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  1. I'm not sure if "plants feeling pain" is actually a discussion than a question about a scientific fact. I think that's like asking if we're effected by gravity or not. .. you know. I think you should probably just ask how people feel about eating plants and other botanic life rather than asking if "plants feel pain." :3 But more onto that, I do think its fine to do so. Plant life does react to things very well, such as sunlight ( they actually "lean" towards the direction of the sun ) and smoke when a fire has started in a forest. However, it's pretty well integrated into the building
  2. fff, awesome~ ;3 I've charged my 2DS so I'll add you naow. :3 Aww, I'm sorry about that. D: I just happened to have enough money to buy a 2DS and Pokemon Y at the same time on the release day because I had put money aside when they announced this Gen. of Pokemon that long time ago, but the 2DS was kind of a surprise to myself. I was just in the store like o.o and looking at the boxes, and when it was my turn to the counter ( after my older brothers ) I was like "I'll have what they're having. |D " lmao! Omg, 2 boxes. I kind of wish I stopped at two boxes. I have like.. I waaaant to say
  3. I was wondering if you got this game or not. x3 I'll totally add you. Mine is 4527 - 8508 - 6381. Omg thank you 2DS for being actually nearby and not across the room. * first world problem * I don't know how responsive I'll be until I get my shiny Noibat ( I'll be eternally pissed if I find any other shiny Pokemon ) and I've weakened it up a ton so I'm close. I can feel it. |D But yeah, I'll let you know when!
  4. Juuust had a nice sausage croissanwhich and some hashbrowns~ Good on-campus breakfast, lmao! School day is almost over, though. I don't.. know why I didn't just wait to get home for lunch. o.o
  5. This is a wall, and it contains some fairly college-level/worldwide view/critical thinking here and there, so for people who cannot grasp it ( because I suck at explaining ) don't mind me~ <3 I do have a tl;dr version at the bottom for you guys, LMAO. I love animals. I'm a Biology Major who's going back for Zoology when I'm finished up here. I always donate for animal causes. I rescue animals, with the latest being a kitten which actually had her tail either torched or skinned off by some sadistic people. Her tail was all bone. However, humans are inwardly-social animals them
  6. I do like the way Grave x Whites look! As for Red-finned x Grave, maybe if the red-finned is female, as the male is taking up a lot of attention. ^-^; And he doesn't even fit in the box nearly all the way, lmao!
  7. Just seeing the name in lineage view made me laugh spontaneously. I don't know why.
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking, lmao! The earliest maturing ones of my huge group will be in 11 hours. Can't wait~ I'm so glad they aren't all maturing at the same time. I can't think of 21 names at once.
  9. I would like this as well! ^-^ I don't know if it would like, heavily impact my decisions, but the time for both sides of a trade displayed out in the open would make things more convenient.
  10. Nice, crisp clear blue sky~ A little breezy and cold, but just right for me. ^-^ Finally starting to resemble the cold season.
  11. I am officially, completely hatchling locked. all 21 Halloweeny babies. Really pleased! These are just gorgeous, and I can't wait to start making lineages with them when they mature~ There will be sooo many Halloween eggs in the AP next year that will come from my scroll, lmao! The only natural thing to do is to take breeding requests, lawl. When I bred my Cavern Lurker to my CB Golds, I just gave them away and it turns out that tons of people were offering an arm and a leg for Gold x CL lineages. o.o Well, next year!
  12. I currently have nineteen 2013 Halloweeny babies! My final egg, a CB Copper, will be going away for a final 2 Halloweenies, which leave me with a total of 21. I will be completely hatchling locked. With CB Halloweens.
  13. Then freeze all of yours. Totally an option. x3
  14. Lawl, omg. Bidoof. They're cute but for some reason I can't stand being anywhere NEAR them. It may be because they traumatized me with their "debut" in D/P, in which they were everywhere.
  15. I have to agree with you there. When Braixen was first announced I had a pretty good hunch by the text about it that it was based on a witch - I had no idea that was the rumor going around at the time. However, a witch would really be a Dark-type, and now that you mention the shrine maiden, I definitely think that's the implication. Delphox does hold itself a lot more gracefully than a witch would, and the bright/white colors of its fur are just not witch-material. I don't think it's a coincidence that they chose the fire/psychic starter to have this design, either. Those two elements - e
  16. I have multiple Gengars/Haunters just sitting around currently if you want to trade~ Just PM me and let me know. :3 As for Froakie, I haven't begun breeding my Greninja due to my Shiny Noibat adventure, so I can't help you there just yet! D: Unless I trade for one, which I may be able to do real quick and give to you. People love my Noibats, lmao! I only trade the ones that are prime for proper EV Training, which really makes a difference for trade potential! Also, about the EV training thing, your signature is kind of misleading. ; You put down ( though it seems comical enough ) EV Train
  17. I have Pokemon Y. I just finished catching a female and male Electrike for my younger brother. I can catch one for you too if you'd like to trade. As for all this speculation about unlocked events/new legendaries, I'm fairly sure there will be because honestly it's on just about all the games. Well, except for like the very first ones, but. x3 So to me there's really no speculation/the desire to hunt information down, though seeing the designs is the only reason I would. ^-^ Instantly, only what, three legendaries raised a flag because we all know Pokemon games never rest on
  18. Good luck! Seeing as while some people have bred 300+ Fennekins fruitlessly while another had only bred 18 to get a shiny one, chances are you'll get a shiny Noibat before me. Maybe. I'm almost to 400 ( Noibats ) but no disappointment here just yet! Hatching them is just so addicting to me at this point.
  19. I figured it would look like that, lmao! I still have not gotten mine just yet, and 200+ in but it feels like I've just started, so clearly, I have a very patient character.
  20. I still have a ton of Noibats ( of all natures by now, naturally. I've bred over 200, loool ) if anyone is in need of them. :3 No legitimate trade necessary - just something random. <3 Also, for those of you who were asking me how that Fennekin doodle came out, here it is! And some of you even requested for me to do all three starters! Fingers crossed~ x3
  21. I keep telling you not to save anywhere near there, but you don't listen. owo Stop saving anywhere near Lumiose! At least until they update with a patch or something of the like.
  22. Probably at the same point in the day when a university student passed Pokemon games in less than day. And let me tell you, there's definitely no time for it in college. Or, shouldn't be. I suck. I finally wised up and took this one slow, but mainly because I can't go on to the Elite Four until I get my shiny Noibat. Until then, I'll buy another game for my 2DS and pass it so unhealthily quick. Also, your brother fails. D: Really sorry about your games! I average in with 500-something hours in my games, though, except for Blue, because back then we were so easily amused with video game
  23. So.. you DO know how to EV train, but DON'T know how to IV train? You're confusing me now. EVs and IVs are different things. So when you say you just don't know about IVs, you're basically saying that you understand EV training, but just not IVs. Then a calculator on a computer would work, really, just as long as you remember to add in all the points you make. If that's even too complicated, just right down 4 every time you make 4 points, or 8 every time you make 8 points. And then you'll be tasked with counting them all up, but you know. Well, Super Training makes it easy for yo
  24. Well, I'm pretty sure you can read up on it on Serebii or some site like that. How doesit confuse you with a calculator? :3 You should be able to just add on your number every time you make the points. Like you make 4, and then you put +4, and +4 and +4 every time you actually make four. Of if that just confuses you, just write DOWN every 4 you make, and then every now and then add them all to see how close it is to 252 for one stat. Like a said before, you.. pretty much have to count yourself. If you can't, there's really no other way to know exactly what you have! D: I know some people