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    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    I have to say that I never see low times, unless they just restore when I pick them up, lmao. Though, I have to say that I don't pick things up in the AP when there are new releases, mainly because I need the spaces for myself, lmao. ; I've already gotten my fill of the new release on the first day. An influenced pair is good enough for me for now, and another influenced pair for a friend who wasn't/still isn't on to see the new release. :3 I'd like for the people here having all this trouble to get at least one. >: I'm usually more willing to have 'trade fodder' AFTER my own new release eggs have hatched, because there's really no reason for me to trade right now. :3 I do personally like breeding my own dragons for hatchling trades because the most desireable ones people like that I have are either CB or lineaged, so that has always sweetened the deals for me. That sounds excellent. Good luck, I'm glad it's working. That new Halloween release for me was just a disaster, LMAO. Not even all of my spaces were open at the pre-release time, which belated the hatching of the previous years' Halloweens for me, so I was rushing to get the new ones. o.o;
  2. Momo

    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    I've gotten very good trades for common hatchlings/a few rare ones that I bred for myself and didn't really want, but I think the majority of people wanting hatchlings will only wait so long, ahaa. Especially if all your Reds are on cooldown. whyyy. When getting those kinds of trades, I find it's mostly about timing - just happening to have a boatload of hatchlings or low time eggs when you see a trade you like.
  3. Momo

    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    That's the new chicken description. :3
  4. Momo

    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    After spending only one to two hours earlier today competing with 300+ people on the page at a time, I've been able to pick up 4, but the few people on tonight are much faster, it seems. fff. o.o; I think I'll give in for tonight and leave this last egg space clear for something else. ; I'd like to try and gift once my influenced pair grows up, since so many people are having difficulties, though the other two that I have are going to a great friend who couldn't be on and doesn't even know there was a release today. I hope she'll be happy to see I've gotten some for her. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen! :3