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  1. 2:22AM. Must.. sleep. And yet.. not tired. Luckily my Biology Lab doesn't start until the 28th, so I only have one class tomorrow, yee! Biology, ff. I love that class so much I could just die. I don't have to leave until 12:30PM, unlike most days where I have to leave at 6:30AM for an 8:00AM class ( it's never wrong to be early! ) .. so, with that, I guess I'm free to stay awake!
  2. Colonization on the moon.. hrm. As a person of science, I say go for it! Let's see some life on the moon. Thinking on the minds of humankind however, I can see this leading somewhere we shouldn't go. Hubris is the number one reason of war these days, as I've studied, but I don't think we have to worry about a war between worlds for a good time. Honestly, I think it's about time we got into space and really, really started seeing just what we can do and what we can use. As a person who also finds the incredible strength in nature, I don't know if I feel comfortable with humans be
  3. Your post is exactly what I'm talking about as far as my family's tradition to "keep natural within reason" goes. I do absolutely nothing to my colds. Nothing to my chapped lips ( it's winter - come on. ) and nothing to anything that I don't HAVE to. The majority of a cold is the body trying to get one step ahead of the virus. Drowning yourself in simple medicines ( which is where my flipside to medicine comes in ) is not good. at all. It doesn't give your body the chance to work for itself. Do you know what happens to something when you don't use it? you lose it. All my life, I admit to
  4. 2/10. I've really only seen you on the News raffle thread, sorry. >:
  5. Lmao! You know them! I have had one or two of those ( my younger brother was sharing ) and wow, they DO taste like dill pickles. I think it's pretty weird for a chip, which I grew up on typical, salty-salty recipes - that was before we started getting all creative with out chip flavors, lmao! Though as a food alone, I looove it. ff, yes! If you have enough batter or a deep-dish pan, you can make it so that the pancake is deep enough that you won't see any eggs or sausage on or near the surface: it's good for presentation, especially if you want someone to try it.
  6. Wow. o.o Personally, ketchup - not its biggest fan, here. Unless on very dry foods - Like mayo, I use ketchup primarily for the moisture. But it's interesting how they release only certain foods in certain places because they know it will sell best there. :3 I've seen some pretty weird chip flavors, like pickle flavor and so forth. As for strange foods.. well, America, as far as my study goes, is largely comprised of many other countries' types of foods, so it's a little difficult for me to figure out a food that would make people on here like "ew!" x3 I mean, my campus has Greek, Ch
  7. Quick update! ( I'm working so fast tonight, lool. ) Finished the punk shepherd ( a lot smarter than he looks! We're talking about a university-grade mathematician by day and gamer by night, here.), added a butler ( with a 300 year-streak of insomnia - that probably explains his overall attitude as a character ) and started on a flamboyant senator, bahaa. These breeds added should be fairly easy to figure out. I hope. ^-^; I think I'll be adding short descriptions of all of these guys when they're all colored, too! It will be a nice project. Yeah, you're really good at gue
  8. ff, thanks! And omg, 2/3! You're really good at telling dog breeds despite my totally weird art style! ^-^ Though the last one I was headed for a more Great Pyrenees type of look - especially with the partial-curled tail. Maybe he could be a little bushier.
  9. Some more sketches! Each took less than 3 minutes ( if you don't include deciding on which dog breed to use ) so that's good time for pose practice! ^-^ Anyway, they will all ( there will be.. quite a few by the time I'm done. at least 15? ) have accessories or something unique to them, as I plan for this to be a mash-up of many of my characters as dogs/cats. It also challenges me to make their expressions really like them! I wonder if anyone can guess which breed is which as I work on this.
  10. I don't think that's really necessary to add, Hisa. Anyway. I think this thread has become a little too personal to be a debate. Solarflare, everyone who has offered legitimate, proper responses to your issue and questions are all on the first and second ( and a bit of the third! ) page. If you haven't read through them, take a look! They provide some really decent, fair and helpful advice and so forth. :3 Personally, I do believe there is a misinterpretation of noob/newbie. The miscommunication of what these words mean as the slang that they are is primarily what gets everything out
  11. Wow Sock, thank you! <33 We three are pretty inseparable, bahaa. x3 And ff, PiccoloRose - I've never seen an air instrument shaped like that before. o.o
  12. Omai, thank you. ;___; <33 We dress up everywhere we go, lmao! Even to grocery stores, baha! Last time we all went in fedoras/black leather jackets and people/cashiers actually asked us "who we were working for" LOL. One person asked if we were with the FBI. o.o
  13. Finally a decent one! Yeah, those are real swords my older brothers have - they have seven of them and they DO know how to use them. .. And yes, we are a very unusual trio. I look like all legs in this picture, wtf. They look like some 80% of my body height, lmao!
  14. As some people have said, exercising is really a lot better at gaining some mass than you'd imagine. It primarily tones muscles, which then grow in size. Keep an eye on certain foods, also - some are very lean foods or the type which burn quickly and so forth - if you're trying to gain weight, those kinds of foods won't help. Personally, I'm 5'7" and weigh around 100/103lbs ( it bounces back and forth ) when the common weight is around 120lbs. But I feel great! I walk across campus every day ( a few good miles every two days put together ) without a strain or shortage of breath. My legs
  15. I don't think it's practical to judge someone's level of competence/whether they're a newbie/noob/whatever just by how they type. Especially if they're not even using a full keyboard - which, in this generation, everything is done on phones now really - so that should definitely be taken into account. :3 Also, more often than not, "lol" without any further indication of amusement is often used as sarcasm or, in some way, "breaking the tension." I'm not sure if everyone picks up on that but for me I can do so easily. It may also just be a typing style that Solarflare has - it doesn't mean
  16. Fff, thank you! <3 That really means a lot to me to be complimented in such a way. <3 Thank you all! I'm glad that one reminds you of Okami! It means I was actually able to achieve what I wanted, haha. x3 Wow Xythus, thank you. ;__; <33 I'm really pleased that my lining technique has so much backing! I will definitely continue to use the styles I've developed and not bother altering them much. I'm quiet fond of them as well, and if people enjoy them also, then what need is there for a sudden change? ^-^; I will have a new subject up soon! Perhaps tomorrow; I like
  17. Ffff aww, that means a lot to me. ^-^ A year ago, I wouldn't be able to do most of what I've done this year. It's just.. a lot of pushing myself, and even then I'm not where I want to be. So, naturally.. the only thing left to do is keep going! ^-^; I've also added Imagur links to the second post so hopefully those work for all~
  18. Oh no! D: I have them up on tinypic, but I was just wondering today actually if that hosting is wonky for some people. I'm going to switch them over to a more reliable hosting. Thanks for letting me know! :3 It will take me a moment to get these all up somewhere, though. At this point, I've done everything but the proper lighting. And there are some minor here-and-there issues I'm too lazy to do at the time. And I need to decide where the lineart is too involved - definitely on the face, where it makes it a lot less realistic than the softer tones of the fur. It's too.. pronounced.
  19. This. Yes! It's like.. where do you draw the line, people? Everyone was new at some point, so what's going on here? I understand what some people are saying and it makes sense - the difference between new people who actually want to learn ( the vast majority ) and those who are just.. almost intentionally difficult. What I was getting at was that even completely new people who have the will to learn are oftentimes judged because they ARE new, simply. That means that if they make a mistake, it goes on a mental record. I do know that when some people see a "newbie," they initially
  20. <33 I agree though - I think that's why I started doing it in the first place - my lineart was lacking and a little too skimpy/rough, so I started beefing it up. The best thing about Sai Tool is that you can actually tell the program how slow you want the brush/cursor to move - so if you have shaky hands, you don't worry about crooked lineart because the program moves everything very slowly. Aww, those are always excellent sketch subjects. There's just something about equine and canine anatomy that really, I find, prepares you for most other anatomy. My grandmother has horses on he
  21. Omg, thank you so much! ;__; That means a lot to me, Dimar~ <3 Ffff, seriously? Sometimes I think I get ahead of myself with it when I make it too much so that way, but I'm glad it has positive feedback! I think I will keep doing it that way whenever it's something that's not intended to be as realistic as the latest piece. I really appreciate your comments on those pieces. ^-^ Lmao, yes. I'd like to do a background someday, but it would have to be on the same level as the character in it, so.. I should probably.. start practicing it now. before it's too far gone. As
  22. From oldest to new. These are not all the pieces that I've done; just the most recent. Late 2013: Random sketches of a Hellhound character named who took on the name Aeon, as he forgot his human name, Haden, upon being turned into his current state. The Griffon(Gryphon, what have you) is a random, unnamed element for practicing wings. Unidentified Dragon sketch. Those are not functional wings on its back - they vaguely remind me of something Chinese-based. Or Steampunk. Wolf Headshot of a character of mine. I wanted some kind of Chinese feel. Another piece of the pre
  23. After some serious prompting from people, I decided to make a progress/art thread. Keep in mind that while I love to practice and spam people with requests/gifts, I am a university student first and an artist/writer/musician second. So if I do start requests ( or surprise gifts! ) mid-semester, it may be pretty slow. >: This first post is a bit about me! The second will hold links and WIPS. My name is Momo. :3 You can call me.. Momo. Or whatever you like, really. I'm a Biology Major with 16 credit hours. Not too busy, but.. busy. I'm a jobless deadbeat. No, I just ap
  24. That sprite is coming out really, REALLY cool. <3 I love Tri-Horned wyverns, too! I have sooo many of them and I need to start hoarding more again. They're so far my favorite breed, ff.
  25. I have so many siblings that my older brothers and I literally raised them ourselves - taught them to walk, talk and read. Our parents work all day, everyday. So if I had a child, I'd like to think I'd know exactly what to do, what to say and how to say it to get the results that I want. Overall, I have a very bottomline response to the concept of having children. If I do decide to have them, it will be when I am financially secure ( ME. Not my family or even my spouse. Me. ) and of what I feel is a proper age. To me, for me, having children is the perfect opportunity to shape the