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  1. innocent ever asked someone out then laughed so hard you couldn't breathe because you weren't able speak to them without messing up every single word...? even i'm guilty on my own
  2. Telia giggles "Yes, I suppose it is my speciality. I'll take the stick with the extra web and the net then I'll get the trap ready. When we spring the trap you'll need to be quick because from what I understand this guy's pretty fast. Hmm...we need some more web there's a hole right where you got caught in Jaxon. I'll go get some more could you hold this for a second? Don't let it go because if you do I'll have to restart!" Telia holds the small leaf wrapped end of a web rope out to Jaxon, "I'll be back soon. Watch out for dragons and birds, oh and the spiders were venomous but have never attacked a large dragon before so if you worry remember there's no need to."
  3. Telia laughs the sound of it vibrating the webs "don't move Jaxon dragonfire can get rid of it so i'll get you free, if you struggle the spiders come and they're not exactly small then we'll find a way to get the webs gathered..."she chirps, blowing gentle flames around Jaxon and soon he is free. "Why not get sticks place them around ten metres apart and i can use dragonfire to melt the extra, then Valerian and i can carry it? I can find another stick and wrap a whole bunch around it so we have clear ropes aswell?"Telia perks up as a spider moves closer then crouches low, making sure she's ready if it attacks.
  4. one winged dragon (in the signature i didn't see the folded wing
  5. dude im not food i do not need to be eaten alive by some starving thing
  6. dude not cool seriously that hurt only vampires bite people
  7. Well if he appears there must be a way to stop him, I mean a few invisible nets might work to snag him, especially when made of a certain spider thread which is really strong and quite sticky.If we leave bait in the middle of the net,he would probably go for it. Meaning,we could snag him and maybe he might not escape because the threads would hold him? although... his weapon is dangerous, I might be able to grab it before he can harm anyone?
  8. *pulls raw meat out of pocket and throws it at you then lights fire without asnything to light a fire with looks bored*
  9. oh hi don't ask anything about me what i did and who i am must remain secret
  10. yes there is you go into you're account and click restart how do you find a lindwurm
  11. ohdear it's dutaeutinf hi fget ib gd bufgyrb budka9hhfubd gouras (What the...??) (see how you like this one! type isabella3 is awesome because she loves vampire knight!!!!
  12. (thanks captain obvious/you're welcome liutenant sarcasm) if i was part of that qoute i 'd be liutenant sarcasm and i'm random (i may be blonde but i am smart) that saying doesn't go for half the people i know
  13. Telia pops her head up at the mention of her name, slips through the window and sits in front of everyone "i am Telia Kuran-Kiryu, i will be helping out with capturing the theiving ghost that has been raiding this tavern and taking lives of other dragons, i will need information on him like how he moves around, and what he has been taking. i'm sure it can help us create a plan to capture him, we could use the forest to our advantage, i know my way around it and can set up traps with ease as many of you know!" Telia smiles shyly and moves her wings before she begins talking again. "Well we should really figure out a plan now we can use the skills we have to lure him here the dragons should be careful while helping so none of us get hurt" at that she looks at Erastor and Valerian then around the circle "any ideas?" she chirps, looking around she glimpses something moving near the window, and spots a very small mysfytt pygmy looking through the window it flaps off and sits a few metres away lazing around without care not knowing whether any danger was nearby.
  14. deep, dark, black, forest
  15. well 9/10 i've seen you in heaps of places
  16. *Bites harder faster taking more and more * well thank you for saying so but maybe our blood is equal *bites the hardest i ever have before and continues to take more and more i drop to my knees taking you with me*
  17. *Bites harder and takes more blood let my eyes turn red* well yours is sweeter than honey
  18. *bites even harder* too bad i already have a taste for your blood
  19. *bites back so hard that you bleed* ha bite a vampire and the vampire bites back harder
  20. omg why the heck did you bite me oh wait are you a vampire???
  21. Telia just looked at Jaxon then replied to them all “my name is Telia,Telia Kuran-Kiryu, I would also be honoured to join you” she nods her head just as something catches her eye she perks her head up crouches low and sees a small rabbit. She moves quickly the frightened rabbit not having enough time to get away before her jaws close over it she takes it back and rips it in half eating only the half with the head “I was thinking, maybe we should go to this tavern you mentioned I would love to see it!?!" she tells Jaxon Erastor and Valerian, “Do you want some?” she asks Valerian
  22. Telia hears these hurtful and saddening words and moves out from behind the tree slinking up to them she drops the mud bombs and fruit at their feet then looks up at Erastor and Jaxon with tears dripping from her face.She writes "i'm sorry i didn't know" in the dirt she then adds " i was only trying to have fun i was just curious to see what peoples reactions would be, please forgive me i didn't know about the tavern or the other ghost"
  23. Telia just makes a small snorting sound and chuckles, then picks up a mud bomb and again throws it, this time hitting Erastor square in the chest. She then chuckles again but as she does she wonders about this ghost and moves a little closer not making a single sound, then she settles down slightly so she is still covered and grabs a massive, rotten, squishy fruit and throws, hitting Erastor and splattering Jaxon in the face again. She laughs out loud by accident, a beautiful bell like sound ringing off the trees then she realises her mistake grabs the big leaf with the mud balls and fruit and moves further back into the bush,before she gets caught, and watches Erastor, Jaxon and the dragon making sure they can't spot her.
  24. i love black... even though i'm green