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  1. I'll get the others whenever I feel like I've hoarded enough coastals.

    I hunt like a boss, so it won't be long before I have many of both. x3


    I just can't get over these coastals, gah. So shiny.. so.. blue.


    I DO also love how detailed and elaborate the others look. I'm predicting a very bamf adult!

  2. ohmysdfhasfhahfg


    This blue hatchie.<3 Want.<3 That chirpy thing is cute as well.

    Since I'm feeling better and back on my -better- comp, I'll try to catch something.

    I locked myself with the blue ones. Totally content. ;___;


    I'll consider getting the others after I finish hoarding the coastal beauties.

  3. The 'moist' eggs look so familiar. The hatchlings. ITS KILLING ME!! I know the blue hatchlings from somewhere!!

    I even KNOW who the artist is, but I can't.. place the name, ff.

    I'd know exactly who it was the moment I saw their signature and avatar, though.


    EDIT: THANK YOU, Mondat! That's the person!

  4. The coastal breed looks EXTREMELY familiar, but I don't remember the artist name ( right on the tip of my tongue, gah! But they did a brilliant job ) or the name, but I think it was "coastal" something..

  5. Thought I'd drop off these random two from my Facebook! Featuring only two of many pets.


    Lutino Cockatiel! Her name is Angel. I just call her Girl. <3

    She knows that she's such a cutie. Her personality is just flawless, hnng.



    My sweet baby. ;n; Guess whose 2nd birthday is in less than a week!

    He was being very neurotic, so I was holding him for the camera. It's a very big, professional camera ( with the monster lens ) so he was probably hating that all up in his face.

    I am absolutely not hurting my baby, lmao! A massive percentage of his 11lbs is actually muscle, by proper Egyptian Mau standard, so he barely gets bothered by me handling him. Just putting your hand on him, you can feel all that handsome muscle. <3


    A lot of people are used to seeing brighter colors of Maus, but if you look up the rare, less liked ( due to it being not accepted in cat shows, which is why the breeder just gave him to me ) black variation, they look exactly like my Prince here. You can also faintly see his spots and stripes/the scarab on his head ( in person! The lighting is too bad in this image. >: ) and he has his unique skin flaps/long-stretching legs like he should!


    /end cat breed facts

  6. I remember reading about a case where a group of animal rights activists broke into a lab, and not only released all the lab animals, but destroyed all the lab notes and test results that were already completed. So, not only did they make the sacrifices of the previously tested animals pointless, they probably caused the experimentation of even more animals to get back all the data that was destroyed.

    Of course they caused more animals to be tested on. xd.png That's how it works.

    That was a pretty idiotic choice. They give activists - any type, really - a bad name in society. This is why they are not taken as seriously as they could or should be, because those of fame are typically acting without logic.

  7. In my field, there is a LOT of product/vaccination/etc. testing in my future.

    My step-brother helps run a very large research company in Indiana, and has promised me a place there ( or at least an all-expense paid visit and tryout! ) as one of the researchers and testers.


    I do not like animal testing. at all.

    But as with anything, if people can give us, scientists, some good alternatives, I'd LOVE to hear it. Good, reasonable alternatives.

    Despite the fact that something is "bad," we have to be realistic and I know a lot of people hate doing that, but when it comes to this, there are usually two groups. The scientists who actually know the gravity of what's going on, and then the people who only know half of it/therefore just assume that we can go "poof! no more Cancer!" or "we instantly stopped animal testing around the world - yeah!" when neither of those things are easy. At all. Politics come into play as well - that is, even if America bans animal testing, Russia's policies may stand and, naturally, continue the usual order of business.


    Politics and culture play a massive part. In most countries, animals are considered "sublevel life," for lack of a better term. As a result, a lot of higher-ups don't FEEL like it's wrong to use them for testing.


    And as a result, scientist hands are tied. We're using the window that we have, and even then, we ALSO have to use the window that our BOSSES give us.


  8. It's... possible for humans to be healthy without meats, but easier with moderate meats :3


    I want some duck right now so much you don't even know guys. Ducks are so tasty I can't.

    Ah, certainly it is.

    My point is that it is not by design and thus, as you said, not easy. For some people it's a lot harder to keep up without some problems/intense weight loss or, at least, feeling like they somehow had more energy when they had meat in their diet.


    Duck is so good, ff. You're making me hungry and it's almost midnight, lmao! If I eat anything it'll likely screw with the harmony of my metabolism and stomach. The torture. ;_;

  9. The publicity of being a vegetarian/vegan is often just that - publicity.

    It isn't all roses and daisies. In the BEST CASE scenario, they are healthy/feel no lag or decrease in energy and drive, and can survive on it very well.

    In less positive cases, and I have known these people personally, they got to a point where they were drastically losing weight and energy and needed manually-given nutrition through tubes and such. They let it constantly go on, unwilling to turn back to or even get a little meat in their diet, and lack of action caused that.

  10. Two cents time!




    I believe in the natural order of things - the design of life.

    Animals, in their instinct, understand how the rules work - eat or be eaten, watch your back, stick in groups; etc, etc.

    In that, I feel a little eh about the fact that animals are raised to be slaughtered ( mixed signals and such - it's essentially collecting life in a pen and killing at will rather than giving a fair fight during hunting ) but as for eating meat; I have no problem with it.

    Humans are omnivores by design. While there are alternatives to get the life energy that we need, some 1/2+ of our teeth are for tearing, not chewing. Definitely predators by design.

    Predators in the animal kingdom also eat meat naturally - there isn't any hate or ill will when they kill another animal. It's because they have to. It's time to eat.


    As a result, just like that, I have no particular disdain or desire to eat meat. I just do.


    However, I'm not sold on it. I likely couldn't completely cut it out of my diet, but I DO primarily eat seafood/shellfish/pasta ( or all in the same dish! sooo goood ) which brings up another question: what do you consider "meat?" What do you consider "animals we shouldn't eat?"


    To those who dislike the concept; are you biased to only mammal food sources, or do you also dislike the consuming of fish, shellfish and so forth?




    I don't know how well that kind of discrimination would support the theory in an official debate, so I thought I'd ask. :3

  11. My 2nd Gen. Silver Shimmer has arrived! Fogged, but all mine still! x3

    I'm really pleased to have gotten it for a 2nd Gen. Black alt ( my CB Blacks LOVE alting ) but I will definitely be sending her more alts - it's only fair!

  12. You misspelled "Gilligan" in the topic title. :3


    But yes. I have been known about this show, lmao! It recently started showing on TVLand, which is where I assume you discovered it.


    For me, it's excellent "white noise." I can study/draw while this show is on, unlike others which either make me feel bored, or compelled to actually see the whole show through. XD

  13. cold!! to cold for being down in Louisiana!!

    Thank you!

    Everything is frozen in my city. The roads are all closed and if you want to go anywhere, you can expect to be stopped by police. If it's an emergency, they'll escort you, but no one's allowed on the streets.

    I've barely been on-campus/had classes this semester. >:

  14. MOAR W.I.P.


    Quick 30-minute sketch I made at school. I like it enough so I'll Ink and colour it.

    user posted image

    The characters are from a story aimed at children that I'm planning on illustrating once I deem myself decent enough.



    W.I.P. of the first part of my 3-piece series "Hello World" which is basic html coding taken literally. (Pure ink, probably an hour+)


    I would definitely read both of these!

    Especially the children's illustration book, lmao!

    The characters already seem very unique and likely to stick with anyone both young and old!

    Keep up the excellent work. ^-^

  15. Oh my, I love the shepherd punk style! biggrin.gif Just got an idea of his personality. A nerd gamer? Cool!

    I'm excited to see all your project done. smile.gif

    Let me guess the breeds again: a Saluki and a Doberman, maybe?


    Also, when you finish LegendOfKorraFan's request and have time, could I request something? I had some ideas.

    Lmao, yes! I wouldn't say nerd, but "hardcore gamer," perhaps. He's the kind of gamer you don't want to play with when he's losing and he has his mic on. xd.png

    Thank you~ <3

    Yes! Exactly! Saluki and Doberman~


    It depends on how busy I'll be overall on when I'll be able to do something for you. :3 The reason I'm not officially doing requests is because I don't want people to expect a quick reply/quick finished piece or even a guaranteed art piece. I should be able to get to you soon, though, considering that out of 200 Biology homework questions ( and we've only done two classes this semester ) I got only 10 wrong/partially wrong, so. x3 Feeling pretty good about my study methods!

  16. It is extremely unlikely we'd manage to pull off something which would alter the moon's trajectory enough for it to affect anything. Even less possible it is for us to affect gravity.  wink.gif

    Ah! Thank you, Shienvien~ :3

    As far as me being on board with the colonization of the moon, I'm at like, 85%.

    There's a superstitious 15% of me ( probably credited to my native ties ) that thinks we should just not mess with such an incredible, often symbolic, force of life.

    Though I can easily recognize what is realistic and not, even in myself, so I think that working with the moon would be an excellent experience for us all and open many more doors!