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  1. Oh, really? That's really useful to know! Thank you for the tip~
  2. Mine were caught directly on the hour of the release, so they will hatch then. None of them COULD hatch now, I don't think, because it hasn't been enough days yet ( not even with incubate - it has to be 12:00 in DC time, bahaaa. x3 )
  3. I don't recall it being that long for the last release, hrm. o.o Though I was not much in the cave after being locked, however, so I wouldn't know for certain. Which ones are you looking for?
  4. Aww, nice! ^-^ I'll just have to follow your example and snatch up a green one. So pretty, fff. Good tip! Thanks for it. ^-^ <33 My younger brother saw a Metal in the Alpine ( the one everyone was raving about yesterday here ) but I wasn't around, hnng. D: *sad* Whoa, really? That's insane, LMAO. That's more leetles than I've seen all year! It IS the forest though. ;3 Ah yes, I hadn't ever parked myself in the Forest biome for this release since the Jungle had the least amount of people. I just decided to go there, but it's good to know that the Forest works well, too. n_n
  5. Ah lmao, I see. I had moved to the Jungle because there were so few people there at the start! Then I had noticed the Opals were a different color. o.o It does kind of make it more difficult now that just about everyone knows they are in both, though I suppose that's for the best. It should at least be fair. I don't think I'll be getting another green for some time, mainly because the Jungle does not have much "additional incentive" to hunt there other THAN them, so it will be slow as usual.
  6. Fff, really? I find that the Opals in the Jungle are harder to get, but maybe that's just me. o.o; I do need one of those but I'm not in a rush. I'm sorry that it is such trouble, though. ;__;
  7. I sure did. :3 I got one, and then JUST gifted it away, to be precise. The person just accepted the link, which you will see that I am no longer locked as I was. ( which I am still doing for those who are struggling, btw. ) In addition, I will also be catching again as soon as all mine hatch, so. ^-^; I don't know why it's not that difficult as you make it sound for me. o.o I'm not overly quick or anything, I don't think.
  8. My babies will be hatching soon~ Quite excited about that! n_n Real good luck sent out to those of you who are hunting for your first batch still. <33 It's not impossible, still! It's only a day after-release.
  9. I'll be able to hunt at 12:00PM ( DC time ) tomorrow as I won't be egglocked with these eggs then, so I'll more than likely be hunting for people who can't get any/can't get enough of them to meet their goal. ^-^ Congratulations to those of you who have at last locked yourselves with a good amount!
  10. I definitely do. I sometimes get confused on the descriptions of certain ones, lmao! Misclicks are one thing, but intentional misclicks - that is thinking it was something else - are just a little more painful.
  11. Do you mean that people should be happy that they can carry 7 eggs? o: Not everyone on here can do that just yet, if so.. x3 But I agree, as long as DC is DC, it will always be heated and competitive. That's the game mechanics and cannot be changed, thus it would not be DC.
  12. Personally, I'm leaning to the "opals" more, simply because of their description and pretty colors~ Go with whatever your gut says, I guess! But good that you got one!
  13. Yeah, I have to say that's a little offputting for me, too. >: Also, you got Blusangs? o.o I has just one. D: Someone really nice gifted me a bred one, but alas, no CBs. I agree with that - it's just about being patient. I'm locked and will be for the next few days, so there's someone's chance to take my place! And everyone else's who are equally egglocked. No big deal. I hunted based on when people were egglocked back when I was just bronze trophy/had a slow laptop. If you're determined, I always find, you'll definitely find a way to hunt! Well, it's good to know that you're not too invested in this release. o.o I imagine it would be a lot more stressful for people who are on DC with the sole intent to hunt. Hope you get to play the Xbox!
  14. I'm sure people need them as soon as possible for the exact same reason you're here trying to get them on the first day. o.o the sooner the better, they want to just be over with hectic grabbing, or maybe they're just really excited to see these babies. As for me, I need to be done with them quickly - I have IOUs, gifts and some peoples' personal lineage projects that I said I'd just gift the needed eggs for. I'm quite busy and the release cannot last too long for me, clearly. x3
  15. If it's really impossible for you to get any, I suggest waiting to hunt one or two days from now when everyone is egglocked. That's what I used to do, anyway. :3 The way to get around people who lock themselves with new eggs ( and they have every right to if they want ) is simply wait until they're done. The rush of trying to beat them can harden your heart fairly quickly. Wow. o.o I imagine it would be a lot easier since no one excepts a ninja drop! I can speak for myself to say that I multitask between 5 minute drops, anyway. x3 I'll definitely watch between drops now, too.
  16. Really? I know I've had that happen on another release, but it's not happened to me for this one. o: That's really interesting! I wonder why it would be doing that.
  17. I wouldn't assume so soon! A lot of people have a large tendency to assume releases are rare/metallics/etc. but.. Usually not. x3 I suppose it will all come down to which are most desired. Maybe we'll like the "red ones" more than the others and completely pick the cave clean of them!
  18. Locked! That's that. ^-^ Good luck everyone~ Now to wash my hair, ff.
  19. Totally good practice. I really need to start doing that.. I think this last drop will be all that I need. Good luck! ^-^
  20. LMAO, I think people are just fast! x3
  21. I caught an opal in the Alpine and one in the Forest. I'd reckon the one you're looking for is, if not in the forest, in the Alpine. :3
  22. Two? Ah, excellent! Thank you, TJ.
  23. All the work put into it is just really awesome, though for anyone who trades based on the ability to continue the lineage themselves, unless they are really addicted to Magi and thus have the ability to breed a mate for this quickly, I doubt it would get very far. Personally, I would trade a CB common/uncommon for something like this. I certainly can't continue the lineage without months of Magi hoarding, but it is very pretty and nice to own. n_n
  24. JUST picked up a CB Silver and CB Thunder back to back.