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  1. I think people respond negative to being called "noob" because they consider it an insult/judgement more than actually just meaning that they're new at an activity or discussion or site.

    In addition, there are self-proclaimed prodigies/people who are full of themselves that look down on noobs out of their own pride/the fact that they "know the ropes" and have a lot to tell.

    So really, it's often a two way street.

    I found that I was generally judged by a few people ( no one in particular ) on here for the rating of my scroll's trophy - that was, it was more difficult to get trades because I had no trophy or only a bronze trophy. Or even, some people would respond to my messages inquiring about a trade by just giving me the egg or hatchling, while others would respond to my comments on a thread about not having a certain kind of dragon by sending me some over PM. I never really asked for them or anything; I just noted in passing very lightly that I didn't have one yet, and.. boom. x3 I am really thankful to those people who did help me rather than just call me a noob and be done, and I do plan on repaying them despite the fact that the things they gave me I could easily have gotten at this stage in my time playing DC - it's not the value that counts to me, but how thankful I felt about it at the time.


    So, it can really go both ways as far as noob discrimination.


  2. I'm still needing prepare my 10 minute speech for Intro to Agriculture class. rolleyes.gif If that tells you how much of a procrastinator I am. GPA's a 3.2, but it could be a lot better.... xd.png And also it's kinda weird, but when I cheat and get answers, I tend to learn better. tongue.gif Because I always ask myself first how they got to that answer and look at the work (well for math) and see how they got it.


    @prpldrgnfr: You could always try and trade it for a color swap. I remember a few posting in the 2014 thread saying if they won they'd trade for lower valued color just because it was their favorite. Just stalk thread and see if the silver tinsel owner would like to swap when they get the egg. Though I'm not sure if all winners get their egg at the same time or what the gap would be. O_o;


    EDIT: I'll be going now to prepare for my 10 min speech.

    ff, agriculture is amazing. Good luck! 10 minutes.. fff. xd.png *pats*

    That's a pretty good GPA if you ask me. :3 Lmao! I do know what you mean and to be honest, I used to do that when I was home-schooled ( I was all my life up until university ) and could find the solutions manual. x3


    Now though, everyone tries to use me to cheat on the tests/homework/try to figure out what they're even supposed to be doing, lmao! I have a way of sniffing out the people who want to actually learn and help those while being somehow completely horrible at explaining things to those who just want the grades and answers and want to do none of the work.



    And prpldrgnfr, congrats! It's really nice to see someone who has been trying to win for a while actually win. ^-^

    Personally, I enjoy Tinsels more than Shimmers, but that's just me. xd.png I've been on a Tinsel trading craze lately.

  3. I've stood up for quite a long time too, 50+ hours. It's not too hard to write 2-3 sentences... Also it was not directly speaking to you alone until you had to quote me. tongue.gif


    @Walron: Ah so you can make it 12g. xd.png (I'm not one to talk to for complicated lineages xd.png) I was starting to feel it'd turn out to be an odd number generation for some reason.


    EDIT: and I had to stay up all that long because part of that 24 hours of that time was supposed to be used up for doing schoolwork that was due the next morning on monday, but then I got lazy and said "I'll just do it at a later time like midnight (but then TJ posted about the holiday raffle and I was told about it on FB and... well you can tell I'm not one of the best when it comes to using my time wisely) like an idiot. LOL

    LMAO, 50+ hours. I was about to ask "what in heaven's name are doing like that to be up so long?" but then when I went to quote, there was an edit, lmao!

    But yes, I have my falters every now and then. x3 I get by the average university semester on a slim 3 hours a sleep every day and somehow maintain a 3.7 GPA.


    As everyone is explaining it, it does sound like this lineage idea is possible and would be pretty interesting to see it actually work. :3 Good luck to everyone participating in it!



  4. I'm also going to assume the diamond shape also occurred to you then (That should have been more obvious to people, imo)? o.o I'm sure it occurred, I'm just not sure why no one mentioned it just for a heads up. Lol He did say he was new so that might have been something he'd like to know.

    I'm not sure why. o.o We're probably both on the same page as far as suspecting why nothing was said, but yes.

    Meanwhile I just saw it and had to stare at it for a good moment before figuring out that something was wrong; I'm ashamed. xd.png

    My brain processes lineage ideas very slowly it seems, ff. x3

    Though that WOULD be a nice lineage if it could only work!

  5. Didn't win! I would go after a 2nd gen shimmer/tinsel expect only the Dc wealthy can get them :/

    I agree with Flitz, actually. It's really about the devotion. :3 And since it's at the start of the year, when it is said that the ratios reset, now is a good time to be metallic hunting. I caught one ( and missed two by biome jumping. I'm a failure ) last night and they are appearing much more than, say, the middle of the year. Except last year. o.o They had some weird, random metallic booms.


    For me, I also do not spend much devotion to the game. I really just happen to be around when there's a metallic that appears. I've traded more than half of what I've actually caught, and gifted a few, but I've never traded for a CB Metallic - they're all caught. So as long as you know where the biomes are on your browser, you have as much chance of "wealth" as I do. ^-^

  6. Only started less than a week before the snow fort event and I won a bronze eastern prize smile.gif  Hope my request for code  HIjol  will be accepted.  Anyone who gets that reference will have my mad respect tongue.gif  If you can reply in the same language, in full sentence format, with proper grammar, I MAY give you an offspring.  Depends how many people respond

    No requesting trade offers yet until I get offspring for my friends  tongue.gif

    Congrats! ^-^ That's some good luck right there.


    Also, my brother just told me that means "beam me up." or something like that. xd.png I think he just looked it up but he does like Star Trek a lot so I'm not sure - he may have actually known it, lmao!

  7. Just out of interest, why is everyone congratulating the winners? All they did was get lucky.

    Congratulating someone is what people do when they're polite and genuinely happy for someone else's fortune instead of being concerned with only their own fortune.

    I find that it makes the person feel like they actually have something they should be happy about, and that the people around them actually support them.

  8. Congratulations to all of the winners!


    The event was fun, thank you TJ for making it happen, as well as everyone else who was involved biggrin.gif


    I do wonder how many players DC has right now though?

    Active or inactive? There's certainly a difference in those numbers. D:


  9. Lol wow really? That person must have some seriously good luck!! biggrin.gif

    Right? xd.png If that happened to me, I would just die. I'm honestly not even sure I'd be able to keep it - I'd probably let my younger brother have it.

    The odds are pretty wonky, I think. There are three people who play DC in my family and no wins. Though, I believe strongly that every time someone doesn't win, their chance of winning rises. Even if that's illogical, I still think it can't hurt to feel that way. :>


  10. The only tweak that I would make MAYBE to ensure that more people have a chance at a raffle drawn price would be to lock previous winners from winning the same CB type twice.

    That could be interesting, even if it was just blocking a previous year winner from winning(the very next year), perhaps. I mean, realistically, what the odds of someone winning twice, but apparently someone did, lmao! They must be so shocked. xd.png

  11. Now leaving DC due to unfair/unbalanced raffle/trading.

    I seriously don't think it's that serious.

    If it was truly fair like you want, you likely still wouldn't win for a long time because all the older, very active members would be winning before it got to you.


    Trading will always be that way. It's human nature, and the majority of our societies run on unbalanced exchange. Balanced exchange is when people ask EXACTLY for, and ONLY for what they need, despite the value of their own item that they will be giving away. Think. Where does that realistically happen in your society?

    People want a profit. It's their right and only natural to want to get all the things they otherwise couldn't get. I don't blame them and I definitely don't shun them just for being winners.

    If your issue is with the unbalanced trading community at large, just give yourself time. Work up the ladder. I've only been a member since March of last year( edit: 2012 - I lose track of time ), and though I don't consider myself a spring chicken, I definitely have some trading weight.

    I fell instantly in love with Gold dragons not for their rarity, but their design - so I started off trading literally everything for messy Golds. Eventually I wound up with 5th Gens, EGs, lower gens, 3rd Gens, and now I have several CB pairs that I caught all in the same month. It's a mixture of trading, catching, and most of all, trying. Not giving up because the system caters to hundreds and hundreds, and as a result leaving out a few individuals.

    You have to know who to ask, what to offer, and what to say. I don't see a trade as "That's something I need!" but rather as "You have something I'd like to have, and I'm curious to see if I've got something you'd like to have" so that the person trading with me feels like an actual person/not just a trade opportunity.

    When someone wants something specifically and you don't have it, just forget it. Don't see it as "Ugh, the trade system is corrupt." because then you'll completely overlook all the trades you HAVE gotten. I just see it as "they want something I don't have - I'll keep looking until I find someone who has something I can reach." which is how I have multiple 3rd Gen Shimmers - I just comb the trades for 3rd Gens and skip the ones that ask for something I cannot provide.

    Because the truth is, when someone asks for something that no one has, they often feel the pressure, too. Their egg or hatchling is about to hatch or mature, and they can't find what they need. Think about that.


    So, in closing:



    "My experience with suggestions is that they never get accepted."
    - That's not necessarily the case. Didn't someone request more releases? That's a very old suggestion that so many people have asked for; using the fact that we have so many completed dragons as an argument. We have them every month, now.



    "Not having the crazy prize trade values would kind of require a lot of CB prize owners to actually change.And yes,I know that they can do what they want with them."
    - Either that, or earn yourself more trading weight. It's slow, though. and requires some patience.



    "I have a really bad headache which I've randomly got."
    - Take a nap. Works just as well as Tylenol.
  12. I got on a 2nd Gen Shimmer list by catching Speckle Throats when they were a new release. Unfortunately, that person hasn't been on in a long time and I'm probably screwed, LMAO. I really loved that line/particular Shimmer but ah. At least I know it's not always the case. ^-^; It could have just been because everyone was assuming the Speckleds were the new metallics but still.


    I can understand the disappointment factor. But, there's always next year? :3

    Was it by any chance the Gold Shimmer with the 50+ long list? If so I'm in the same boat with ya xd.png


    And yah, there are exceptions (my one and only 2g Prize was bought for 9 CB Trios), but it's still a rough scenario. The only way to get on lists usually seems to be PMing every winner you spot within the first day or two, which in turn creates pressure on the winners and leaves all the more patient people flat out of luck.


    Better luck to both of us next year, but my hopes still aren't too high X'D

    Omg yes. xd.png; I'm sorry about that! *pats*

    Aww, great deal. :3 I'm glad you got one~

    Yeah. I just can't seem to draw myself to do that - to heckle people solely for something from them. It's not really a pride thing, but I just feel really low and ashamed to do it - begging someone for something they don't have to give up ( they hold all the cards, really ) just out of the blue when I've never talked to them before.. It's not particularly kind, I don't think. D: To me it just sounds like "I only know you exist now because you have something I want!"

    If it was someone I talked through all out the year, I would ask in passing.


    But, the ones who didn't win have a new advantage with these monthly releases - who knows? A winner may need someone to catch release eggs because they're busy or just want a ton of them. The rumors of "omg, new metallic/rare dragon!!1!" really help out, because then everyone wants to get help hoarding them in exchange for trades. xd.png


    Aww. <3 Well, at the very least, I hope the year of 2014 itself will be of good luck for us. ^-^

  13. Aww got back to "You're not as bubbly as April!" :'( I can be friendly.... :'( I... I really can...


    Ahhh angelic, you're blowing my cover! xd.png

    B'awwww. D: *pats*


    Yahhh, I kind of feel this way, too. I mean, it's not true of every 2g Shimmer / Tinsel, at least not at the start, but things get that way pretty quickly. New winners meet their quota of CB Rares and lose interest in anything but 2gs from other Prizes / Spriter's Alts, and there's so few winners in relation to the rest of the community that it's hard enough to get on a list even when they are open. I offered 4 CB Metals (2 Gold / 2 Silver), a 2g Holly, and a 2g Thuwed respectively with no luck... and I saw people offering even more than that for days, which again suggests no use.


    Whereas before, the rarest things were CB Metals, Neglecteds, and 2g Hollies... which are hard to obtain, sure, but feel possible. Anyone can catch the former or create the second, and the last ones multiclutch, so there's always a shot there, too.


    Eh. I realize we can still get the sprites and such, but DC is a collecting game first and foremost, so it's always a bit sad to see nice things dangling overhead that you'll never be able to collect. X___x


    I got on a 2nd Gen Shimmer list by catching Speckle Throats when they were a new release. Unfortunately, that person hasn't been on in a long time and I'm probably screwed, LMAO. I really loved that line/particular Shimmer but ah. At least I know it's not always the case. ^-^; It could have just been because everyone was assuming the Speckleds were the new metallics but still.


    I can understand the disappointment factor. But, there's always next year? :3

  14. Well im bummed after 5 years of playing, and completing all the events every year still no winning email.. sad.gif Oh well. Making my fort was really fun so thank you for that event. Congratz to all the lucky winners out there, maybe I can get super lucky this year and find an open gold tinsel list lol wink.gif

    Well Majors, the way I see it is that you'll eventually win something! Positive probability says that a win is in your near future! Stay optimistic! :>

  15. After a certain amount of time TJ re-rolls as it were and another person is selected.


    Or something like that.

    I'm pretty sure that's how it works unless it was changed. Last year, there was a new news thread about a redraw. :3

  16. How is it that the people you never heard of before always manage to win, while us active people get skipped over year after year?


    And seriously one of the winners won last year too. Le sigh, I still say there should be some check on activity, was hoping the second part of the fort xp would have skimmed some of the folks off who only came on at christmas, but nope.


    Oh well have fun with your pms and such winners!

    Well, I don't think there's a need to be snappy towards the winners - the way I see it, they just played the game like everyone else and happened to win - I think shunning the winners is part of the reason there is such stress over winning.

    And there's no favoritism - otherwise the older members would be winning, yes?

  17. Medicine is.. a fairly complicated subject for me. I lean here and there on what is necessary for survival in this time ( the society and current century plays a huge part in what we need and don't need, you know ) depending on the type of medicine.

    Beforehand, I should say that I was determined at being a pre-med student, but I decided to take a different route with science as my main focus - genetics, understanding how everything works, and so forth. I plan on going back multiple times for degrees I'd like to earn.


    The reason I love science is not the typical "lust to reach a greater superiority for humankind," but rather I simply enjoying why nature is the way it is - going back to the roots of things. I have a lot of Native American blood, and the elders of my family have always kept things as "natural" as possible, but within reason.

    That being said, I do have all my vaccinations. I can't imagine not getting them - for other people, I'm sure it works and they're just fine, but.. yes.

    For me, familiar with the works of the body and science, subjecting yourself to the thing you're trying to prevent is typically a very effective way of getting an immunity over it - the body is better at more things than the general public expects. It builds an immunity and fights back once it is subjected to a certain foreign body for long enough.


    I can understand how parents can be ill informed about that sort of thing and point the finger so easily at vaccines once they "look up" what a vaccination really is. I usually find that in order to really appreciate things like vaccinations, anti-venom and such, the person really has to have some kind of affinity or passion for health, science or otherwise a pretty big open mind. It's natural to just look at a vaccine and say "Whoa! They're putting the bad thing in my child to make her better?" and yes, my mother was equally concerned about it too when she learned that, but still gave us the vaccines.


    Vaccines work. There's a reason that they're necessary, and there's a reason that you are forced to take SO MANY vaccines when visiting a country like Japan - they know that foreigners are capable of bringing in illnesses that they have NO toleration for because their bodies do not face them naturally in their habitat.

    Just like there's a reason that many people who go to Japan report getting very sick in the first week - they instantly get common illnesses in Japan that natives are partially immune to. Their bodies have a tolerance.


    I'm sorry to the people who see vaccines as only a choice, or a bad thing, or useless and a child can be raised well without them but I'm afraid that these people know what they're talking about a little better than you do.

    Vaccines save lives.

    You getting a vaccine saves your life and other lives, too. Common contagion facts.


    By being subject to the foreign body, you gain a tolerance to it. We're always surrounded by influenza and the common cold - we simply combat it constantly, everyday, though we may get one of the two especially in winter when we've been out in the cold due to vessel constriction which makes the blood travel slower and, naturally, the white blood cells cannot spread as easily to heavily guard us. There's no vaccine for the common cold because its makeup is too simple, but even still our body knows how to dodge around getting a cold every few weeks. But for the illnesses that are more vicious than the common cold, we have vaccines for them, which subjects us to the thing without giving us the actual illness. So, in the end, we get the immunity without the illness.


    Whether store bought or prescribed medicines however, I take as little as possible. I don't drug myself with cold syrups or drown out all pain when I have a headache. When I have a headache - I sleep. When I have a cold - I sleep. When I pull a muscle - I sleep, and then try to exercise gradually or wrap it tightly to keep away swelling if present after the injury. And no, all that sleeping doesn't indicate that I'm lazy - I recognize that the body recovers best when sleeping. If I'm given prescribed medicines I will take them, but I'm not going to go in with a bad back and beg for medicines for something that can be healed up with daily yoga or physical therapy.


    Because I do believe that people of America typically pass away at much younger ages due to all the constant exposure to medicines. Naturally, don't be ignorant - take the medicines you need to be taking, but it's not necessary to drown ourselves in cough syrups or headache pills just for a little bit of comfort.



    Another example is the rabies shot for pets. My mother lived out in the country when she was young - her family owned a great many animals and kept stray cats and the kittens that were born there. They drank unskimmed milk right out of the cow, didn't much mind washing their crops before eating it, and their dogs and cats never had any rabies shots. They all coexisted without the fear of rabies, and no animal ever contracted it. So? Does that mean I don't have to give my cat or dog a rabies shot? Or should I still give it to them? Should I waste my money giving them something that is just generally preventable, or should I give it to them because I love them and I just want to make sure that they're not going to get some horrible thing? When I got my kitten, my mother's exact words about vaccinating him were "if you can't find a good vet, don't get him the shots. We lived with cats all our lives in the country and we never worried about stuff like rabies."

  18. Flitz, just wanted to say a few things. I really sympathize with how you feel so I have some stuff to say. *ramble entry here so sit tight.*


    Your work is GORGEOUS.


    You especially have a powerful understanding of human anatomy ( that awesome link you have up ) and the fact that all those sketches took around one hour is a pretty good indication - someone struggling with it in a typical sense of the word would take much longer for that quality. If you're using reference images to do those, don't think of it as no improvement or just "being on training wheels!" The mind (and perhaps even muscle memory) typically learns from sight, focus and repeating what you see. At least for artwork, learning a language, reading, and.. well yes. You get the point. Very useful technique branded in our instinct. xd.png


    Shading on the owl ( and crow, perhaps? :> ) piece, I feel, would really take something from the style you have going there, which someone else did say now that I look through the thread, lmao! It's very.. Spirited Away/Totoro type of thing and I really like it! If you wanted to go solely serious and a little less playful, then a lot more shading could be applied, but overall, for that piece, the amount of shading you used wouldn't be considered "wrong" because it ties in with your style there. It doesn't look particularly wonky or anything.

    I'd actually expect to see that piece on a children's book, lmao! So cute~


    As for the Pokemon links... wtf. I can't really say anything about these! You have an excellent understanding of Pokemon anatomy well enough that you can completely change it and make it your own style without confusing people as to what Pokemon it is. I love it! Personally, I'd love to see more Pokemon artwork from you. ^-^ The personalities of the subjects you used is really there, and even the background/flat colors you used for the leetle portraits really classes the whole thing up. What I love most about them, though, is how you've exaggerated the features so well! I've always envied cartoon artists for that, too. You were able to make the Growlithe's features droop, for example, in all the right ways to portray a feeling of boredom, lackluster and so forth.


    Your speedpaint is very lovely. Especially for a speedpaint. The brush options you used are very good choices. I don't know if you do already or not, but looking around well known artists and finding out what brushes they use for certain affects is a great way to improve coloring - most of them will provide links to the downloads of those brushes, and perhaps even explain which they use and for what. There are some really cool brushes out there waiting for us to download them - a digital artist's work is never done in that aspect. xd.png;


    Finally, your lovely Christmas Sprites. I don't know much about spriting so I couldn't like.. tell you how to improve anything, but. x3 I really love the design and the color choices - the one thing is that the wings could hold a bit more texture on them instead of their shine taking of the majority of them.




    That's all! ^-^

    I'm not going to say "Flitz, you're insane! You should start showing off your work publicly! Help make the art world a better place!" though there's truth in that because when it comes down to it; I totally understand how you feel. When I see how good you are currently, and yet you refuse to consider it halfway near where you want to be, I don't think it's pessimism. My initial thought is "Wow. Her artistic ambition must be pretty high" which is a really good thing. Balancing university, a job and my ambition for music, writing, and learning a select few languages, it's hard for me to give my art the attention it needs. I'm fairly certain that I'm working at it much slower than you are as far as reaching our goals go. I don't publicize my art either, unless providing links to specifically show the people that I want to - not just out in the open. I've made some nice headway overall, but to be honest I'd really like to be able to draw Pokemon like you. xd.png It's a really great skill, especially if you're a Pokemon nerd like me and want to draw your Pokemon their personalities that you've imagined in them.



    So in that, I hope you reach beyond where you want to be! ^-^

  19. Well, I'm not too invested in the whole raffle business for it to be considered unhealthy, and I'll likely be focused on the upcoming university semester too much to feel devastated if I lose, but if I did win, I'd be pretty shocked! x3


    With a prize dragon, to be honest I'd try to breed and gift very responsibly despite my urge to throw 2-4th gens everywhere - I wouldn't want the value of mine to fall so low so quickly that people wouldn't be happy with them as much anymore. Generally, seeing as I gift from my 3rd Gens. already, ( barely every using them in trades ) I would naturally choose gifting over trading.


    With an HM, I'd have to decide between a CB Black Alt, a CB Hybrid, or a CB Gold. I'd only want the CB Gold to give it a code I'd really like to have for one.

  20. user posted image


    I just logged a minute ago and I found my vampire hatchling has been fogged and I didn't even click on the "Hide" button. Is this a glitch?

    I would suggest clearing your cache. It's a common thing for the fogging on eggs/hatchlings to be wonky when that is the issue. :3 If you look at your scroll while being logged out, ( as in a viewer, not the owner ) it will most likely not be fogged.

  21. I'm a little disappointed that these are female instead of male. D: Oh well. i still adore the sprite, I'm just sad they're not boys.

    Personally, I'm glad there are some female ones, finally - we've had a long streak of male-only holiday releases after all. ^-^;

  22. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    I don't know about you guys, but finals beg for more attention than a DC release, so I'm glad to not be messing with a release on my days off while the finals are afoot. x3

    I'm also really excited for the Christmas release again!

  23. Hello everyone~

    I have a question about a trade for a CB Silver - do any of you think a 2nd Gen. Shimmerkin or 3rd Gen. Shimmerkin ( from alt Arsani ) is worth a CB Silver?

    I'm not into the whole Shimmerkin/Tinselkin deal, so I really don't know what interest these have.


    Thank you! ^-^