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  1. Very lovely eggs, homg. o.o I wonder if they will resemble a desert flower ( like the one whose name I forget that takes years to bloom ) or something. :3 In any event, these are just gorgeous. I will get my share soon enough. <3
  2. Name: Illyrizaya Egg Stolen on: Dec 13, 2012 Hatched on: Dec 16, 2012 Grew up on: Dec 19, 2012 Overall Views: 10`328 Unique Views: 1`588 Clicks: 24 I have not been trying for a second one, honestly. x3 I may start again after I decide on which of these new release dragons I will be hoarding collecting.
  3. I must have ALL the CB Blacks. ALL of them, yesss.
  4. Wow, you're really quite good. ^-^ I love the cute leetle dragons you drew in that sketch dump - and your human anatomy is excellent. <3 I would love to request something from you whenever. :3
  5. Homg, Julian Smith. Definitely. Then Maru, and Roosterteeth.
  6. You're an excellent artist. ^-^ I really love the cute little sprites and the whole pieces in the links. <33
  7. That's actually really nice. o: Congrats! My CB Blacks kept breeding 2nd Gen Alts and I was getting all kinds of trades out of the waterworks for them. I think Alts really vary in value more than most dragons because some people don't care about their lineage. They just want one, so you'd get the same offer for that as you would for a messy. I've seen a handful of people who offer very nice low Gen. Metallics, specifically looking for 2nd Gen PB alt Blacks, so. They seem to be the best kind of Alts, aha! Personally.. Considering that I have a 2nd Gen. PB as well and it would be decent to have a similar mate, I'd probably trade 1-2 low Gen. Metallics for it. Hope this helped! ^-^
  8. Wow, that's really interesting! I love Tyson's chicken; your relatives on your mother's side do an excellent job, lmao. <3 On my mother's side, my relatives/ancestors have always owned farms until you go back too far and there are only Natives before America was discovered by settlers, bahaa. But they began "farms" at a very early time, and my mother grew up on one. I go there all the time to see the tons of chickens, stray cats, horses and so forth. I really love the chickens - they're all so individual. <3 Aww, lovely name. <33 One of my five parrots is actually named that! ( Cinnamon ) You've chosen great names for the two so far, methinks. ^-^
  9. That also puzzles me on how it would work, because as someone ( I don't remember your username, but definitely giving credit to you for pointing this out! D: ) said, the coding on it would be pretty complex. When trading an AP egg or gifting it to someone, what will that appear as on that other person's scroll? And if it would be transferred to take up that other person's AP egg space, that's quite a bit of filter coding involved and the decision on that ever being implemented falls solely on if TJ thinks that coding is relevant at all. In addition, indirectly, it gives people more egg space to cave hunt, yes? If I understand this correctly. . . Susie has 4 AP egg spaces, and 7 Cave spaces. She actually finds some really nice AP eggs after a day of hunting, yay! Well, she's egglocked for the AP, but now it's time for cave hunting! ; An advance on either way would make it easier for certain people; no way around that I'm afraid. D: Oh, and I almost forgot. Susie has 7 free Cave egg spaces, so she doesn't have to take the responsibility of accepting the consequences of deciding the AP over the Cave because they're separate, so the game is now becoming a little too easy for her. It really doesn't challenge her judgement as well anymore, and if Jake and Duke and the rest of the gang all do the same thing, the cave will slowly deteriorate because they have sooo many egg spaces left to hunt in the cave solely. AP hunting doesn't affect them anymore. We might as well have given them 11 egg spaces. D: Ratios change faster and more rapidly in each cave sitting, and then.. most of our dragons are extinct, homg. ;-; Poor little Tangars; I don't even have one of you on my scroll, but now that you're rare I never will. .. Just my two cents about the AP thing, rofl. ; I know my scenarios are wtf, but bear with me. I'm a pretty lax person in discussions. o.o; I like presentation. ; Also, that's literally almost impossible unless the people having the aforementioned discussions have no will to think for themselves. Even if they decide not to mention it, their responses will be biased on it. What people think or decide is based on what they believe and how their moral cache is built. If a parent lets their three-year-old play in the yard alone, I'll say "I'd never do that." if you ask why, I'd say something like "because it's just wrong. D: " technically it's not, but my decision is based on how I set up thinking process. Personally, it's kind of.. hard, not to immediately think "greed" when it comes to a game that is about catching dragons, enlarging your scroll, trading for better dragons, breeding those better dragons and trading their offspring for something epic, and are people want to have more space to do that more often. ^-^; It's understandable, totally, because who doesn't want to have more good stuff? I'm just saying that this is the reason why I disagree with the changes so far being discussed. I never said anyone was wrong for what they want. Now, if DC wasn't in realtime, and members didn't even share the same cave lineup, I would be all for extra spaces! I wouldn't have to think about anyone else because they see totally different eggs than me and no one could ever pick their eggs up. But it's not, so I'm thinking about everyone else and the state of the cave.
  10. This is pretty much the main reason that I have to disagree with all suggestions about the egg limits. Personally I think seven is plenty just like I currently think that six is plenty; which is the number that I'm dealing with now. If people are not regulated, the thing they are doing becomes less "authentic." It's a mental thing, that when something has guidelines and rules, it becomes enriched by them. More on a blunt easily understood scenario, the one from Fsaber, people would totally ruin the game for themselves, lmao! I don't think they'd wind up going to the doctor though rofl, but with all those eggs, they would get fed up with DC. An endless conquest would make them see that the game was redundant, endless. This way, with limits, we're apparently not content. We wanted that Trihorn in the Alpine to be our 8th egg! But we don't have enough space! What do we do? Argh, we'll have to make sure that all of our eggs are taken care of sooo well that they hatch right on the 3rd day! Then go back and get that Trihorn.. and, of course, fill those other six egg spots as well while we're there. I'm really only addressing the idea of extended spaces. The "no egg limit" that's been requested somewhere in this thread is.. roflmaooo. Not going to get into that, but the second phrase that I quoted in this post is what I think of that. So. o.o; I notice, of course, that the majority of people agreeing with this suggestion or making their own limit increase ideas are people with a LOT of dragons. It's understandable, because it will benefit them to hoard and hoard armies of dragons, but what about the bronze or no trophy members? Or the members who aren't as fast as you guys at catching, so they forever fail at catching eggs while you guys are out there, hunting the cave to death and destroying the ratios? I recognize %89 of the users posting in here, so you know who you are and who I'm referring to, ROFL. Regulation keeps us interested, and gives other people a chance to get nice eggs too. Because when you guys are egglocked, someone with shoddy internet or slow reflexes will go to the cave, pick up a CB Ice and be proud of themselves.
  11. I agree! That would totally work, trust me. I'm sure that in about three and a half months, I'll cry violently and lose my lunch when I see ANOTHER CB Gold or Silver, ugh! *faaail, but I had to tag along - this made me laugh* I know at least four people personally that were trying multiple ND experiments on their scrolls so it's most likely a mixture of failed ones and the like. Personally I'm not seeing any more dead eggs than usual, and since there is even an "official" ND experiment thread on here, people are always trying it.
  12. Gah, I was just thinking the same thing. 40 degrees down here. In the south! D:
  13. I find French to be a beautiful language. Currently, I speak English, German, ( My sister-in-law is German. Free classes! we both teach each other our native language. ) I understand Japanese, speak moderate French, and I have next on my list, Spanish.
  14. Momo


    I currently own a very sleek, shineh black Egyptian Mau. My eldest brother's best friend had called and said that one of his mother's cat had kittens. I was offered one out of the blue, and I'm soo glad I said yes. That woman is a very good feline breeder, so I was really surprised that she would offer such an expensive cat breed for no charge. They are one of my favorite breeds, because you really have to revere that raw power and special modification in their anatomy. All that extra skin around their legs allows them to sprint that much wider, and they've been clocked at 30+ miles an hour. Luckily mine is currently a house cat; I'd never be able to catch him! Personality-wise.. Prince does what Prince wants. He's the Prince of Egypt for all he knows, but I never spoiled him. He managed to spoil himself. >-> I can easily tell him no or growl just under my breath and he will stop immediately, but you've got to be quick to stop him from doing something before he does it. ; When I was much younger I had a white Persian male, and I grew up with him. As he got older, being around children, namely my new siblings was too much for him. As well, my father hates cats, and used to actually bully Sterling around. >: Eventually he ran away and never came back.. Almost 2 decades later, he is pretty much the same about cats, but he's pretty much fallen in love with Prince so all is well, bahaa.
  15. I've been in a university since my late 16s. I went this early because I was granted TOPS and another ( forget the name ) scholarship after scoring a 26 on the ACT. Having been homeschooled my whole life until then, the new, massive environment was where the most stress was coming from certainly, bahaa. By now, I absolutely love it. I'm a Marine Biology major, minoring in English. I'll most likely be going for a Master's, so it's good that I'm comfortable with the university I'm in now. It has its ups and downs, college life, but when it comes to getting all of that knowledge.. it is sooo satisfying at the end of each semester, definitely. Good luck to everyone who's headed to college! ^-^
  16. Momo


    Yes, I definitely agree. When you hash it out as simple as this, it makes sense that the main issue is education. Maybe they're just 'fff' about explaining the "birds and the bees" to younger people or people in general, but they can either be uncomfortable and do it correctly, or be uncomfortable, skimp on stuff, and worry about abortion rates rising. I do think we need to start with the people who are currently alive; making sure they understand everything that there is to know in every step of both parenting and abortion, not simply going to the deep and saying "oh well let's make abortion illegal! It's %100 foolproof!" and it's not even, lmao, because we still have things like the blackmarket, trafficking, etc. I was in Economics the other day, and apparently if the blackmarket was actually stopped, our (the American) economy would just.. well, it would NOT be good. It's somewhat offtopic, but just to paint the theme that here, things being made illegal is never the end of them. I know a lot of pro-life people ( and we never bicker about this issue. We're all very lax and understanding of both sides, but merely believe in our own side ) and the reason most of them are pro-life is because they're imagining the.. stereotypical scenario: Girl has a boyfriend. Girl gets pregnant because there was no protection involved. Girl doesn't want the child because it wasn't intentional. Girl goes out and gets an abortion. Now, that does happen, but that's not the whole count of abortion procedures. In addition, some of them that I know are pro-life because of religion. Once, a priest said to me: I felt kind of.. meh about that, but to suddenly go "Oh yeah you're totally right, man. I'm pro-life. IN THAT CASE." would be very wrong, because instead of thinking on the rights of all women, I would suddenly have to veer off course and believe that she had no rights of her own to make that decision in his scenario. I'm in family of 8 siblings. Half are older than me, half are younger than me. We're all aged in increments of two years. I practically had to raise the younger half, ( parents work all day ) but I keep an eye on the older half because though they're academically excellent, they don't always think on serious levels. They like to be everything but serious. >-> If you want to hear about what it's like to raise children, oooooomg. And I only raised them about.. %89 of the time. I can tell you a very close total of how much it cost just in their diaper years, and how much more it costs now with the ( American ) economy. This is the kind of stuff sex education classes should be teaching in addition.
  17. I love "going back and checking" up on offspring of my dragons. Since I breed them all somewhat regularly, there are quite a few. Here are only some of them. Basche Damascus' descending generation is named after him in a collaboration of his and his mate's name. The 8th gen. carries on the flow, adding in the 7th gen's. name as well. Drinks, anyone? I got the white and black stripes in a trade - I wasn't too enthusiastic about them having, well.. lineages, but once I saw how alike they were, I knew they needed to be paired up. I named them in relation to their parents. And another! PB White. I was really impressed with this one. The owner not only has the last name as a mix of the parents, but they named as according to code as I had done with the female. Also PB White. Tokyo! PB White. Hellfire Wyvern. I love looking through my Trihorns because I breed them all frequently and one-way link them all the time. PB Trihorn. Strahl II. I still love this one the most of the Trihorns. Can't be any clearer on being named after the parent. x3 2nd Gen. Thunder. My best friend and I name our dragons after each other's all the time when they have last names since we gift to each other all the time. This is the latest one. Nebula. Golden Wyvern. Both parents' first names. A nice little remix to the mother's name.
  18. Momo


    If everyone went by that, the world would be.. well, it will never be that way, so. Abortion is a very "touch and go" subject with me. I'm very modern/empathetic with it, despite being Christian which dictates it should illegal. I disagree. I actually know a mother who has a 9-year old. She got her "period" about two weeks ago. It runs in that woman's family, early maturity, and obviously being impregnated at those young ages would kill that girl. Nothing is black and white. We can say "oh if it's illegal, don't do it! gotta obey the laws." but we naturally have to take into account all the gray areas. Was the sex consensual? Is she healthy enough to bear - mentally and or physically? ( being mentally unprepared can also kill the baby as well. I know women who, because of pressure, kept their children, and wound up neglecting/smothering them in their sleep because they kept crying. ) Can she support a child right now? Humans are very social creatures by design, so it's only natural to look at a homeless child or a woman/girl who literally has to have an abortion and feel empathy and understand the situation. That's why I don't think abortion should be illegal. Ironically, it may still cost lives as if it were legal. Mothering instinct is real, but despite what some people believe, it is not INSTANT. Women are not driven solely by instinct. If they can't have a child without being killed by labor, or that child was "forcefully given to them," they're going to make a decision. I'm reading between the lines of making abortion illegal, and I see "it's killing babies, so it should be illegal no matter the reason - if it's good or bad. Women automatically have mother instinct so no matter when they have a child, they'll raise it naturally without a hitch." As well, I know some people are reading this thread and are like.. listless to the whole issue because it will never effect them, but I'm sure if they had a daughter who became pregnant and needed an abortion, or had a friend that was raped and became pregnant, they'd really be moved. Hypothetical situations can easily be ignored. Here it is legal, but some "areas" of this country have banned it. In America however, for everything that has been widely banned, there are people who still do those things from the eyes of the authority, so if abortion is ever completely banned here, there will still be doctors performing it. The government here is run by a majority of people who will never experience what it is like to need an abortion, so I can't at all say I will tell people to follow the law on it being illegal. Laws are black and white. Human issues are not.
  19. I did notice this when I was in there the other day, though I didn't know it was a specific change that made it this way. Now it's orderly like a grocery store - I love it! x3
  20. Perhaps it was to intentionally "gift" it to someone anonymously, or they've already had their fill of them? I think I would do something like that if I had more than enough for myself. x3
  21. Bahaa, I noticed that a while ago as well! I couldn't seem to locate the "this hatchling will die if it doesn't grow up in..." so I figured they were frozen.
  22. That's very true. I think people would otherwise be like.. upset that there were new releases that didn't even have a news post to them, complaining about how they're on the forum more than the cave and need a punctual news post in order to hunt instantly. So unfortunately I can't see much a way around how it currently is. He's the one who releases the dragons and posts the news about it. The release might be doable as "automatic," as a calendar event sort of thing, but the news post.. I think not. o.o; 12:00am is a very neutral time for me. I'm neither wide awake or the least bit tired. I'm always awake at that time; whether on DC or not. I was there for the very first drop and those afterwards, actually. Imagine my surprise, lmaoo.
  23. These guys are quite tough to get, wow. o.o I forcibly egg-locked myself so that the tension won't drive me nuts. I'll hunt for a 4th at 4:00am, when my GW hatches. Good luck, everyone! n_n