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    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Swipes Thunder. fufufufu*
  2. Summoned my first GoN last night. n_n http://dragcave.net/lineage/g1V4v I wasn't even particularly trying, to be honest. I just try it everynow and then, but.. I'm really happy about it, obviously. <3
  3. Ahaa, I'm sorry the abstainer feels that way. x3 In describing a character informally, I use a technique, a sort of 'empathy,' that has me write in the way the character would feel or a twinge of their personality in the words I choose so people can relate/understand them better. Elsah is a fastidious character, and thus his description contains flamboyant, "fancy" choice of helping words. n_n; I haven't done many other dragon descriptions before this one (all still pending) but I realize that younger players might not understand all the words that I commonly use when writing. Does anyone think this is a hindrance to getting my future descriptions accepted? O:
  4. n_n Oh yes, definitely. Golds and Silvers like that will usually do the trick since they are on a higher rarity/demand than Trios. Raising other hatchlings as "trade boosters" will always be helpful as well since, again, they won't take up egg spaces and they're a little something extra. Sometimes throwing in random hatchlings that you just have at the time can do the trick, even. The reds will catch some attention mainly because they are hatchlings, and because there are so many being offered.
  5. I think you'd need a few of them, as hatchlings, to secure a CB trio trade. Reds are pretty common this month, so many determined people can go in an grab a few. Being hatchlings makes them more desireable because they don't have to waste valuable egg spaces for the CB Reds. You will be very lucky to get a CB Trio for multiple CB Red eggs. If you're trying to trade those 3 for a CB Trio, I think you should give it a shot when they're hatchlings. :3
  6. I generally think in very detailed images, but in random moments I will have thoughts bound by music, which is definitely helpful since I have a musician/artist heart. Many number of times I would actually write down and play these 'thought songs.' My most vivid dreams, however, are made up of emotions and essences of actual images. For example, my most recent was overrun by panic. I was in a strange backroaded area, driving, but nothing was happening. No slashers or ghosts chasing me, and the place itself had no emotional effect over me so I knew I wasn't just creeped out by the scenery. From that single bundle of emotion I knew that the dream was about my escaping a paid assassin that was after some extraterrestrial artifact I found. Weird, but yes. My dreams are often so vivid that I actually have them more than once, or at least a variation of the first one. To test this and make sure my mind wasn't just getting the days mixed up, I would write down a short summary and the day I had it on, and sure enough, some would reoccur next week or even a couple days later. o.o
  7. I have no idea what accent I have. o.o; My two other brothers and I are always asked "where are you from?" when we tell them that we've lived south for all of our life, they don't believe it. When go east, people ask "where are you from?" and we tell them the south, yet they still look skeptical. When we go west and north, same thing. We travel a LOT in the USA. We've been everywhere more than twice, I assure you. (and to some other countries, as well.) It's become like a mystery to me - trying to find someone who can actually explain what my accent sounds like. Does it sound foreign like another language or something? Idek. ; We were taught to speak very proper, so all the words we say are slow and full, but people also speak that way in the north, hrm.
  8. I currently have both Deoxys and Genesect, ahaaa. But it would be nice to have more of them to work with the natures in terms of EV/IV training, assuming the natures will not be the same. (which would just be my luck)
  9. Momo

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Swipes both GoNs ;-; *
  10. Banned as I haven't eaten biscuits in ages.
  11. Banned for misinterpreting my intentions.
  12. Momo

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Swipes the Trihorns*
  13. Banned for being banned so many times. >:
  14. Momo

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Swipes ALL the delicious frozen alt blacks.*
  15. False; I haven't gotten one of those in 3 years. TPBM likes Legend of Zelda.
  16. Bahaa, false. Only 20, fff. *fail* TPBM is older than 18.
  17. False! So close though, argh. ; TPBM likes to swim.
  18. True, I'm nocturnal. TPBM owns a Hybrid car.
  19. I also specified the idea about the influencing images in my first post, so it's good to know that someone else has the same issue with that. Sometimes you can totally overlook the message you're looking for if you see an image of an adult dragon instead of the egg you need. Also, not everyone memorizes the code of the egg, so seeing the message specify the code doesn't help much either. It would be good for the images to be changed with the influencing. I do think it could show the eggs that were made after breeding, as well. Mainly for after the dragon is grown and it needs to be found/easily traced to its parents instead of searching through 123456789 of the same species to find the parent that has had the child.