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nDexJo0.pngnIjMkAk.pngplease call me sae! - scroll - wishlist in profile - i take IOUshappy to breed on request - PM me to ask about a trade or for anything else!25k56cl.gif


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    hello! i've been playing dragon cave off and on since '08. i live with my partner of six years (who also plays here; his scroll is piconeko) and our black cat, sophie.

    i breed on request, usually for free. if there's something you'd like, just PM me!

    please forgive any strange typos in my forum posts/PMs as i often play from my phone... as well, i'm not very active on the forums at all, but if you need to get in touch with me send a PM and i should receive it!

    my favorite dragons are EMBERS!!, frostbites, pyralspites, dark myst pygmies, magelights, and lots of others :>

    ----- IOUs to me -----
    - CB Pyro Xeno hatchling from Stellaluna22 ✓
    - Red hatchling, egg/hatchling from Old Pink x Pyrope from piconeko - ✓
    - AP eggs/hatchlings (commons/uncommons) from piconeko in exchange for influencing/incubating eggs [ongoing] ✓

    ----- IOUs to others -----
    - 5 PB Stripe hatchlings to Stellaluna22 - 5/5 ✓

    ----- To Breed ------
    - For piconeko: 2nd gen PB Vine
    - Ember x Sunsong checker as a mate
    - Sunsong x Sunrise checker
    - Ember x Spirit Ward Checker
    - Frostbite x Moonstone f checker

    ----- Wishlist -----
    - CB almandines!
    - 2 CB green coppers (m/f)
    - CB xenos: 1 mageia, 2 astrapi, 3 thalassa
    - CB gemshards (red m/f preferred but eggs are fine)
    - CB embers!!!!! hatchlings preferred, but eggs are great too
    - any other releases i'm missing from the past ~two years, either CB or PB
    - 4th gen or lower shimmers (preferably stairstepped with a common/uncommon)
    - 2nd gen holidays i'm missing
    - always looking for more reds and pinks and purples! lineage doesn't matter
    - pretty lineages of any kind :)
    - CB/low gen metals are a dream but you never know ;p

    i'll happily breed anything off my scroll for any of these. please send me a PM if you'd like to trade. i'm also happy to breed on request! most things i'll gift freely, so don't hesitate to ask.

    ----- a note on trades -----
    i do decline offers i'm not interested in, please don't take offense to it! :x