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  1. So, this week I caught 4 CB Coppers. One of them is very recent, currently on my scroll and on cooldown. Two of them ( red and brown ) were traded for the third one, a green one, which I traded for this. There are only 5 Bronze Tinsels from this line, ever, so I'm extremely pleased that I have one of just five!

    In addition, I have caught a CB Gold. ^-^ Really good turnout this week for me.

  2. This one time it was my second day at work on my first job ever, I was having a very heavy monthly.  Needless to say I sneezed and made a mess and had to ask my boss if I could go home to change my clothes.  I won't go into any more detail than that, but thankfully it didn't hurt my job opportunity as I was kept on after the season ended(I had been hired as seasonal help).

    Omg, that is the worst thing. Ever. I'm glad it didn't mess with your job. <3


    I always find it kind of awkward when someone tries to hold my cat when I'm not around and he flies off the handle in their arms ( usually cutting them up pretty bad. ) and the moment I regain control of the situation by holding him myself, he just completely shuts down and is the sweetest little angel. For me it's kind of a " So, uh.. sorry about that back there." moment, lmao! Maus really only get attached to one or two people, so. Usually I can explain this over treating their wounds and they completely understand. Even still, I know I'd kind of be baffled by a cat who tried to kill me ( screeching and the whole nine yards! ) becoming so sweet the very second he was in the owner's hands. Like.. what did I do? XD

  3. Hrm, at all rather than in the US that is, I had my dates wrong (bad with years) :L


    (About three years after it came out in the US is about when my brother started playing though |D)


    I think I started with Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap before eventually actually acquiring Pokemon Yellow about a year or two later :V

    Oh lmao! I see. ^-^

    Pokemon Stadium brings back soo many memories, omg. We have most of the Stadiums, but the first two were the best, imo. I had Blue, and my other two brothers had Red and Yellow.


    With X and Y, we will probably all choose different starts again, but one of them was complaining about the water type ( the one who always chooses the water type. ) so the flow of things may be messed up this time. Froakie is cute, though I doubt he wants a cute starter, LMAO. I think all their evolutions so far are nice, though. I'm sticking with grass despite the general appeal of Fennekin/Braixen - I mean, how can you mess up a Pokemon that looks like a fox in its first stages? xd.png Chespin is cute and I don't mind that. It may end up being a good wall or sweeper, which are always lovely.

  4. I've been playing since I was three (which would be about three years after the release of Gen I in the US) |D

    B'awww. <3 We were a bit older than that - I was around 8 when it came out.

    Kids were so fascinated and easily amused back then - we would pass the game, restart it, and then have a blast playing over.

    Today? I wouldn't erase my Pokemon files if you paid me, and if I did I'd just spend a week trading all the Pokemon on it to another game to trade back, lmao! In that, though, I don't really play them all as much as I'd like to because I've done everything on them.

  5. My brothers and I have been on board with Pokemon since it first came out. xd.png We looved the fact that there were three starters - we all choose a different one ( to this day! ) and try to kick each other's butts.

    So far.. I think we have every one of the main franchise games.

  6. I love both of these, really! It's the first release in a while that I feel both ( or all! ) dragon breeds released together go very well together. <3

    I also really enjoy the traffic the coastal breed is giving, especially since that's just what the coast needed. ^-^ I mean, who doesn't love Blusangs by the dozen?

  7. Both of my 3rd Gen Shimmers bred true for the first time today. user posted image

    ff, that's excellent! ^-^ Mine rejected her mate today, LMAO.


    But I currently have 14 CB new release dragons on my scroll as eggs and hatchlings, so really pleased! ^-^ I've scroll locked myself, lmao!

  8. I severely loathe Same Love. =_= There are plenty of awesome queer artists around to listen to, even if they're not allowed as much media as Crackermore. <3


    He thought he was gay because he could draw in 3rd grade? Oh, whoo. He totally understands our issues. Did not appreciate the silencing of the actual GSM artist he had working with him during his VMA speech either.


    Macklebore seems to view us as a way to profits. Isn't Same Love the song he pushed when Congress gave their answer on Prop 8? Yay, money.

    I may be reading into the lyrics a little differently than you are/other people are, Sock.

    I took that line as the fact that there are so many stereotypes that according to them, in addition to being so heavily misinformed about it as if it was forbidden to explain to a child, ( such as he also thought he'd be gay because his uncle was ) he thought he was gay, and.. he was young at that time, so it's natural to be bound by stereotypes and think they're true until you age, get out in the real world and get the real truth.

    I think the lyrics are intending to blend in what "people think" and what is true/what it all comes down to, which is why I enjoy it.


    I should also clarify that I'm not familiar with Macklemore, so I appreciate you informing me about the background and the political actions he's taken advantage of and such. ^-^

    I very rarely listen to any English-lyric songs, so popular artists/songs or American artists and their backgrounds are mostly lost on me.


    God I am sick of the "gays=AIDS" rhetoric. Lesbians have a way lower percentage of people with AIDS than, say, straight people. Are we god's chosen ones then? Ugh.

    I can't tell what you're implying, but AIDS certainly doesn't imply that you "deserved it" or that God is "punishing you." I hope that's not what you're implying. o.o;

  9. I adore the Thunder the most. ^-^ When I was a fairly new player, last year, I went through this random addiction for them, and I spent all my time in the desert as well as trading everything I caught for CBs of them. xd.png I remember just wanting to freeze them the moment they hatched since they are soo cute, lmao! Though I needed the adults, so I didn't. Considering I have 9 CBs, it payed off.


    Now, I barely see them around, but when I whisk one out of the Desert, I can't help but smile.

  10. I don't think this is really necessary. Just pop em' in a fan site and they'll get the views they need. No need to go around tempting people with a reward for clicking.

    Very recently, some of the clicksites were having trouble with a large lack of views from users, so it doesn't always take care of itself. My younger brother and I are some of the people who just sit around and click tons in the clicksites to actually help out. Just saying. :3


    Like some people have said, I did like the way DDF ( Daily Dragon Fix ) handled it, and you did see the clicks accumulate more on dragons that were in than those that were not! I only dropped it because there was kind of a drought of clicks for some reason, once.

    But perhaps DC could implement something closer along the lines of that, getting what you give, instead of some literal reward?


    And so - I ask again for the facility to hide our GROWING things from other users but not from fansites and show adults only (we can do it the other way around as things stand, which is in my view not the more useful option. THEN I'd be OK with this idea as long as the reward was a badge or something. NOT anything that was in any way like currency.


    This would give another ( and really good ) reason to add this. I never.. understood why we had hiding adults and NOT hiding growing babies? lmaoo. x3 Even if this suggestion isn't added, we could still really use this one, Fuzz. So many reasons, obviously.

  11. I guess it depends on the kind of CB Rare, lmao!


    Though generally, I will grin at the "get" screen, especially if I had reason to believe that a ton of people would go after it. ( like CB Trios have kind of lost their spark with me since I catch them all the time. )


    Recently I caught the little CB Silver hatchling on my scroll, and I was soo happy, lmao! ^-^

  12. The thing that bugs me most about the issue, other than the fact that it shouldn't even be an argument anyway, is the self-contradiction that seems to be going on all the time. NO ONE has a good, logical argument against it, only "Well, my RELIGION says it's wrong" or "It's just gross" or "It's unnatural." None of which are good or valid arguments.


    Last I checked, a big part of Christianity was love, compassion, and not passing judgment on others. So all the people that go around screaming ""ALL LIFE IS SACRED" go and discriminate, discriminate, and discriminate people to death. Yeah, real logical guys.

    I agree, completely. Your post sums up, every bit of it, what I'm dealing with in terms of people against LGBT equality, marriage rights and just the concept in general in this thread.

    In Cultural Anthroplogy, we essentially learn how to "argue" effectively - Some people don't even know that there are official, established rules to arguing to make it the most productive as it can be in terms of both sides understanding each other ( can you believe that an argument isn't even supposed to be heated? lmao! ) by presenting your case, feelings and facts properly, and maybe even both sides coming out with something out of the whole thing.


    When someone's argument consists of those things that you stated, it's a very weak, improper argument case. Cultural Anthropology basically ignores the people who build their argument that way, because it reads into, by its standards, "sorry man, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You shouldn't be conversing with people who do - Goodbye!"


    I would love to sit around and combat all the people who are against the opportunities in this thread and the concept of equality, accepting LGBT people into both our hearts and our societies, but, according to CA, it's just.. pointless. I'd like to get something out of their claims and maybe even slightly understand them, but.. >: Most of them aren't providing proper cases on which to debate.


    Last I checked, a big part of Christianity was love, compassion, and not passing judgment on others. So all the people that go around screaming ""ALL LIFE IS SACRED" go and discriminate, discriminate, and discriminate people to death. Yeah, real logical guys.


    This! Exactly! This is my exact view on my Christian faith - it is essentially love, compassion, no judging, etc. As you have said. My motto is live and let live - I have absolutely no problem with LBGT people any more than I do with heterosexual people, so.. o.o People are diverse. Let them be!


    Now, I JUST heard this song on the radio when getting back from my university. I actually just wanted to post in this thread because of it:

    You can just read the lyrics in the description if you don't want to listen to a whole song, but.. I love this song.


    ** The comments may be a little heated on the link ( I haven't looked at them, I just wanted to find the song ) so I'm warning about that bit. ^-^