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  1. Linked for size


    Wtf? DD: I wish I could contact the person this is for, hooomg. ;___; It was a trade for two CB Golds, and I had an offer up that I thought was declined, but going back to the trader's scroll.. one was dead, and the other is sick! D: Why did they try to trade it so soon? A lot of people will view CB Golds!

  2. I really don't think this is necessary. It can be annoying when people offer things you didn't ask for, but at the end of the day our ability to reject offers is for their benefit, not ours. If they're driving you that crazy, then get revenge by letting them uselessly keep their dragons and their hopes tied up in your trade until you accept another offer, muahaha. >:3

    Omg, that's horrible LMAO.

    But yes. I guess people will just try their luck and basically hope that their offer is the best you have so that you'll accept it. I always find that it never hurts to try, HOWEVER, if someone specifically says "no other offers" and I don't have that offer, then I just go about searching and forget about it.

    Even if they don't specify, I won't offer like.. a random CB Stripe for something I know is better. I don't want the chance to offend that person, and I do sometimes wish other people would do this ( I don't want three CB Commons for a CB Silver hatchling, gaiz. xd.png ) but I personally barely ever specify what I want, so.


    Personally, if I had a trade that is getting tons of interest, whether or not it's what I want/even good at all, I'd be much more pleased to see that than absolutely no offers because no one has what I want/want to trade it. >: Just my opinion.

    In that I don't think this is necessary - we do still have the decline button, right? :3

  3. At least somedragons are happy to cooperate. *glares at Bloodscales* But seriously, I was so happy that those GWs were compatible. wub.gifwub.gifwub.gif


    My Soulpeaces are also liking me and behaving very well when it comes to gendering and making babies. Woot! xd.png

    That is really cool, homg. ;__; Looks like all the work of getting those GWs paid off!


    I recently caught two Green Opals, but I don't see the appeal in keeping them. xd.png I'll see about some trades~

  4. Caught 2 golds, 2 silvers, seen a red copper.  blink.gif


    I think i'll be giving up on coppers for now.

    lmao! I caught 4 Golds, 4 Silvers( one gifted, one traded, two being traded, though ), and have seen no Coppers in this very recent timeframe. I don't like the sounds of these ratios.


    I was initially waiting for.. whatever happened with them to fix itself, but I think it's safe to say it will be this way for now.

    .. Well, at least the other metallics seem to be making some kind of weird midyear comeback.

  5. Prizes are so confusing to me... 3rd gen is an uber-rare but 5th gen is already worthless!?


    On that topic, I have a pair of CB opals (one green, one blue), a CB Summer, and a variety of CB hatchlings... How low gen a gold shimmer do you think is reasonable to ask for? What about silver or bronze? I'd most like a gold, though, since I don't have one yet.

    At this time, yes - at least for Shimmers. Since they are fairly new, the CBs are still breeding, the 2nd and 3rd Gens are still breeding - it's not like the Tinsels, where you are much less likely to get on a CB, 2nd or even 3rd Gen. breeding list. There are so many Shimmers circulating right now that 5th Gen. is very common to find, I'm afraid. D: 4th Gen is where it starts getting "good" to most competitively searching for Shimmers/Tinsels right now. There has been a little kick up for Tinsels as well, as people are lineage swapping with Shimmers.


    It does depend on the color. :3

    For all of that for a Gold? I'd likely say a 6th~4th Gen Shimmer - there are so few CBs of them, after all, so that makes them rare. For the green opal alone, you could search through the metallic trading thread and negotiate some good deals, especially if you throw in a few of the other things you have. Good luck! ^-^

  6. I couldn't resist the CB Ice just staring everyone in the face, bahaa. Had to get it. I'll be locked until I gift some of these Opals. Until then, I'll just have to do some drawing or something.

    Meanwhile yes, I have seen a ton of them today. o.o So just keep looking! happy.gif

  7. Dude, Coppers are SO hard to find! even in the new release, i haven't seen a single one. I stayed up all night so i could catch on the hour and in 5 minute drops.. I benefited from the lag though and caught 4 of the 6 new releases i have in that..


    I cannot believe that someone would view bomb.. I might hide my scroll because i'm a bit scared that someone is going to view bomb because i'm expressing my anger..

    kind of sad that i have to think like that  unsure.gif

    I know, that's why I feel really bad about it, still. >: She's gotten some 2nd Gen. ones recently from trades, I believe. One or two, maybe. I just wish I could find some for her, ff. I've yet to see one since the event. Once I obtain my 2nd Gen. Shimmer, I'll just have to trade 3rd Gens for Coppers for her.


    It is! D: I always keep my account open on Chrome when I'm writing or drawing, that way it only takes a refresh to see the views being sent my way. Hiding your scroll can definitely help from people who just go onto your scroll from here and by link.


    Ugh the Alpine is blocked by caveblockers...


    Just wait for when the next hour comes for things to start moving. x3

  8. I don't get it either...making others' hatchlings sick doesn't give you anything. What's the point of doing it?!

    Yeah, view-bombing is just horrible. It just makes me really upset.

    I've never had any of my eggs personally die of it, but my best friend lost ALL her CB Coppers in one night. >-> She has never found any again, I feel sooo bad about it, ugh.

    She intentionally held off on the other birthday releases because she felt that the later ones would be rarer breeds, so she was able to pick up a lot of Coppers, but.. When she got on the next morning they were all clearly view-bombed.


    The main way I see it is out of jealousy, but like others here, I believe it could be just for "kicks."

  9. Reflex clicked a Summer. Usually I'm all like - what the heck did you do that for, finger? blink.gif


    But anyone who was around for the "Spring That Wasn't" probably understands the desire to throw oneself onto a Seasonal, even when that's completely contrary to what you should be doing. xd.png

    Lmao! You too, eh? xd.png I cannot believe we misclicked the same thing, bahaa. It was just a reflex click out of nowhere - and I don't have a single Summer Seasonal on my scroll! So.. why, finger. Why. I might just keep mine, though. o.o Maybe it's a sign from the cave.

    I don't recall that, though. :3

  10. Yes, at least someone else agrees with me. It kind of makes me lose hope(i'm a new spriter, still learning and such) for when the dragons i am working on go to the completed list, that they may not get entered for a long time.

    Well, spriters get noticed/become official somehow, you know. They practice their butts off ( Like any artist, of course. ) and get involved in tons of dragon concepts, and then when one of theirs are actually released, naturally they kind of become a "go to" spriter if they have many more requests just waiting as completed. I really like the work of both these spriters and I think they've just done a wonderful job. I'm sure they didn't even think they'd get so many of their designs actually released. o.o


    Remember that there are a great many requests completed, waiting to be released. Some of them being around for longer than a good amount of members who are here now. The reason the whole "First Sunday" release began was because there were so many, even, and we were barely getting any of them. ( and also remember that many of them are removed from the completed list ahead of time so that no one can simply find them and go "Whoa! Here's the new release we have!" )


    I don't do any spriting, personally. I'm a sketcher/digital painter, but the feeling is the same when your work is featured. I know I would feel kind of meh about negativity being positioned at my accomplishments.


    But don't lose hope! Just keep helping on many requests! n_n

  11. The third egg I caught, an indecisive, was my first to hatch. The first two, both opalescents, seem to want to take their time.

    Really? It was quite the opposite for a lot of people! Including me! xd.png

    I have five hatchlings now, but.. I realize that the ratio of Opals to Undecideds on my scroll is huge. D:

  12. Is it bad that to free room for catching opals, I use the Bite BSA on one of my mis-clicks, hoping it would turn and be repulsed... and it worked?

    I call that genius, darling. |D *failure*


    Two of mine have hatched at 00:04, ff. I just replaced them with two more. xd.pngDon't gripe; they're for gifting, people.



  13. That has to be best explanation ever! I have not seen any of the coppers since their release and I owe someone 24 of them. dry.gif

    .. can I possibly ask WHY you owe them so many of them? o.O That sounds like a really bum deal, in my opinion, especially with how Coppers are being. D:

  14. Still stuck with my one egg Dx


    This isn't fun. I just hope that these opals become common as pebbles or something over time.

    Not with people grabbing them like this, I'm afraid. >: Plus they do look very nice from what I can tell, so that alone ( AND being one of very few two-headeds! ) will make their demand somewhat great.


    mine are fully cracked now, so I'm counting the time down now~