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  1. I think people respond negative to being called "noob" because they consider it an insult/judgement more than actually just meaning that they're new at an activity or discussion or site. In addition, there are self-proclaimed prodigies/people who are full of themselves that look down on noobs out of their own pride/the fact that they "know the ropes" and have a lot to tell. So really, it's often a two way street. I found that I was generally judged by a few people ( no one in particular ) on here for the rating of my scroll's trophy - that was, it was more difficult to get trades beca
  2. ff, agriculture is amazing. Good luck! 10 minutes.. fff. *pats* That's a pretty good GPA if you ask me. :3 Lmao! I do know what you mean and to be honest, I used to do that when I was home-schooled ( I was all my life up until university ) and could find the solutions manual. x3 Now though, everyone tries to use me to cheat on the tests/homework/try to figure out what they're even supposed to be doing, lmao! I have a way of sniffing out the people who want to actually learn and help those while being somehow completely horrible at explaining things to those who just want the grades a
  3. LMAO, 50+ hours. I was about to ask "what in heaven's name are doing like that to be up so long?" but then when I went to quote, there was an edit, lmao! But yes, I have my falters every now and then. x3 I get by the average university semester on a slim 3 hours a sleep every day and somehow maintain a 3.7 GPA. As everyone is explaining it, it does sound like this lineage idea is possible and would be pretty interesting to see it actually work. :3 Good luck to everyone participating in it!
  4. I'm not sure why. o.o We're probably both on the same page as far as suspecting why nothing was said, but yes. Meanwhile I just saw it and had to stare at it for a good moment before figuring out that something was wrong; I'm ashamed. My brain processes lineage ideas very slowly it seems, ff. x3 Though that WOULD be a nice lineage if it could only work!
  5. I agree with Flitz, actually. It's really about the devotion. :3 And since it's at the start of the year, when it is said that the ratios reset, now is a good time to be metallic hunting. I caught one ( and missed two by biome jumping. I'm a failure ) last night and they are appearing much more than, say, the middle of the year. Except last year. o.o They had some weird, random metallic booms. For me, I also do not spend much devotion to the game. I really just happen to be around when there's a metallic that appears. I've traded more than half of what I've actually caught, and gifted a
  6. Congrats! ^-^ That's some good luck right there. Also, my brother just told me that means "beam me up." or something like that. I think he just looked it up but he does like Star Trek a lot so I'm not sure - he may have actually known it, lmao!
  7. Congratulating someone is what people do when they're polite and genuinely happy for someone else's fortune instead of being concerned with only their own fortune. I find that it makes the person feel like they actually have something they should be happy about, and that the people around them actually support them.
  8. Active or inactive? There's certainly a difference in those numbers. D:
  9. Right? If that happened to me, I would just die. I'm honestly not even sure I'd be able to keep it - I'd probably let my younger brother have it. The odds are pretty wonky, I think. There are three people who play DC in my family and no wins. Though, I believe strongly that every time someone doesn't win, their chance of winning rises. Even if that's illogical, I still think it can't hurt to feel that way. :>
  10. That could be interesting, even if it was just blocking a previous year winner from winning(the very next year), perhaps. I mean, realistically, what the odds of someone winning twice, but apparently someone did, lmao! They must be so shocked.
  11. True! I'm already excited to breed mine. Lovely lineages, here I come!
  12. I seriously don't think it's that serious. If it was truly fair like you want, you likely still wouldn't win for a long time because all the older, very active members would be winning before it got to you. Trading will always be that way. It's human nature, and the majority of our societies run on unbalanced exchange. Balanced exchange is when people ask EXACTLY for, and ONLY for what they need, despite the value of their own item that they will be giving away. Think. Where does that realistically happen in your society? People want a profit. It's their right and only natural to w
  13. Was it by any chance the Gold Shimmer with the 50+ long list? If so I'm in the same boat with ya And yah, there are exceptions (my one and only 2g Prize was bought for 9 CB Trios), but it's still a rough scenario. The only way to get on lists usually seems to be PMing every winner you spot within the first day or two, which in turn creates pressure on the winners and leaves all the more patient people flat out of luck. Better luck to both of us next year, but my hopes still aren't too high X'D Omg yes. ; I'm sorry about that! *pats* Aww, great deal. :3 I'm glad you got one~
  14. B'awwww. D: *pats* I got on a 2nd Gen Shimmer list by catching Speckle Throats when they were a new release. Unfortunately, that person hasn't been on in a long time and I'm probably screwed, LMAO. I really loved that line/particular Shimmer but ah. At least I know it's not always the case. ^-^; It could have just been because everyone was assuming the Speckleds were the new metallics but still. I can understand the disappointment factor. But, there's always next year? :3
  15. Well Majors, the way I see it is that you'll eventually win something! Positive probability says that a win is in your near future! Stay optimistic! :>
  16. I'm pretty sure that's how it works unless it was changed. Last year, there was a new news thread about a redraw. :3
  17. Well, I don't think there's a need to be snappy towards the winners - the way I see it, they just played the game like everyone else and happened to win - I think shunning the winners is part of the reason there is such stress over winning. And there's no favoritism - otherwise the older members would be winning, yes?
  18. Medicine is.. a fairly complicated subject for me. I lean here and there on what is necessary for survival in this time ( the society and current century plays a huge part in what we need and don't need, you know ) depending on the type of medicine. Beforehand, I should say that I was determined at being a pre-med student, but I decided to take a different route with science as my main focus - genetics, understanding how everything works, and so forth. I plan on going back multiple times for degrees I'd like to earn. The reason I love science is not the typical "lust to reach a greater
  19. Flitz, just wanted to say a few things. I really sympathize with how you feel so I have some stuff to say. *ramble entry here so sit tight.* Your work is GORGEOUS. You especially have a powerful understanding of human anatomy ( that awesome link you have up ) and the fact that all those sketches took around one hour is a pretty good indication - someone struggling with it in a typical sense of the word would take much longer for that quality. If you're using reference images to do those, don't think of it as no improvement or just "being on training wheels!" The mind (and perhaps ev
  20. Well, I'm not too invested in the whole raffle business for it to be considered unhealthy, and I'll likely be focused on the upcoming university semester too much to feel devastated if I lose, but if I did win, I'd be pretty shocked! x3 With a prize dragon, to be honest I'd try to breed and gift very responsibly despite my urge to throw 2-4th gens everywhere - I wouldn't want the value of mine to fall so low so quickly that people wouldn't be happy with them as much anymore. Generally, seeing as I gift from my 3rd Gens. already, ( barely every using them in trades ) I would naturally cho
  21. I would suggest clearing your cache. It's a common thing for the fogging on eggs/hatchlings to be wonky when that is the issue. :3 If you look at your scroll while being logged out, ( as in a viewer, not the owner ) it will most likely not be fogged.
  22. Personally, I'm glad there are some female ones, finally - we've had a long streak of male-only holiday releases after all. ^-^;
  23. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I don't know about you guys, but finals beg for more attention than a DC release, so I'm glad to not be messing with a release on my days off while the finals are afoot. x3 I'm also really excited for the Christmas release again!
  24. Hello everyone~ I have a question about a trade for a CB Silver - do any of you think a 2nd Gen. Shimmerkin or 3rd Gen. Shimmerkin ( from alt Arsani ) is worth a CB Silver? I'm not into the whole Shimmerkin/Tinselkin deal, so I really don't know what interest these have. Thank you! ^-^