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  1. Why don't children like house/dubstep music. ..:I
  2. Panem. Although it's more of a country but. ..x:
  3. I only have one BBW [here] but I'd like to join (:
  4. A Nintendo Lite. ..Seriously, it's only $75 for a new one but my mom says no because she doesn't believe in letting me play games. Also more MLPs. blaarrgh.
  5. Billy the Kid, MapleStory and knifethrowing. c:
  6. My father lives on the other side of the world. My mom believes that if I get hold of a gaming console, I'll fail at life. ..):
  7. Fluent English. I have these times where suddenly everything I know about Chinese comes out and I speak it fluently, but other times all I know how to say is hi. I also take Spanish in school but I am far from fluent. u_u
  8. Aw, I love Mousefur. She was ancient though. Let's see. My name came from MapleStory, where I had a friend with the name LoveCosmic. Stole the Cosmic part ;3; My scroll name, glitterleaf, came from when I was around six ish, and a leaf flew in my room through my window and landed on a can of glitter.
  9. I'm really scared of mazes and bugs. Ack. :c Also being poked/stabbed in the eye, crook of arm, collarbone or wrist. And hedges. Especially if they're the spiny, five foot tall hedges that prevent me from doing anything. ):<
  10. Does anyone know what "Themida" is? Because whenever I attempt to open a game I play, it comes up with a Themida error. It informs me that this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine, but I'm not using a vm so I don't know what the deal is. ): Also, how in the world does toner work (for hair)? There wasn't a clear set of instructions on the tub. Upon a lazy session of Googling, I've only gathered that it washes out orange/yellow undertones out of bleached hair (which I already knew), but how do you apply it and for how long and do you leave it in to dry or wash it out? D: Thanks to anyone who can answer either of those problems c: