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  1. Meanwhile, Telia, the ochredrake that lived there, was getting ready to prank the humans but she overheard the word ghost mentioned and the fact that the younger boy had said she wouldn't come near him had made her annoyed, so she moved closer and with a mud bomb in her claws, made from leaves and mud she had collected a while back,she quickly postioned herself and threw a perfect shot hitting the younger boy named Jaxon square in the face! Telia chuckled quietly to herself and slinked back to make sure she had enough mud bombs and rotten fruit, which she bundled into a big leaf and carrried in her mouth, as she moved along following them and pondering what to throw next.

  2. Telia was annoyed that she was woken from her sleep, so she crept silently to the ground and to a nearby river, she looked around and spotted a large, rather odd looking Quartz rock.Which she decided would be perfect for carving into a shape she needed, so she trotted over and tried hauling it out it wouldn't budge so, she grabbed a vine off a nearby tree and tied it tightly around the rock then after ages of pulling she got the rock free and hauled it all the way to a tree there she used her tail and claws to carve it into the shape of a ghost girl, she then

    noticed nearby a bush with dark,black coloured berries on it she grabbed a few of those and used them to make a bit of colour for the ghost girls hair.After she was satisfied with her work, she dragged the "ghost girl" to the path and dug a hole in front of it and covered it wish a mossy layer above twigs, and waited for the human to come, then Telia scrambled up a tree and waited.

  3. Telia opens the first leaf full of fruit and throws one at the vampire hatchies owner,then she sees that they have the coolest results, she keeps grabbing them and pitching them at the people below. She runs out of fruit and decides to start the mud. Which she scoops up and very quickly throws, she chuckles quietly to herself because they look hilarious covered in mud and fruit. She runs out of mud quickly, and start to throw the rocks which attach themselves to the mud! Oh how much fun this is! She thinks. When she runs out of river stones, she slashes the vines to the same length, knots them and trips the owners over with a quick swing of the vines.

  4. Telia found the maggoty fruit tree and picked about thirty fruits from it. She put them on the ground, then went and fetched a big leaf to get some mud from the nearby river with it. She also collected a fair amount of river stones into another big leaf. Then she hauled the prank stuff up in the trees and bound it with strong vines for transport. Now fully loaded with her prank stuff she made her way back to the tree near the collapsed tent and waited for the head jumping vampire hatchie's owner to walk past. Telia could not wait to see the look on their faces, but she was also hoping that the little monster of a head jumping vampire hatchie wouldn't blow her cover. Boy do I hate that hatchie, the little head jumping twerp! she thought as she sat and waited.She chuckled quietly to herself, as she thought about what they would look like after the prank