collect adults being able to accumulate dragons just as quickly as people that raise them to adulthood.