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  1. the person above me is stating som one is stating the obvious and they are stating the obvvious
  2. banned for blaming me beggining this blame agrument
  3. banned for blaming anyone ogf anything in any forum
  4. umm not all of us are... i'm on dragon cave
  5. Telia Kuran Kiryu did not like this but still sat there quietly and then she had enough, she picked up the vampire hatchie,gave it back to it's owner Flower owl and then she ran back towards the trees but she ran into a tree and was knocked out. she had a dream and in it she felt as though another dragon was watching her and then the dragon spoke it said it's name was Hellfire Torchwell this dream must mean something I mean why would the dragon tell me it's name I feel like I use to know it but I guess I must be mistaken for another wild dragon I met once she fell back into a sleep again this time the dream was different the dragon had showed up and she could see it and the dragon spoke again saying this time about a cave and dragons getting killed by their "owner". She awoke once again but still kept her eyes shut and thought about it strange I thought I knew that dragon and I feel so sorry for it but it was only a dream, wait maybe it wasn't maybe it was a real thing inside a dream and she opened her eyes got up stretched her wings and then she jumped straight up the tree she had knocked herself out on.
  6. The female ochredrake that goes by the name Telia Kuran-Kiryu quickly growled wondering whether Flower Owl and Lunaspeeria would notice her sitting on the tent. She chuckled quietly to herself as she imagined the look on their faces when they found her sitting on the tent.
  7. YPOGEiOS sorry but most of them were funny i could have put most of your scroll on here
  8. *swipes alt black adult,gold tinsels,winter,two finned blunas,canopys,leetle tree,sunsong amphipteres.. lets just say most of them* hahaha not many now huh
  9. i totally agree with this it is a must have
  10. i'm scared of heights and clowns and i am paranoid of earwigs
  11. heights( i feel like i want to spew and i get dizzy) is my true phobia but i am paranoid of earwigs i scream when i see one *shiver*
  12. i agree the vines need a bit of a make over i like the hiding in vines murferess female vine idea
  13. isabella3

    Glomp Gifting

    wonder whether i'll get glomped hopefully i can't glomp i'm still looking for a magi dragon
  14. you know you've played too much pokemon that when you see a bird you think ho-oh's back(true story i did think THAT ONCE you know when you've played too much dragon cave every time you see a chicken egg you think i'd better take care of this pygmy dragon(don't ask how that happened to me but it happend and then i remebered it wasn't a dragon egg it was our tea)
  15. i like guys not women defintley
  16. i am strictly anti freezing ihave abandoned a water horse egg before