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    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum! Goldfish Crackers.
  2. Banned for having a signature full of text.
  3. (I think that's backwards? o-o 4/10 instead of 10/4, I think you mean.) 7/10. I've been seeing more of you lately.
  4. Though it's not a very necessary change, it would be nice to see more actions shown. I agree, because actually just today I was trying to find a Tsunami offspring that I bred because I wanted to make sure I influenced it. (Veeery important) I didn't remember the parents well (I have so many CB Tsunamis, it could have been any of them) and all I needed to know was that this egg was influenced. I didn't have any more able pinks, so no, I couldn't just go to 'influence' and see if it had already been. >: I had sooo many action log messages, and I looked over the image of the pink where it claims the influencing was done. Would it be easier to show the image of the influenced egg instead of the dragon that did the influencing? Or do people not mind it the current way? I suppose it could be helped just by paying more attention, but it's still misleading imo, ahaaa.
  5. Banned for having a little signature.
  6. Momo

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Swipes that Thunder ;3 *
  7. When I was just starting out, I lived in the AP. None of my dragons were gifts (not even the tinsels, ff.) but I had just pulled them all out of the AP. Now, I'm a strict hunter but I like to visit the AP just to see what's moving around in there. :3 About now, I'd say.. %10 of my scroll is from the AP.
  8. It's hard to choose between an Eastern and Wyvern, fff. Wyverns are built for flying/speed and those ferocious faces, hnnngg. Yet.. they rarely have hair. >: I have lots, so I'd probably be a long-maned Eastern or something.
  9. I'd try a bit brighter golden brown. It's a honey-caramel color originally, but it looks black unless in sunlight. reaaally dark. ; I'd like to see it with a bit more color all around.
  10. I had my ears pierced when I was too young to remember ( < 3 or 2 years old. ) so it wasn't "my decision" per-say, but I've stopped wearing them at age 6. The holes are still open even through all the time, which is good because I like the option. I'm mainly pleased that I don't remember the hassle/pain, so good luck to whoever is thinking of getting some piercings.
  11. Just finished Casshern Sins on television and I'm still with Samurai 7 (also on television.)
  12. Super Mario World for NES. I was but a smaaall child then, and I became hooked on games since, amg.
  13. I currently have this image as my wallpaper. They grow up so fast, I swear. And that mark on his nose has been there since birth. o.o
  14. Someone gave it to me, lmao. I don't think it's actually literally IN there, but you should find this useful for all your TM hunting needs. ;3 I think this is the one for Black/White 2, anyway. Good luck!
  15. Momo

    Assassin's Creed

    I've played all of them as of late. It was about a year after the first one came out that I finally noticed it in the Game Stop as the only one I didn't hear about/play in the past. I've been hooked on it ever since. I love that they use real legends and theses; those not far from what I think could/is actually happening in some way.
  16. Momo

    Final Fantasy

    Argh, Final Fantasy. <333 We have pretty much all the games starting from the very first one(my older brothers and I are kind of on the collector side of things. The oldest is 25 and still loves this game, fff.) My favorite to date is XII and always will be, but I adore the XIII line. There's not really a bad thing I can say about 13 because I view FF games as whole pieces of work - I don't fret about a single character not having enough facetime, or the ending just being.. "wtf?" As a writer I can appreciate the shrewd style the creators have put into this game. I can't wait for the new one, gah. I recently started playing Tactics Advanced over, and found my A2, so I'm really very pleased about that. They're my favorite spinoffs so far.
  17. I did this one just on the whim - http://dragcave.net/lineage/qWVVQ - and bred/released this one for the people who stalk the AP: http://dragcave.net/lineage/t0r8X :3
  18. I became Silver right for the Black Friday release, bahaa. I would have been halfway finished with the Silver trophy status had I not taken a good hiatus before that.
  19. I would also recommend the Wacom Bamboo line. If you've never used a tablet before however, don't go for the fancy stuff. You won't even use it, I swear. A Wacom Bamboo Fun was the first one I've ever gotten (looking to advance to a Cintiq soon, ahaa..) They don't have anything unnecessarily fancy, work on all the programs you say to have, and are fairly cheap; even on the official site where they're biased about price. They may have stopped selling them on the site, but I'm sure they're still in stores. Recently, someone I knew bought one from Best Buy and got a free copy of CS5 and Elements. It made me regret buying mine online, ahaa. ; All you really need on a tablet is the pen/pressure sensitivity (your lines will be bigger/smaller/lighter depending on how hard you press) and the ability to draw lines in the first place. A lot of excellent artists on Deviantart still use this kind because the tablet is only a tool, but the inspiration/art comes from the person. :3 Have fun! I hope you can find what you're looking for.
  20. pfft, Digimon. I fell in love with this franchise the moment it came out. Unfortunately, there is a large number of Digimon that are just not as unique as the others, which makes it hard for me to remember/name all of them. I can with Pokemon though, lmao. I have many of the games, but they aren't as mainstream in my attention as others/Pokemon games that I have(to which I have them all, lmaoo.) Still, there are some really classic Digimon that you just can't beat. All that nostalgia. <3
  21. Momo

    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    So weird. o.o I influenced the two I gave to my friend, but the ones I have are two males, lmao. If you need a gender swap, you know who to call. x3
  22. Momo

    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    ^ this is what I'm always doing, lmao. Except that I use the Neglected Dragon clicksite's clock to determine the seconds. :3 I've given my friend two hatchlings and a low time egg since she was getting her laptop fixed until today, so now I'm in the market for more, I suppose.