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  1. These are really lovely, yee. Slowly but surely I'm obtaining quite a few, so I'm pleased.

    I was initially in the Alpine the very moment these beauties appeared, bahaa. I was pretty taken aback, but there were so few people at the time that it was very easy. Getting a bit more difficult now, however. ^-^;

  2. The one problem I see with trading these days is BUNDLING. A lot of good catchers are trading their awesome eggs as a bundle and metallic hoarders are also trading their low gen metals as such.

    Homg, yes. If I want only one of their eggs, I don't have anything nice enough offer for it. I have a tendency that, despite there being something that I really want, if I feel like my offer is inadequate enough to be considered an "insult" to the trade starter, I won't offer at all. The bundling is really not good in that regard, sigh. >:


    For the bloodswaps trades, I do see them, and I try to get a Gen that is as close to theirs as I can. If it's like one or two gens off, I'll add three other hatchlings or suitable CBs so it kind of makes it fair, but I don't always have nice enough things to do that. It's kind of a "hope you have something that just happens to be good for a trade at the time."


    I noticed the "boom" in metallic breeding, and I'm really sorry that so many people are having issues trading them. D: I know how inflation works very well, though I can't really see how the metallics are becoming "less useful," especially at very low Gens. The boom is really useful for me because before Golds/Silvers were impossible for me to obtain unless messy. I'm having better luck now, though like Arylmaye stated, since the "boom" is helping breeding, a lot of people are breeding them all at one time and then bundling. I just don't have that kind of resources at just that time to make the trade equal, fff. o.o;

    I am currently on a huge Gold/Silver hunt, though. However, mine never seem to breed despite the "boom," which is just weird. xd.png;So if anyone wants to trade or accept an IOU of a dozen+ uncommon/rare CB hatchlings, I would totally love it. |D *is shameless*


    Overall, the metallic "boom" causing the bundling issue is what is giving me the largest issue.



  3. I've had long fingernails for so long that when they are short, I literally CANNOT type. It's like trying to walk without toes. I totally lose balance just because my fingernails aren't there to prohibit my actual fingertips from pressing the keys. My fingers get all shaky and then it's typo-city. >->

    So yes, for the integrity of my writing, definitely long fingernails.

  4. Yet someone who actually has one said they got it in the first few hours on Valentine's Day.


    Salt, anyone?

    Yeah, they did. :3 And a very select few of people won the Shimmerscales, and most of them hadn't even been members nearly as long as people who have never won prize dragons. xd.png 'Tis DC's theme of things, yus.

    I really don't care about the flowers. I send them because I know other people do, but.. o.o; I do love DC's events, but the flower one kind of runs itself - you don't have to mix ingredients like mad like for the raffle, or search for flowers to fill the vase. I'm unbiased about this one, though the flowers are pretty. n_n So I don't need salt, thank you. <33

  5. I do. When everyone else is sharing information, trying to get the answer figured out, claiming to know that answer without any proof to back it up seems like trolling.


    Still their prerogative, of course, but I am rolling my eyes in their general direction, and assuming they're just messing with you guys. rolleyes.gif


    EDIT - I think the new dragon, despite its flowery codes on TJ's scroll, is a bubblegum dragon. laugh.gif

    Well, I'm not going to ruin Shikaru/TJ's intention of keeping it secret or a fun mystery if I AM right. o.o; There's a reason Shikaru isn't telling, so if I think I know, I shouldn't either. x3

  6. I wish I knew what the baby dragons where called!! D: I really want to name mine. sad.gif


    If random flowers go to empty vases first... then all vases should be filled by now, right? Unless I'm the only one that's sending random flowers...

    I actually want to know what they're called as well. o: I can't wait to see the adult, yus. ^-^ The hatchlings so far are soo adorable. <33

    And you aren't - I've been sending randomly, as well. ;3

  7. All of us love to collect things - that's why we are here.

    And talking about how obtaining it is easy when you don't have one yourself...


    Would I like one? Yes, strictly for collecting purposes. But not having it really won't ruin my day.

    I never said it was easy - that's why it's DC's theme, you know? x3 The problem is that people are assuming additional information when there is none. Shikaru never said we can obtain it to send it out - she only said that it was possible to get it, but people are assuming it's possible to get the option to send it.


    I will probably never get one before the end date, because I never said it was easy, but I do know how to get it. o.o The clues actually do make sense by the way, bahaa.

  8. All of the flowers are really very pretty, especially that 'rare' one, though I'm admittedly more interested in the CB eggs themselves. x3 One of mine will be hatching in 4/5 hours, so I'm quite excited about that, fff.


    I really love all the work the spriters have put into the flowers and the dragon sprites themselves. ^-^

  9. Fff, soo many pretty kitties. ;3;

    My baby, Prince.

    It's an older image, but he doesn't look much different save that his eyes now have that gorgeous gooseberry sheen. <3 He's almost a year old (on March 15th) and if you're familiar with the gorgeous Egyptian Mau breed, you'll know that these little things are SO much heavier than they look. >-> He's currently, at least, 5 pounds now, and that's all muscle.

    Last week I wanted him to experience the park, so I put him in his fancy carrier and walked about 1 mile and a half to the place(and back!) , carrying him. My shoulders are still hurting from that, but it was worth it to see how curious and excited he was.

  10. Admittedly, I can't be excited for this game until I have it, play it, and decide on it.

    I've been on board with Pokemon since it came to America, and I've leaped at the chances of just about all the spinoffs. I do have all the third editions, however. ( I.E Yellow for Blue+Red, Crystal for Gold+Silver, etc.)

    The main thing I loved about the games? The adorable, neat, leeeetle pixel people and sprite-made worlds. They made a great leap with this one, though the new battle style I can look forward to, mainly because they slowly weaned us into that with double/triple battles, rotation, moving sprites, and then this 3D type thing. I do like that it will be more descriptive as to what our Pokemon are actually doing when they use a move. Not just for certain ones, lmao. xd.png I remember when I was blown away when they first started showing in detail what all the moves did *fail*, but now since they've added so many non-physical ones, those should be clear as well.


    As for the starts? Hrm, I'll have to see some evolutions before I decide adamantly on one. x3 Out of my two older brothers and I, I've always been the grass type, but the fire-type for this game is trying to lure me in. DD:

  11. I am ultimately empathetic to both sides of this conflict.

    The way the rights of the parents' owners are being attacked ( I.E, "they shouldn't be allowed to ruin my lineage!" ) does admittedly turn me off of any compromise or change just because of the way it's being addressed, sigh. Those dragons are bound to their scroll - it's like having a neighbor demand you to paint your house white so that the whole neighborhood matches color and expect for it to be done. Or tell you not to build a fence around your property because they want the look of neighborhood unity. That has happened to me where I live, and the only reason I wanted a fence was because I was getting a puppy. Still, they attacked me for it, so I'm sympathetic to that scenario.

    I'm not.. suuuper addicted to lineages, but empathetically placing myself into the mind of someone who is, having a dead dragon in an offspring's "perfect" lineage would make me sad. >: If the dragon was 'paid for' extensively, I think it would at least be courteous to be mailed or PM'd about the death decision so that my jaw wouldn't completely hit the floor.


    Everyone within it contributes to a lineage, but once it leaves their scroll, that's it. I'm not telling people who own offspring to get over it, but be nice! Compose your arguments, even if you feel strongly that you're right, because the best way to win someone to compromise is with kind words, not with block-headed comments or all caps. With the way it is now, you're at the parent-owner's mercy, and viciously and outwardly denying them the right to handle their dragons (like disabling the kill function) as they want will only make them make up reasons to deny compromise that would even make both sides happy.

    Because they're offended.

    They give someone an offspring, and then that basically means that dragon is stuck with them forever and they can't kill it for whatever reason they have. Where's the joy in sharing low gens/rares, then? They're trapped into a commitment that they didn't even officially make. Wasn't the trade enough? Or trusting someone with IOU's? To me it makes no sense to kill something CB or low generation rares, but maybe that will change when I actually have a lot of either of those.


    Being stuck between the conflict, I really enjoy PokemonFan's idea. It gives every owner of a dragon in a single lineage the control over what is seen from their POV. I don't much mind a dead dragon in a lineage of my dragon, (and I feel like a lot of people would be smart enough to guess what dragon the tombstone was if the lineage is clean/consistent enough, honestly.) but this would be an excellent addition to see. Viewers toggling would solve very little, because they would ruin the, say, mystique of a player's precious deadline by peeking in, but if the control was in the scroll owner's hand, that can be prevented.

    As can the Offspring Owner's Lament.

  12. What level were you at?


    I accidentally trigged the super drake fight when I was at half health and recovery itemless. It didn't help that my Pawn decided to wander off half way through the encounter.

    Level 38, FFF. It was at night and I decided that monsters wouldn't notice me without a lantern, and I saw some odd shape moving in the fading light.

    I thought it was a Chimera. ._.


    LOL, awww. All my pawns were at half health because they were on a constant death roll (and I decided that giving them potent greenwarish would be a waste) and once they were gone, I was finished. D: I really hate triggering super bosses when I'm not ready. D: *pats*