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  1. *Swipes Watchtower so she can have two GoNs* Lmao, ninja'd! *swipes tinsel hatchlings*
  2. Homg, your art is gorgeous! ^-^ the warm colors and everything - you use color very well. <3
  3. Christianity also states it is wrong. I'm Christian, and I was taught excessively that it is wrong. I don't think it's wrong. It's natural to let religion shape what you believe, but I don't let it force me to see something as diverse as the world in one way.
  4. I don't see how we can interrupt a post, to be honest with you. o.O But, otherwise, of course! You're free to remove yourself from a conversation if you feel like you're not getting anywhere or that it's time to retire your point. :3 Such is the way of discussion~
  5. Yeah, that just legitimately makes me feel depressed. x.x The history of the reactions and actions taken against things like this are gruesome, and it makes me even more determined to help put an end to it today, because it still exists, just in a more modernized standard of doing things. Well.. now you're kind of contradicting yourself, here. Unless it's just me, but.. You were the one who said it was "in your face now" and you were a little shocked, etc. So naturally we'd assume that still goes about an hour later. o.o When you say that you "Aren't used to seeing something," we
  6. That's good - I agree! We are all human. ^-^ Pressing equality and rights and trying to make society safer for a group of people ( in terms of the issues they face, such as bullying ) is not really forcing you to accept it, though. It's not making you have to live any differently, is it? o: If it is, I'd like to know how, seriously. o.o Also, lmao, the race bit? That's not nearly as linear an issue as you're making it sound. The two issues have one thing in common - mainly one, and it's a pretty large thing, and that's to be able to have rights and the ability to live safely and in harmony
  7. I figured that by the way you were talking you didn't have an issue with people caring about this thread so much as the concept in general. It's starting to make sense to me, now. I can understand being a little shell-shocked at something that you barely/didn't even know was a concept that was common everywhere else, but yes. It helps to stay plugged in to your culture and the rearing issues in it and the gravity at which they are effecting your culture differently than other cultures. If you don't know much about the issue( or any issue for that matter - no harm in studying! ), I would rec
  8. So.. we should focus all our energy on the easy systems, instead of starting early with the difficult issue so that it will be finally resolved 20 years from now instead of waiting and then having it be solved 50+ years from now? Equality between race is STILL trying to balance itself; there is still racism, but since we handled it early, there is actually some harmony. What is the issue with just doing both at the same time, though? Where is your issue with that, again..? o: Also, for the health care and education system, which you seem to me mainly concerned about, there are threads in
  9. That sense can be applied to every issue you've stated then, right? All the issues with the health care, etc. is the result of differing opinions, people in office wanting to work it a different way and so forth. The problem is that you seem to be exercising inactivity. If we, the people who can essentially make a change, don't start talking about it now, we will never get it solved tomorrow. For example, the rights of black people? If that wasn't spoken about and moved for ( MLK, Rosa Parks, etc. ) that wouldn't have happened, but by what it seems like you're saying, we should have just..
  10. It's not like we're NOT worrying about that, you know. o.o There are tons of discussion threads in this category, you know, and these things are also constantly being discussed elsewhere, off of the internet. It doesn't make any one of them any less important than the other, especially when it comes to this topic, which to you it may seem like just something about "gay rights," but to me it's addressing something a bit deeper than that - and that's equal freedom. Just saying.
  11. I can't help but be amused at yet another "shimmer" description egg, lmao! I hope I don't get confused when hunting!
  12. Do GWs have any worth lately or something like that? o: I find that a lot of people have been making comments like this about them, but I'm used to them being considered simply uncommon/a little less of value than CB Blacks ( the CB Black value for this year - not last year, as then they were very hard to find and thus in such high demand. )
  13. You know, I did notice something was a little strange this time. o.o Now that you mention it, we are missing the mass drop, hrm! I wonder why it was removed? And I have noticed the biomes emptying out quicker lately. I don't know if it's what you mean, but just recently I was waiting for a 5-minute drop, and when it arrived, I was eager to find something among the commons, but I swear like only three eggs went by before it was empty! I've neeever seen that, lawl. And ff, that's very kind of you. ^-^
  14. I have to say that the ooonly thing I don't like about the constant releases each month is.. the complaining, honestly. I mean obviously it's fine to be upset and show that, but some of the stuff is over the top, IMO. It's not even been 30 minutes in and some people seem like they're on the brink of quitting DC altogether or something. If the drops are too wild, just wait a while..? The drops are ridiculous because everyone's excited trying to get the new release. That's what I do when I can't get anything on the first day. <3 The main thing I don't like is how every release is like
  15. The Desert ones are sooo beautiful - I'm tempted to stuff my last two spots with them, but I should even it out at least a little. o.o;
  16. Already have two of each~ Now I need to decide on which to have more of. x3
  17. Caught a CB Blusang and a CB Silver today~
  18. They're really starting to pick up, now. Not only did I catch one in the coast a few days ago ( just matured. ^-^ ) but I've seen about 4-5 today - I've only been awake for one to two hours, so. o.o
  19. A really good friend of mine just gifted me these! ;___; http://dragcave.net/lineage/IbBMj, http://dragcave.net/lineage/zIdJc.
  20. It's been like this a while, actually. o.o That's when I had gotten my 4 CB Golds hunting. The Silvers seem a little less likely to show up, though, at least for me! Congratulations Dubious and Keepiru. Great hunting! ^-^
  21. Once putting my effort into it, I was able to get four 3rd Gen. Shimmers in this two/three weeks alone. ^-^ The newest two: http://dragcave.net/lineage/uvEhK, http://dragcave.net/lineage/rB1Wv. Really pleased with them all!
  22. From what I can see, their general worth, what with being uncommon, depends on if the person if looking for them or not. I've not seen any Trihorn trades lately asking for more than other CB uncommons, though personally for me, since I've been hunting for Trihorns since the release, given the number up for grabs, I'd offer a bit. Most uncommons/slightly unseen uncommons at this time are only valuable to people in the market for them. Otherwise they don't have much of an official standing. o.o
  23. That's why you should never be in the cave when locked, LMAO. *pats* If it's any consolation, I've seen at least eight Dinos this week. I don't pick them up because eh, but yes. ^-^