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  1. Not quite, there's still the stat Lowering berries that remove EVs. With the berry farm, you can grow them en masse and free up EVs from stats that don't matter, like removing all attack EVs from a special attacker.




    Technically, you can train your Charizard for one or the other, because of the Mega forms. Mega Char X gains a massive physical boost, both in base stats, and it's ability which boosts physical moves, while Mega Char Y gains a boost to Special Attack.


    If you want to use Mega X, train in Attack. If you want Mega Y, train in Special attack.

    (just a note, you'll probably have to TM tailor your char's moveset if you go for X)





    My posts are not short. T_T 

    They're punctual!

    Oh lmao! I totally forgot about those, thanks! In Super Training, I remember that you can also find the Reset Bags for the punching bag feature. I forgot about the berries though, fff. x3


    Yes, you totally can train one or the other. They're both the main stats of Charizard so I suppose it would depend on how you're going to battle with it. I knew about Charizard Y's boost, but not much about X's! :3 I didn't read up a ton on the game/the coverage day stuff on Serebii. I kind of just went with the game itself, so there are some new things I'm totally oblivious about. |D

    But yush, I think you most likely will need some TMs and whatnot, because Charizard's movepool is generally designed for Special Attack. :3


    Lmao! I just meant your first response was short and therefore difficult to get lost/to misunderstand it but, you know. XD


  2. Exactly I have no clue what is in each stat. I just know that Speed and Attack have been maxed out to the best I can get them.




    Nope first time ever EV training. I wanted my Charmander to be a competitive battler at some point but as I have no clue I asked a friend and shes only on Tumblr so I have no clue when she is on or not.


    How do you know if you are maxed out? I didn't start EV training him until tonight and I can't anymore. I have no clue if his Attack/Speed is fully maxed out or not I figure not really.




    Don't assume everyone knows how to EV train or knows where to look for this. I may have been playing since Gen 1 but never bothered to EV train until now. I have no clue how to do this or if even what I was told was accurate. I just trusted a friend when she said max out Attack and Speed and then I came here to ask to figure out how to tell when it is actually maxed out or not.

    Well, that explains it. x3

    Have you tried looking stuff up about it? Because for those of us who have been EV Training since waaay before Super Training, there was NO way to tell. Nothing. We relied solely on counting it ourselves and having to track down Pokemon that give certain EVs when you fight them. You pretty much have to count it yourself.


    If you CAN'T EV train any more, like I said in my previous post, it will tell you when you cannot raise a certain stat anymore. It tells you when you're getting your course results - assuming you don't just keep clicking A on that part, it will tell you something like "you've already maxed out in this course" or something, I don't remember. :3 All I can really tell you is that 1. It will say if you've filled up a stat, and 2. one stat can only take 252 EVs before it's full. The only way to know if you have 252 is count it yourself. If you get 4 EV points each Super Training course, do the math! Or let a calculator do it for you but lawl.


    You keep saying you can't anymore, so I assuuume that the game has already told you that you're full in those stats. In addition, the bar on the screen ( the one that's actually helpful for this, contrary to belief ) will show if your Pokemon is completely FULL of EVs and can't take any more no matter what.


    That means you're done EV training with that Pokemon. Forever. When the bar is full.


    As Sailing mentioned, the wheel also shows what stats are where and what's happening.


    Don't assume everyone knows how to EV train or knows where to look for this. I may have been playing since Gen 1 but never bothered to EV train until now. I have no clue how to do this or if even what I was told was accurate. I just trusted a friend when she said max out Attack and Speed and then I came here to ask to figure out how to tell when it is actually maxed out or not.


    Well, no offense, but you're kind of skipping over some crucial stuff in Sailing's really short. owo post. o: The GAME, Pokemon X and Y, give you a tutorial on how to use it. All the OTHER games, the ones you think Sailing is referring to, tell you absolutely nothing about EV training. So, Sailing is trying to tell you that if you read the Super Training tutorial, it would have explained it to you.


    Super Training is new to everyone! :3 So.. the tutorial told us all where everything was. xd.png Unless you just pressed A repeatedly through it, which would probably explain it.



    Aaaaalso, I'm not putting your friend down, buut Special Attack would be a better choice to have on a EV trained Charizard. Just saying. owo Most of its attacks are Special Attack moves ( Fire Blast, Inferno, Flamethrower, etc. ) aaand its base stat of Special Attack is higher than Attack. Like. By a lot.

    But I mean, you know. xd.png Some people have different views on which stat is better~



    I have no English class this week, so I did some doodling. Enjoy an unfinished Fennekin, everyone!

  3. How can you tell if you have maxed out your pokemons EVs in a stat? I am training my Charmeleon in Speed and Attack and have no clue how long that will take.

    Have you always EV trained?

    If you have, you should probably be familiar with one or more of the "keeping track," "counting," or "inputting each addition into a calculator" methods. :3


    If not, I suggest you do these. XD EV training has been made easier with Super Training, yes, but it's still a good amount of work!

    Do you even know how many EVs a Pokemon can take, or how many only one stat can take?


    Since you're doing only two stats, the game WILL tell you if you're maxed out in one.

    If you aren't familiar with EV training, I can give you some short explanations about it so that you do~


    But the bar represents total EVs, not EVs in only one stat.


    Yeah, but it will tell you if you're maxed out. There are only 510 EVs a Pokemon can take, so if you split that in half and raise them both by 252, the game will stop you at 252 in one stat and tell you it's enough. Raising half and half is the easiest way because there's no way you can botch it up! ( I mean, unless you train the wrong stat. ) If you're raising 40 in one and 70 in another and 60 in another - GOOD LUCK. Use a calculator or some kind of logging method. :3


    Also, Sailing is right. XD Not only would the bar be up to half way if you're.. half way done, but that's a good way to tell if you're almost finished raising a stat you're putting 252 in. Which I'm assuming Demonicvampiregirl is doing because she's raising only two stats.


    Demonicvampiregirl also said she "didn't know how long that would take," so yes, the bar really would help put it in perspective even if it has no numbers on it to accurately tell. ^-^ I've used it a lot myself - it feels like I use Super Training many hundreds of times before my Pokemon are properly maxed!

  4. Yah I found that with noibats, people want them like crazy.

    Though people will give away noibats for volt tackle pichus :'D

    Lawl, that's what I said in this thread just a while back! XD I basically have just about every Pokemon I saw but didn't catch/couldn't find because of my crazy Noibat boxes. Still breeding these babies. Must has shiny. XD

  5. My original name that I used everywhere was originally "Nevermore," but a group of friends I had when I had just begun in the forum communities ( VERY long time ago, ) decided that "Never" was a "terrible and depressing nickname" for me because I was also so upbeat and "zany," as they said, lmao! So they started calling me "More," and.. that kind of progressed into "mo-mo" ( Just the word 'More' being "doubled over." ) and then it became Momo. ^-^ I've since kept it for that reason. <3

  6. Congrats with that shiny Fennekin!


    I'm about 50 Noibats into my shiny hunt, but I traded a LOT of them just now, lmao! Turns out you can get.. pretty much anything for Noibat babies. o.o I'm just giving them away, lmao! I only trade the good, beneficial natures for training, and they get snatched up within a few minutes or less. o.o I have multiple starters now - one from Japan, and the other from an American game - that way I can begin with the Masuda Method as soon as I'm finished with these Noibats.


    I also got another Gengar after giving mine to my younger brother, so I'm pleased. I need to breed it for a good nature though, so I'll handle that after my Noibat hunt! I'm pretty sure I know what color it will be as a shiny but ff, I like to be surprised!

  7. I'm sure it will be best to just wait until the base stat information for Kalos is out on Serebii/Marriland's Calculator, but I'm reaaally tempted to grab up a team of EV professionals here and get some help finding out where the base stats are - at least find out which stats are most prominent no matter the natures - be it neutral, beneficial, or negative.

    I mean, you can just look at the stats for the nature influence - the stat in red is the one assisted by the nature and the blue one is the one effected negatively, but you won't really know if the nature is assisting the base stats. So I'm kind of in a bit of jam here as far as ultimate team building goes, because the base stats, nature and all that effects what moves I'll even give the Pokemon ( Spc. Attack base needs special attack moves! ) and how I'll arrange them/what partners I'll give them in double battles.


    It's complicated stuff but I actually find tending something so organized a lot of fun! At least once the game is over, ( I've passed it just early today after stalling for days in the story just running amok. The Y story made me bawl, I'm so sorry omg. ) because then it's something to do and take online. I guess until then, I'll just try for shinies!


    Sooo jealous of Pika Oi - look at you go with shinies just flying at you, lmao!

  8. What!!! People die on Y! I want that one so bad now!

    Well, considering the legend of Y is the opposite of X's, life, um yes. I'd imagine the story would be darker than one that generally revolves around a legendary that represents/carries life. x3

    You really should have taken that into consideration before asking me to buy X for you, lawl. Legend of Life = plot surrounding that. I made some hints about that but you were insistent on X, so. |D

    ( Also, you can keep the Gengar I traded you. Considering the Mega Stone is exclusive to Y, you won't be able to use for that like I can, but I don't really need it now, despite having the Stone already. )


    I love the way Y is going so far, but I'm going to have to put the plot on hold because I need to finish some shiny projects. :3

  9. why are you guys all pokemon masters already i haven't beaten the fourth gym leader yet because im pokemon-amie'ing and super training so much slow down you guuuuys D8

    Lawl. *pats Switch* The fastest I passed a Pokemon game was in a day and one or two hours into the next day. So.. yes, I can really fast, LOL. The only problem was that it killed the adventure and fun for me and those games make me like ehhhh when I just put it on, so I'm taking it waaaay slow with this one! Especially since the new style of graphics makes me feel more "inside" the world than the zoomed out, pixelated style did ( though you gotta love the classics! ) and they basically have added a strong sense of "it's not just about the Pokemon, it's about YOU." with the dressing and features, etc.

    So it's easier for me to feel much more invested for the game beyond speeding through because I feel like the world is huge, not just a map.


    I constantly forget what Gym I'm on because I'm not just deadset on getting there, beating them, getting to the Elite Four, winning, and then train some Pokemon, and then done with the game. I'm kind of mixing it up. ^-^ Taking your time is good, Switch! <3


    Also, Burning, I definitely agree about the female/male Litleo, lmao! The female one is just great, ff. I also love the female meowstic a LOT more than the male one.

  10. Furfrou is pretty insane, yeah.


    I heard speculation that the shiny rate has gone up. Anyone have any comments on this? I mean, I've neeevveerrr had much luck with shinies, and still goes for X/Y. I've seen nothin'. How 'bout you guys?


    I've heard about that too and yes, I believe it has gone up. I haven't seen any yet personally, though. I think generally they're making more hush-hush aspects of the game ( shinies, EV training, etc ) easily accessible/at least more accessible and in your face for newcomers to Pokemon, because all of us old players know all of these "secret things" and what we know barely gets out to the new guys and so forth. So they may be trying to make it more.. I guess fun to do what we do, all while making it so that newcomers can understand what we know, as well.

    I tried to explain to someone why they were having shiny legendaries for the event ( Palkia, Dialga, Giratina ) and how a shiny Pokemon wasn't really.. an event-only thing, lmao! In the end I wound up telling them to just look it up on Serebii to see all the shinies that are in-game or well, possible to GET in-game, but you have to work your butt off to get them.

  11. So far, my team is:


    Seui Jao - Greninja ( M ) Brave; Mischeivous


    Yasha Ce - Charizard ( M ) Hardy; Quick to Flee(whyyy)


    Rocker - Pidgeot ( F ) Relaxed; Good Perseverance


    Momo ( and there's a long standing reason as to why I name a single Pokemon on every game after "myself," lawl.) - Raichu ( F ) Impish; Somewhat Vain


    Prince ( after my cat, lmao! ) - Delcatty ( M ) Bold; Proud of its Power ( pretty much my cat. Forever. )


    Tyrunt ( F ) Modest; Often lost in Thought


    I'm assuming it happens because there's just so much to that city that if you save in a certain place where there's too much for the game to handle upon startup it just kind of freezes, if you were inside a building you should be fine :V


    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. The place is huge, lmao! I'm going on the safe side and just not saving there, but you know. x3

  12. Seriously? Haven't heard about that. That sucks.




    I've also noticed, this has likely been pointed out, that switching from roller blades to walking makes the lower screen go dark for a second. Dunno if it's supposed to be like that or not.


    I seriously wanna trade my Zapdos for a Moltres... ;__;


    Edit: I also think I'll start working on my Pokedex now. Considering that I've just hit 30 hours of gameplay time, and my Nat Dex is at 15...But it's like that every time I play Pokemon (because I only specialize my team with fire-type), ahaha. laugh.gif


    Oh, one more thing. Does anyone know where to find max revives, and if/where you can obtain a VS. Seeker?

    I see that screen-darkening thing as well - I thought it was my 2DS, but apparently not!

    Zapdos is awesome, though! D: My younger brother said that according to my starter choice, I'll be getting.. Moltres, I think? It's not my favorite but whatever. xd.png I have a grudge against Articuno, because whenever I came close to finishing my Pokedex, it was literally the very LAST Pokemon I needed. I have neeever completed my Pokedex before because of Articuno. On Blue, someone killed it ( while playing my game ) and then forgot they did and saved. x.x The next time, Silver, SAME THING. FireRed, I just accidentally glitched it and Articuno was nowhere to be found. o.o So far, all in all, I've never caught an Articuno. ever. Curse you, Articuno! xd.png

    Moltres is the most common for me to catch, really. Very easy.


    The thing my friend is most hyped up about is, (I quote) "WE CAN CUSTOMIZE OUT TRAINERS NOW OH MY GODDDDDD (proceeds to spaz the heck out)!", so yeah, I want to see how we can change our clothes and stuff.

    Yeah, your friend is right to be excited - it's really fun! For me, anyway. I currently have like 500`000 Pokedollars, so I just spend and spend.. xd.png


    I still haven't gone past the 3rd gym - savoring the lovely scenery and Pokemon! of course, my Pokemon are very ridiculously leveled but lawl. Also leveling some new guys.

  13. Well, Super Training makes it so easy to max out EV Training quickly now, that you could move on to EXP Share training rather fast.

    That's true! I completely forgot to check that out, though I didn't plan on using it now because I never EV train my storymode party - not much possible, I'm afraid. xd.png Usually I use Pokerus, Stat hold items ( the braces/bands ) and vitamins to make EV training a matter of minutes, but Super Training will really help!

  14. Isn't NOT using it a waste of XP?

    It kind of is, actually, or according to what I've noticed anyway. Since it doesn't take from the Pokemon that actually battle, technically it would be a waste of XP to not use it but some people have different styles. x3

    This EXP Share is a lot harder to just focus on one Pokemon though, because it gives to the whole nonparticipating party, so.. yeah. Unless you walk around with only two Pokemon, it may not be the best thing, since it splits up the XP between all nonparticipating Pokemon.

    Personally, I'm an EV trainer ( pretty strict, as in I get all the EVs I want down to the very last point - though I only do this for tested and approved parties. I don't EV train everything, just the ones I've used that show potential in singles, doubles, triples, and do well against popular enemy-types. ) so right now, at this point where I have no say in what my Pokemon battle ( since the story takes you all over ) I really rely on the EXP Share the most now. No harm in leveling at this stage of the game! <3

  15. I just had a really nice multi ( four-way ) battle, wow!

    I've seem to have made a good rival out of a random person I had battled recently, a passerby, and he juuust managed to beat me ( we're talking a few HP left ) and so since then he's been trying to get us both into multi battles as a duo, baha! We finally got one, and it was really fun wow. owo We really did a lot better together than apart, I can say!


    I would love to do some four-way battles with some of you guys on here in time, too! I've gotten off for now to play GTA 5 with my older brothertake care of some things, but I'll probably be on later or between classes tomorrow~

  16. So now, highest level is 41( Greninja ) and the lowest is 33, my cute little Tyrunt.

    I've still not moved much farther than after the third gym and haven't been training as much either! Mostly just battling online. xd.png

    And some people even wanted to fake-trade so we can add each other as official friends after I battled them! I'm happy~ n_n

  17. Spoiler in relation to what Pokemon can be caught in-game!









    So far, Charmeleon, Frogadier, Linoone, Pikachu, Skitty and Pidgeotto.

    The highest level is 27(Frogadier), the lowest is 20(Pikachu).


    I have to confess that I've had a Frogadier within the first.. I want to say two hours of playing? I still only have the first badge, though that's because I spend all my time leveling and catching and enjoying the scenery. XD I'm also down with a random bug, so I'm feeling super weak and I've fallen asleep playing Y, so I lost a lot of progress time!


    Anybody got their first badge yet? or second?


    I have my first one. ^-^ I'm putting off going to snatch the second because there is soo much fun stuff to do and, I admit, I'm having too much fun battling random people from the passerby list. XD


    If anyone wants to add me, let me know! owo I'm "Momo" on there - which you may actually be able to see me on the passerby list - I have no idea how far it reaches, yet.


  18. The name thing is just not nice at all, really. D: So many people here are so worried/having issues with it ( I'm REALLY sorry about your Raquaza if its name is not acceptable, Switch. ;___; ) and ugh. All of my Pokemon are named, but I name them with very unique names that aren't words/do not sound like words so I may get off with transferring all the ones I want but still. The whole name thing is just a little concerning. Hopefully they'll adjust it after taking feedback. I have Pokemon that I've been moving up since Ruby and Fire Red and so forth ( to the point where the summary changes to something like "has traveled through a long point in time." ) and not being allowed to get them on X and Y would be soo upsetting. >:


    Anyway, i'm about to go pick my 2DS and Y version with my two older brothers - We're all going to get our games/2DS's together.

  19. I really like the new Pokemon selection so far, honestly! However, a party consisting just of them is a big no for me. x3 I remember being sure that my parties would consist of so many Unova Pokemon but ff, I just couldn't find a good angle to train them in that would support my style.

    I definitely need to think outside the game and construct a formidable team consisting of choices from the first to sixth generation. So I can't really say what my team will be, though people are making some pretty promising choices in this thread. n_n


    I have to see how each of these new Pokemon handle before I can decide if their stats are built productively, which ones, and what other one of my older Pokemon will support their moveset/stat potential. I still have my good old Pokerus on standby, so once I figure out these things I'll be through training them all in no time!

  20. Don't forget that you get the starter weak to your starter post Elite Four.




    Chose fennekin, get chespin

    Chose chespin, get froakie

    Chose froakie, get fennekin


    So you really only have to trade for one starter.

    I haven't forgotten about that, lmao! I plan on trading for them all because.. well lawl, I'd like to have them all fairly early in the game! x3 Impatient maybe, but I'd like to get the ground rules of handling them before I consider if I want to EV train bred ones for parties or not. In B/W, I completely opted out of EV training the starters because they were lacking what I needed for strategy.

  21. I think its a good amount, don't get me wrong, and I'm happy wih everything. I can't wait to play. I just hoped we'd have more haha. Either way I'm super excited for this game <3


    I keepd ebating on whether ot get Fennekin or not. I do not like the last evolution, but I love the first two...XC I dont know what to do aha

    Personally, I'm going with Froakie, fff. That last evolution is amazing. Fennekin has a pretty good set, too! You could always trade for all three. o: I do that on every game since they introduced online trading.

  22. Just going to rambleaddress some stuff here. <3 My two cents, because someone was just asking me about why cats seemed to get all the attention, etc.


    I really don't prefer one over the other. Mainly because I know that behavior/showing affection is relative between them, and so you can't just base a perference towards the behavior of one of them and expect the other to behave that way. Cats are very primal/loners and dogs are very social pack animals by design of their wild ancestors, so.. very different, lmao! One is introvert, one is extrovert.

    Can't really get a lot out of a relationship with one of them if you're expecting them to be like the other. Personally, I've had dogs and cats ( and exotics, horses, etc! ) all my life, but the very first pet I had was my mother's cat, Sterling. Gorgeous Persian.

    Today I have a dog that its original owner neglected, in the way of giving less attention, love and care, because he liked cats! It shouldn't get that far to the point where the animal suffers because you "prefer the other one." ugh. Hot button issue with me. His mother is a very good cat breeder - who gave me my cat as a kitten for a gift - so he just liked cats.


    I love cats for certain things and dogs for certain things.


    Dogs are great because they nose the heck out of you, acting on the fact that they sense you're upset. <3 They're very in-tune with us, like cats are, but since they're typically extroverted, they show that they know our feelings. They always love to play so you don't have to "wait until they're ready to play," and they're very animated.


    Cats are crafty little guys who never miss a beat, don't fall on their face and mine is very much like me. I think the reason cats get more attention ( especially Youtube/online media, omg. ) is because they're funny when they're not trying to be. I know if I laugh at my cat when he makes a very noticeable mistake ( pulling his cat tree down. Maus are very heavy cats! ) he will try to bite or chase me, lmao! They freak out over a very irrational things like people do, ( like mine screams if he can't get his ball from under something. Then he bites my hand if I try to help him! D: he has too much pride. ) and that makes us laugh!

  23. In between university classes. n_n Getting up at 6:15AM is a pain, but I'm only here until 11:50AM! XD I kick myself every time I'm pissed about waking up so early and choosing the earliest classes only to have the rest of the day.. practically free. I never learn.