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  1. I'm not sure if "plants feeling pain" is actually a discussion than a question about a scientific fact. I think that's like asking if we're effected by gravity or not. .. you know.

    I think you should probably just ask how people feel about eating plants and other botanic life rather than asking if "plants feel pain." :3


    But more onto that, I do think its fine to do so. Plant life does react to things very well, such as sunlight ( they actually "lean" towards the direction of the sun ) and smoke when a fire has started in a forest. However, it's pretty well integrated into the building blocks of nature itself that it is devoured by many, many species.

    Plantlife, in its natural setting, regulates itself very well despite being devoured so for me, as long as it is natural and necessary and coping well with the take, then I'm fine with it. If a type of thing I ate was going scarce I wouldn't eat it.

  2. I was a little late to the party, but I finally got Pokémon X. ;D To be honest, it bothered the hell out of me that I couldn't get it on the (mostly) worldwide release, but I had no funds to spare at the time...I still don't, but UUHHHHHHHNNNNN 3D POKEMON MODELS & NEW POKEMON BYE.


    I bred two boxfuls trying to get a shiny Noibat for myself. Eventually I got fed up with it and quite. :|


    EDIT: Oh. And I added you. :3 <3

    fff, awesome~ ;3 I've charged my 2DS so I'll add you naow. :3 Aww, I'm sorry about that. D: I just happened to have enough money to buy a 2DS and Pokemon Y at the same time on the release day because I had put money aside when they announced this Gen. of Pokemon that long time ago, but the 2DS was kind of a surprise to myself. I was just in the store like o.o and looking at the boxes, and when it was my turn to the counter ( after my older brothers ) I was like "I'll have what they're having. |D "



    lmao! Omg, 2 boxes. I kind of wish I stopped at two boxes. I have like.. I waaaant to say around 20 boxes full, lmaoo. I need to release the duplicate natures and keep all the ones that have the highest stats in their nature which can take forever but it's all for science!

    I'm sorry you couldn't get one, though. D: *snugs* ff, yay!


  3. I think this comment is appropriate for this thread...If not, please forgive me. I'm pretty new at the whole PSS thing.

    My Friend Code is 3711 - 8258 - 2932. I'm putting it out there because I'm more than willing to trade (as well as breed), battle, and find out what type of Friend Safari I have (do I have to be online on my DS in order to find that out?). If any of you are interested in any of the above, feel free to reply via PM or this thread.

    I was wondering if you got this game or not. x3

    I'll totally add you. Mine is 4527 - 8508 - 6381. Omg thank you 2DS for being actually nearby and not across the room. * first world problem *


    I don't know how responsive I'll be until I get my shiny Noibat ( I'll be eternally pissed if I find any other shiny Pokemon ) and I've weakened it up a ton so I'm close. I can feel it. |D But yeah, I'll let you know when!

  4. This is a wall, and it contains some fairly college-level/worldwide view/critical thinking here and there, so for people who cannot grasp it ( because I suck at explaining ) don't mind me~ <3

    I do have a tl;dr version at the bottom for you guys, LMAO.


    I love animals. I'm a Biology Major who's going back for Zoology when I'm finished up here. I always donate for animal causes. I rescue animals, with the latest being a kitten which actually had her tail either torched or skinned off by some sadistic people. Her tail was all bone.


    However, humans are inwardly-social animals themselves and typically have the instinct to help out where they can. I mean honestly guys, how does your eyes not water when you hear about a random stranger risking his or her life to help someone stranded after a hurricane like Katrina or Rita and so forth?


    Just today, after church, there was a man who had a sign "I lost my job and I need money for my family" in the lot. He was using the back of a puppy calender and, though he was wearing a suit, it was clear it hadn't been washed in a while. When people gave him money while driving by, he begged for them to get out of their cars so he could hug and pray for them. I along with my older brothers instinctively gave him whatever we had in our wallets.


    When an animal needs help, it needs help.

    When a human claims to need help, they may be just lying, but you know what? I don't even freaking care. As long as I DON'T know they're lying, I feel like I helped someone.

    Humans exercise the will to be "good or bad" far more than animals. That can be good or a fault, naturally, but don't we all have that right?


    I have to be honest. I don't like the fanatics who are "crazy about animals" and hate humans like dirt. Humans are animals, ladies and gentlemen. i just.. I can't take people like that seriously. I think they're just in high school and need to blow off some steam/make sure that people think they're not like everyone else and need to be seen as individuals. Which is okay! I know that in high school, it's easy to get lost in the humdrum "bell rings here and bell rings there" lifestyle that makes you feel like you're just another in the ocean. But honestly, if you're not a troubled teen, that's what you sound like. I'm sorry. D:

    Some of them have a legitimate, personal reason as to why they do ( like a friend of mine who was wronged by many people and now psychologically needs animals to stay calm in public ) but honestly, some of them just "want to be different" and want attention, etc. like typical adolescents. I know real vegetarians, who have been all their life, who still don't hate humans like dirt. In fact, the one vegetarian I'm closest to has a motto/saying about other vegetarians ragging on humans: "You'd think all their "peace and no murder" talk would include humans, too." He basically calls "hypocrite" in his own (smart-mouthed) way.


    I GET that humans are behind a lot(if not all) of the problems we're having now - ah, wait. What about people from Haiti? And other very small countries? Horticulturists and Foragers? Whose lifestyle, you know.. has absolutely NO negative impact on nature? Well, there's humans so they must be including despite the fact that we don't know anything about other countries/cultures beyond the ones school teaches us about.

    Come on, guys. The Industrial Age does not effect all countries/cultures. Not even close The Industrial guys ( that's us - America, UK, China, etc. ) are taking from the land more than it can give for commercial uses and profit, and THAT'S making the issues. How? Obviously the resource issue, but you know what else changes when we're living good? Population.

    In a place like Papua New Guinea, they don't have children when food is scarce, and they barely ever have more than one or two children. The general population is Foragers ( for those of you who don't know - that's the "we always move around based on the seasons and build camps as we go" lifestyle ) and naturally children all over is going to end up with them getting eaten by wild animals. Or a lack in food, since they don't stock up freezers and have superstores. They eat what they kill and what they eat they share with their whole group.


    Humans around the world are NOT the same and do NOT provide NEARLY the same issues towards animals, the earth and state of living. For those of you who are pointing fingers at everyone but yourself: if you live in an Industrial Age country, guess what? The problem is us. It's you and me. If you want to truly help animals/the earth by not being a hypocrit in SOME way, go live with Horticulturists ( farmers who don't farm commercially ) or Foragers. Both of them do not use money - they trade food for food and item for item. There's no need there to be greedy or sell things/kill animals in bulk. Problem solved! <3

    Unless I mean, you can't do without the technology you're using right now to be online. Then you take the good with the bad and have to accept that you are feeding the issue.



    Quoting Oasis:

    I hate how some people can be so ignorant and closed-minded to think that animals have no feelings, and I hate how people don't even bat an eye when they eat a chicken or a burger. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU GOT LOCKED UP IN A CAGE FOR THE *WHOLE* 3 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE, JUST TO BE BRUTALLY MURDERED AND THEN TO HAVE YOUR FLESH CHEWED UP BY SOME LARGE WAD OF POINTLESS MEAT WHO DOESN'T EVEN CARE THAT YOU DIED?!



    I'm really sorry about your father making you eat "disgusting substances" ( which disgusting may not be a good word to use if you love/are supporting animals because.. yeah, it sends a different initial message. ), but I take offense to the fact that you immediately have a chip on your shoulder over omnivorous humans who, by nature, simply don't want to puke when they have food in front of them. You seem to be linking omnivorous humans to AUTOMATICALLY having no feeling for animals and thus say "yeah, animals caged up? LOL! Don't care, bahaaa." as a fallout. Not true. At all.

    You called humans a "pointless wad of meat." does that include you and your parents and your siblings and everyone you love/want the best for? I hope not. >: *snugs*


    I'm an omnivorous human. Not by preference - my MOTHER fed me meat, I'm used to it, I eat it. It's the same reason why we can eat here in America and then go to China and be like "wow, this is what people eat? hmm.. I'm not sure I like it" - they're USED to it, and we're USED to something else. It's in our design, now. Sure, we can change, but some easier than others while others may not even feel its necessary to change.


    I don't feel like eating meat makes me a hypocritical liar. I love animals. I don't hate humans. I strive for a population balance that Industrial, "booming" countries may never find. And even then, inside our booming countries, I seek for a time where there are no lower class, or at least very very few, so that we can live in the most harmony that we can. Is that achievable? In America? Not unless we get rid of our "freedom thing" we got going on, which I hope doesn't happen but we're leaning that way. D: ( but that's another story. )


    I eat meat because of the benefits and how it is in the human design by nature. I don't slap by cat in the face for eating meat-based, all-natural foods and say "you idiot! you eat meat and those CHICKENS DIED FOR YOU?" Why not? It's NATURAL. He eats it because it's natural. And no, they don't need meat - in fact, a lot of foods just have fillers and such and no real meat at all. So guys against the production of animals for meat, next time you want to feed Spot or Whiskers, get them cheap food so they don't eat meat. Let their coats dry out and their energy levels drop. When they stand next to one of my pets you'll probably see a huge difference.

    I will only have the best for my baby. I'm sorry.

    Because I love animals. I love my baby Prince ( and my sweet Pinscher Alistair! ) and I want him to eat nothing that he couldn't find in the wild. No nasty fillers and other things cats don't digest. I don't want my baby to be bloated or feel not so good.

    My baby eats meat.


    This is an endless loop here, isn't it?



    Quoting Dimar:


    Although I don't eat meat, I think it's clearly natural for people to eat animals. The only reason I don't eat it is because of a personal choice considering treatment/etc. of some animals for slaughter. I never try to shame people who eat meat. The people who try to shame just embarrass me.


    I hate when people try to shame me/just outright do it for me eating meat. I have a lot of great friends who also feel that way like you do. n_n

    Shaming anyone for their way of living is wrong.





    SO. tl;dr: I don't feel like it's humans versus animals or omnivores versus herbivores. You can't base all humans on just the Industrial Age countries due to your cultural-shortsightedness and when you do you primarily sound like a very normal adolescent who wants to stand out/be the difference. Omnivores are not "omg instant terrible people!" but I do think highly of herbivores/vegetarians and as long as they don't try to SHAME ME, we make great friends. Pretty much the same with Aethiests. I'm Christian but that doesn't make me any different than an Aethiest. I eat meat but that doesn't make me any different than vegetarians.

    I'm human and that doesn't give me any more natural rights than animals.


    The end. I'm done. Sorry guys. xd.png Going to bed now. Sleep helps reduce my rambling.

  5. xd.png! Good... luck? tongue.gif


    Some of mine will grow up within 24 hours. smile.gif

    That's exactly what I was thinking, lmao!


    The earliest maturing ones of my huge group will be in 11 hours. Can't wait~

    I'm so glad they aren't all maturing at the same time. I can't think of 21 names at once. xd.png

  6. I am officially, completely hatchling locked. all 21 Halloweeny babies. Really pleased! These are just gorgeous, and I can't wait to start making lineages with them when they mature~

    There will be sooo many Halloween eggs in the AP next year that will come from my scroll, lmao!

    The only natural thing to do is to take breeding requests, lawl. When I bred my Cavern Lurker to my CB Golds, I just gave them away and it turns out that tons of people were offering an arm and a leg for Gold x CL lineages. o.o

    Well, next year!

  7. so basically.


    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

    Lawl, omg. Bidoof. They're cute but for some reason I can't stand being anywhere NEAR them.

    It may be because they traumatized me with their "debut" in D/P, in which they were everywhere.

  8. Personally, I think Delphox resembles a shrine maiden more than a witch.


    user posted imageuser posted image


    This would make its stick a purification rod rather than a wand. I mean, personal taste, you can still think it's terrible. But I really like it. I was iffy when I first saw the picture of the in-game model but its official art and seeing it move and stuff made it actually pretty appealing for me.

    I have to agree with you there. When Braixen was first announced I had a pretty good hunch by the text about it that it was based on a witch - I had no idea that was the rumor going around at the time.


    However, a witch would really be a Dark-type, and now that you mention the shrine maiden, I definitely think that's the implication. Delphox does hold itself a lot more gracefully than a witch would, and the bright/white colors of its fur are just not witch-material. I don't think it's a coincidence that they chose the fire/psychic starter to have this design, either. Those two elements - especially since fire is often portrayed as the metaphor of purification - go well with the idea of a shrine maiden. :3


    I agree about the way it moves and stuff! I really like that too, bahaa. Delphox holds itself very well and to me appears more like a "pure figure" than something like a witch. Witches are not always these dark and gloomy people/designs, but on Pokemon they like to base their designs on stereotypes so that people don't mistake anything.

  9. Ah, I must leave. If anybody has a Haunter or Froakie to trade please PM me! And, as my signature says, I accept all challenges. Save for EV trainers. I'm still training my EV army of Fennekins.

    I have multiple Gengars/Haunters just sitting around currently if you want to trade~ Just PM me and let me know. :3 As for Froakie, I haven't begun breeding my Greninja due to my Shiny Noibat adventure, so I can't help you there just yet! D: Unless I trade for one, which I may be able to do real quick and give to you. People love my Noibats, lmao! I only trade the ones that are prime for proper EV Training, which really makes a difference for trade potential!


    Also, about the EV training thing, your signature is kind of misleading. xd.png; You put down ( though it seems comical enough ) EV Trainers but you're EV Training your Fennekins? Unless you just mean you're temporarily not accepting EV Trainer battles, in which case is being led away from by your signature, which says elsewise. Just saying~ <3 I've been EV training my Pokemon long before I even knew it, lmao! I remember when I used to raise Pokemon strictly on The Elite Four, where certain Pokemon would only level off of certain ones, and their stats would rise by the most of 4 each time. Now I know the ropes, and it's not gotten any less effective.


    Good luck on your Fennekin Army!


    Let me see if I understand this correctly. I am going to get the Charizard Y mega stone from my Y one before I reset it after I get it and I want to breed a Charmander for it. The Nature and Characteristics I want would be Modest and Very Finicky and train it in Sp. Attack and Speed correct?

    If you're handling a Y Stone with a Charizard, that sounds about right. I can't tell you off the top of my head if that nature and IVs are the right ones, but if they raise what they're supposed to, then yes.

  10. I'm not using mine. I have like, three.


    Do happen to have Pokémon Y? If so, I really want an Electrike.


    And, what's this about the Looker I hear?

    I have Pokemon Y. I just finished catching a female and male Electrike for my younger brother. I can catch one for you too if you'd like to trade.




    As for all this speculation about unlocked events/new legendaries, I'm fairly sure there will be because honestly it's on just about all the games. xd.png Well, except for like the very first ones, but. x3 So to me there's really no speculation/the desire to hunt information down, though seeing the designs is the only reason I would. ^-^


    Instantly, only what, three legendaries raised a flag because we all know Pokemon games never rest on the three main legendaries alone. Ever. And there's always content locked in-game until we get Key Items or bring certain Pokemon - that was really made a polished thing on Soul Silver and Heart Gold, I think, where you could bring just about any legend and have something happen.


    I don't think I have a Heatran on any of my games. At least, I did, but I likely moved it around or traded it to one of my siblings for something I liked better. xd.png; *legendary-catcher fail*


    I had Black 2 in time for Keldeo and Meleotta event ( got it on the very moment of the release like usual ) but I was bored with the game and didn't bother to get them. This is what happens when you pass a game very little more than 24 hours. You get extremely bored of everything to do with it.

  11. Thanks! Masuda, I heard there was a bigger chance that way. plus I just like breeding and hatching eggs for some reason. I feel like a mommy when it hatches tongue.gif

    Good luck! Seeing as while some people have bred 300+ Fennekins fruitlessly while another had only bred 18 to get a shiny one, chances are you'll get a shiny Noibat before me. xd.png Maybe. I'm almost to 400 ( Noibats ) but no disappointment here just yet! Hatching them is just so addicting to me at this point.

  12. I still have a ton of Noibats ( of all natures by now, naturally. I've bred over 200, loool ) if anyone is in need of them. :3 No legitimate trade necessary - just something random. <3




    Also, for those of you who were asking me how that Fennekin doodle came out, here it is! And some of you even requested for me to do all three starters! XD Fingers crossed~ x3

  13. I saved in the bad lands!!!! (The big city) Almost got my files deleted, but I saved in the good part. Close.

    I keep telling you not to save anywhere near there, but you don't listen. owo Stop saving anywhere near Lumiose! At least until they update with a patch or something of the like.

  14. ...I think I need a social life. I just beat the 8th gym in 22 hours of gameplay... O.O


    I'm a 15 year old chick in high school. When the heck did I have time to even do this!?!?! xd.png


    I put 463:28 into my Diamond and my Platinum before my brother got mad and broke them both with hammers sleep.gif


    Luckily, I had already moved most of my pokemon into soulsilver, but... I miss my first Eevee ;(

    Probably at the same point in the day when a university student passed Pokemon games in less than day. And let me tell you, there's definitely no time for it in college. Or, shouldn't be. I suck. xd.png I finally wised up and took this one slow, but mainly because I can't go on to the Elite Four until I get my shiny Noibat.

    Until then, I'll buy another game for my 2DS and pass it so unhealthily quick.


    Also, your brother fails. D: Really sorry about your games! I average in with 500-something hours in my games, though, except for Blue, because back then we were so easily amused with video games that I'd pass it, rejoice, and restart it.

    Right now, if someone suggested I restart my Pokemon games and play them over, I'd think they were a few screws loose, but you know. xd.png Transition.

  15. The whole IV part of it is what had me confused. I didn't know how to figure out what his was or anything so left it blank. Otherwise I didn't mess with it long.


    Yeah my dad has a calculator like that but I haven't a clue where it is now. It's disappeared for all I know or he has it hidden somewhere. I was using the one on Serebii and Marriland (now that I think of it).


    Nope I don't understand how to EV train at all. The only way I have learned any of that was through messing with Super Training and a friend explaining to me what I needed for Charmeleon.


    I don't even know how to raise or do anything with the IVs so that's no problem on waiting. -lol-


    Like I have said before this is literally my first time on doing this. If you want to PM me with some more tips or something feel free but yeah this is actually my very first time attempting this.




    Sailing I don't get how to do this or how to tell what is what. How can you keep missing that this is literally my first time in trying this at all? Beyond the Super Training and how to use that app I have no clue what I am looking for, what natures I should use for each Pokemon or anything.


    I have 0 experience at this beyond what I have done last night/this morning.


    None at all.


    So in other words say I give Charmeleon enough to reset any trained EVs he's had they'd never actually hit 0?

    So.. you DO know how to EV train, but DON'T know how to IV train? You're confusing me now. xd.png EVs and IVs are different things. So when you say you just don't know about IVs, you're basically saying that you understand EV training, but just not IVs.


    Then a calculator on a computer would work, really, just as long as you remember to add in all the points you make. If that's even too complicated, just right down 4 every time you make 4 points, or 8 every time you make 8 points. And then you'll be tasked with counting them all up, but you know.


    Well, Super Training makes it easy for you. Unlike those of us who have been EV training since very early games, you only need to know 3 things.

    1. Every Pokemon can take 510 EVs before they're full and cannot be EV trained any more. ( unless you reset the EV training. )

    2. The most you can put in a single stat is 252 EVs, which is half of 510.

    3. Simple mathematical skills. With this, you can figure out how to split up 510 EVs into multiple stats without screwing it up. And if you do, reset the EVs.


    There is a lot more to it to help, buuut I think you should probably settle with this for now, since I don't want to confuse you even more. <3


    Certain natures raise ( and lower ) certain stats. If you're raising an Attack and Speed Pokemon, find a nature that raises Attack, but lowers something that you won't really need/is high enough that the impact won't be too bad. Don't get a nature that raises Attack but lowers Speed, because you're working against yourself.


    I'm not really going to list all of the natures on the game in this thread, though. xd.png EV training has been around for a lot longer than you were aware of it, I'm sure, so be ensured that there is a ton of information about it online. If you want to see the natures.. look up Pokemon natures! And they'll show what raises and lowers what.


    But the nature bit counts more under IVs and you really shouldn't be concerned with that right now. I suggest you just grasp EVs and work with that.




    Just got through Victory Road, and here's my party I'll be battling with for the Elite 4 and Diantha:

    Salamence Lv. 61

    Drapion Lv. 61

    Malamar Lv. 67

    Clawitzer Lv. 63

    Gardevoir Lv. 62

    Charizard Lv. 70


    I'm ok, with Malamar and Charizard, but I think the others might be a bit weak. I've beaten every trainer on the road, so there isn't much more I can do...


    Wow, really? o.o My Pokemon are all averaged around 70+ and I haven't even gotten to Victory Road yet ( I can't risk finding a shiny Pokemon in a trainer's party, omg. I've been working for too long for a shiny Noibat. ) so you probably missed a lot of trainer opportunities back in the game. I think you'll be fine, though. ^-^ Good luck!



    And LAWL, DragonKami, why is your Pikachu still a Pikachu. x3 I guess there are benefits movepool wise ( and who doesn't love that realistic "Pika-chu!" cry ) but you know.

  16. Doesn't matter. I skipped a few and it still confused me.


    I didn't even know the one was base stats. You are completely assuming I understood it in the first place.




    No I even tried to use a calculator on a website and it just confused me even more. I have no clue about any of it. I don't know what pokemon gives which or how many.


    It told me last night that I had a fully trained pokemon and wont let me train him anymore. I can try a different stat just to check it out in a bit but so far it seems maxed out.


    Yes but it also does not tell me what is IN each stat. I don't even know how to remove EVs to be able to replace them. I was told you can get some back that will reset all EVs learned from the Super Training but I have no clue if that even removes it from what you got when you was just leveling him.




    And even though it did I still managed to skip a couple panels by mistake and still don't understand it fully. I never have that's why I never bothered with it.


    Again I tried to but a few pages got skipped by mistake.


    She told me that attack would be best due to his impish nature and the fact that Charizard X is more for Attack rather than Special Attack.




    What berry would this be?




    That is actually what she told me and that is why I trained him in attack and speed only. The other stats it had was all due to the EXP Share (if I understood right that it also gives out EVs still) and it battling on it's own.




    I have no clue if it does either. That is actually the one I attempted to use. I don't even know how to tell what the IVs are if that gives you any clue as to how much I've ever paid attention to that part of the game.

    Well, I'm pretty sure you can read up on it on Serebii or some site like that.

    How doesit confuse you with a calculator? :3 You should be able to just add on your number every time you make the points. Like you make 4, and then you put +4, and +4 and +4 every time you actually make four. Of if that just confuses you, just write DOWN every 4 you make, and then every now and then add them all to see how close it is to 252 for one stat.

    Like a said before, you.. pretty much have to count yourself. If you can't, there's really no other way to know exactly what you have! D: I know some people who find it too complicated, so they just decided to skip EV training forever.


    And when I say "calculator," I mean a "alright class, get out your calculators!" type of calculator. A school calculator. I use a TI-84 Plus Silver ( NOT because of Pokemon, omg! Can you imagine. xd.pngD Thing costs a fortune. ) so I DO know that some allow you to add on to an answer very easily. Like it shows your final answer, and then the history of what you keep putting in just so you're sure.


    You don't need to EV train off of Pokemon anymore. It's all Super Training. You're in the right place. I thought you understood how to EV train, but just not about Super Training? owo


    As for skipping, yes. That would make you not understand it. It really didn't have a lot to say and put a lot of good information in single panels, so. :3 If you skipped one or two you probably missed a lot.


    As for IVs, I prooobably wouldn't mess would those until you completely get EVs on their own. Unless your friend is totally walking you through every aspect of IVs so that you don't get mixed up. I didn't mess with IVs until I was a smith with EVs, and I recommend that to everyone who is learning. ^-^





    Also, I don't know if anyone likes spending precious time coloring, but if you want this Fennekin lineart to play with, you'll have to message me or whatever~

    It DOES come in that gradient color but I can mix it up if you ask nicely. :3