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    Yeah, I.. really cannot add anything more to this. Just. I agree. It definitely would. A very agitating truth, but truth all the same.
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    What if someone simply cannot afford such a procedure? What then? The world is vast enough to have women who simply cannot have that as an option, you know. If the fetus was independent the moment it was spawned.. I'd agree with you there. It would have the same rights as me, because it's not feeding off my nutrients, putting a strain on my health and just making me feel like overall because my body is going insane and my emotions are all over the place. I'm scaring away my best friends and upsetting my always-supportive family by being difficult. Not to mention the sudden amount of weight than puts strain on joints and the pain and all that. Some people talk it up, some people talk it down, but when it comes to it, most of my colleagues have had at least one child, and they say it's complete to go through. If I ever have children, it will be very late, and it may even be when I'm not biologically able to have them myself. I will adopt because I have no problem with that - I actually prefer it - but if I do wind up with a child that I did not want before I am ready, I am aborting it, sorry.
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    Um, yes. Thank you so much for that. I have been trying to find just the right way to explain how I feel about this "extremist" comments or people that I come across, and that is exactly it. Thank you, Kagesora. Most of the time, don't get me wrong, I come across some very rational pro-lifers with very well-kept arguments. By the end of our debate, we're onto something new, conversing like good friends. Some, however, I find it ironic that they would call themselves pro-lifers, the key word life, when the woman's own life is at stake. Birth can kill her. She was raped and the emotional toll kills her inside. She abuses that child and by legal standards actually does murder it. She kills herself. someone dies. As for me, I am my own person. Women are not tools that, once pregnant, instantly get the privilege to raise a child they may not have wanted, yay! We don't follow the patterns of most animals that the female is overtaken and sired. We have a choice. Being selfish is not good, but in some, very serious cases, that, you know, decide pretty much the rest of our lives, it's time to be selfish. Being selfish towards your own body, um yes. What Derranged pointed out about the rape concept is VERY disturbing, but mainly because it's so true.
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    There are so many posts here that I just love, really, most of them from people that are notorious for writing up burning posts. I agree with Zovesta's point in that "I'd rather have one happier woman than two miserable human beings." What some people see is the action itself - abortion. As a result, they either don't care about or don't see what's on the other side. The mother that simply did not want to be pregnant; she now has a child that she did not want. I know a lot of pro-lifers that don't want to think about it, but let's be honest guys; there is a pretty good chance that child will not have a very loving environment. In the worst case, it will be abused or even die due to negligence. I knew a woman who made it a habit to leave her young child to his own whims wherever she went - upstairs, in the garden, and even in the car. She later confided that she never wanted that child. I am religious, but the whole "you're instant pro-life if you're Christian!" ideal is something that I could never get behind. I never understood how a clump of insentient cells could possibly have more privilege than the woman who, if giving birth to that child, will be the one responsible for those 9 months, that labor, and most likely those next 18 years. trying to forget about that tumblr post that Kagesora quoted about that because it just burned me up. That's a lot to commit to, especially for women who don't even have that desire to raise young. There is a lot of reasons for abortion that I know some pro-lifers don't even consider. Someone posted a very good list a good couple posts back, but yes. Of course, there are less children being born due to abortion, and no one's saying that's not sad or unfortunate. However, on a realistic level, as a result there are more being born that are in happy, loving homes. That may sound cruel, but if basically all children were unhappy or abused and the adults were joyless or broken due to their own childhoods, what would that even be? Some kind of new world torture, in my opinion. I don't have a very good relationship with my own mother. My instinct is to exist and leave a large enough ink trail for the newer generations to want to follow. So I don't really care much for the intimate interaction with family life more than my desire to continue to succeed, but when my mother mentioned that she desperately wanted a daughter that would do things with her like bake and shop and gossip, I was crushed. I essentially was not what she wanted on the personal side of things ( though she is proud of my vast amount of academic success ) and though that is on a much smaller scale than abortion, I know that if I was a child she did not want at all, I would simply rather be aborted than give her that kind of grief. For those of you who want to hide behind the "would YOU want to be aborted?" inquiry; not all of us are selfish enough to be swayed by that concept to agree that the fetus instantly deserves life no matter what that means.
  5. For the longest time, it was CB Blacks. When they were flooding madly earlier this year, I reflex clicked ( and got ) every one. Before that, I only had two CBs. I now have 24. I was actually beginning to get upset whenever I would "accidentally" click one, ff. Eventually I started giving them away. This time, it's Black Tea dragons. Luckily people are a bit faster these days and I only get 2 out of 3 but fff, I've got to stop it before I get in too deep.
  6. Banned for having something against smiles.
  7. About an 9/10. :3 I've seen you quite frequently around, and though the whole argument about it being difficult to tell by text is definitely true, there's still a little something there in the words someone chooses to express themselves. It's a pretty fascinating language if law enforcement puts their money on it.
  8. fff, that is so pretty, Vaati. o.o <33
  9. It seemed to have wanted to catch your attention, lmao!
  10. Yes. Yes it is. <3 I'm very happy for you, congrats!
  11. I think you can have two, though. o.o I have two wrapping wings, anyway. >: But yes, that is what I fear most about the exclusive holidays like Christmas, ff. refusals are just horrible, though it's unlikely for BOTH to be refused if you have two of them. o.O but lmao, I'm glad the name change helped you, LOL.
  12. I have just seen one, in the Volcano, so either they are picking up or that was just a very lucky person who caught it.
  13. That actually makes a lot of sense. ^-^ I thought that it may have been some kind of fallout of the seven breeds deal. You did state that they weren't rare at all, so I figured there had to be something messing with that. Now that I think of it, a lot of people did plan on getting a pair for each color, so that alone would be an issue right there. o.o
  14. I've seen all of the breeds many times except for the coppers. Personally, I'm not nearly as upset as some people are about it - even if I couldn't find any of the new release breeds. This is pretty creepy now, because I was juuust talking to one of my best friends about this late last night - over the top events being put together, but there still being people ranting about it despite all the work the staff put into it. I'm not saying it's not okay to be super upset about a breed(s) being elusive, but it's DC. Golds are elusive, Silvers are elusive, Trihorns who are supposedly only "uncommon" are elusive.. it's just the name of the game unfortunately. >: It's gotta keep you hooked somehow, I suppose. D: Blaming it on people who have time to just sit around doesn't solve the problem nor is it the issue. It's probably for a good reason, but I just can't see myself complaining about an event that was only there to mark lovely DC's birthday when it could have been a typical day. We were bothering TJ for more releases, and now we got our medicine. I'm currently on break from college and I can tell you that being on for hours in a day? That's not helping me find coppers. ;__; they're just not there. I guess they don't have to be rare to be super hard to find. Like the Blusangs, argh. You know it's bad when you can get a CB Gold with an "uncommon" dragon. I've been hunting everything except the Volcanic breeds, and I've not seen a Copper yet. It's quite strange, because usually you'd see a few before they set in, but. o.o I do think this thread could be very beneficial if only to find out how many people have or have not seen Coppers - it would be good to gauge just how slippery these little guys are. I might have seen one the day after the release ended, but I thought it was a Bloodscale and thought nothing more of it, lmao! *epic fail* Since i've been seeing all the breeds except this one, I think it's just the Coppers being rarer than we think, but.. somehow not rare? I've noticed that there are different stages of being uncommon/rare, anyway. I wonder if that's a real thing implemented in releases/breeds.
  15. I would definitely love multiple fogging choice, seriously. I had 18 things to fog, the max for silver trophies, and I almost didn't want to fog all of them, but with all of the viewbombers around, I knew it was not up for debate. Just a simple set of check boxes to fog multiple things at a time would do it for me.
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    Swipe A Dragon!

    * Swipes sweet tinsel package. ;D *
  17. I cannot believe this. After clicking many eggs, I only got one, ( for a total of two ) but closing the pages showed that I actually grabbed three different ones BUT apparently I am locked. o.o They were all overburdened messages except for that one. Though, I'm not overburdened on eggs. Hatchies. My love for them has finally caught up to me, lmao! this has not happened since I was a newer member and snagged all the AP hatchlings. D this is brilliant, I'm not even upset at all. I'll just sit back and watch all my babies grow. <3
  18. Something tells me these have something to do with clams/something of the like. Someone mentioned to me that they may be ungendered/unbreedables, and in nature clams can change sex, but.. that would not work on DC obviously, lmao! so hrm. Like some people have already said; these eggs look extremely familiar to me.. I'm waiting to get mine because I'm feeling a little lax this early morning. x3
  19. Try the coast. :3 Considering I have one, I'm certain they are there. probably in the forest too, but meh. x3
  20. Perhaps the forest and then jungle? the only two without a separate release, I believe? well, and the alpine. o.o Imo, it's getting a little too hyper for unique releases right now. I have a feeling the last one, at least, will end the event with a bang.
  21. Well, I cannot really say what I think about their rarity. After all, there was severe speculation about the trihorns in particular ( the whole biome switch made it easy to remember the hype ) being common, and.. well, surely they are not. x.x *feels incomplete at this* So despite the drops mixing right after the very first one on this release, I don't think they are rare, but I do not think they are not. All I know is there are three alts, fff. As well, after this wild event consisting of so many different dragons.. I doubt anyone will be bothering TJ about making releases more frequent. We'll be chasing these down for so long that some people may even forget about the 1st Sunday releases! I'm actually not looking forward to that, LMAO. I need time to calm down. o.o
  22. My browser doesn't lag for me. o.o Like, at all. I'm sorry for those who have the lag as an issue as well as the number of people about. >:
  23. Yay, I has a blue one now. ^-^ This release is easier than the others in my opinion because yes, everyone is spread out so evenly right now. o.o I'm currently egglocked so I'm going to wait until my 3rd day eggs hatch. Until then, it's time to iron my hair, lest my kitten consider it a suitable nest to roost in. >->
  24. I got stuck with two browns and I won't be able to gift the second until 6 hours, fff. This fails. D; Well, I still have one more space - well, until my day 3 eggs hatch in two or three hours.
  25. I have a brownish one, bahaa. If I wind up with duplicate colors, I will most likely gift, yush.