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Proud owner of a 2013 2nd Gen Silver Shimmer! Currently Bloodswapping for 3rd Gen. Shimmers of 2014 prizes!Thanks for all the trades, guys!You made this happen!Momo has arts?!hUyPm8.png Momoness.pngDirect Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Momoness

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    *NOTE: If your dragons' offspring is unnamed on my scroll, don't fret! It just means I haven't found a name that sticks for them yet - but they WILL be named!

    Current IOUs note:

    Iya Kin:
    Two 4th Gen. Shimmers.
    Diza V x Purple. Karamelglasur x Whiptail

    4 CB Opals ( 2 Blue, [s]2 Green.[/s] ) Gendered for pairing.
    2 CB Fleshscrownes. Gendered for pairing.
    [s]CB Male Duotone.[/s]

    Storm Dragoon:
    5th Gen. Bronze Shimmer x Reds.

    4th Gen Shimmer. Bronze x Tans.

    2nd Gen. Silver from Magi father.

    { 2/2 2nd Gen. Magmas }
    { 1/2 2nd Gen. Thunders }
    { 1/2 2nd Gen. Ice }


    People to repay for their kindness:

    :. Fainewebbe: For my lovely 2nd Gen. Gold.
    :. Lagie: For the two, very useful, 2nd Gen. Magis.
    :. Fuzzbucket: For the awesome Silver and CB Tangars.
    :. AngelicDragonPuppy: For the lovely 2nd Gen. Thunder.
    :. LovingTheFluff: For the beloved CB Tsunami Christmas gift.
    :. xenryusho: For assisting my Black Cap hunt.
    :. Pestilence420: For my first Shimmer - a gold, too!