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  1. Managed to get myself two of the purple and reds from the Volcano! quite nice looking eggs.
  2. Telia nods her head heeding the warning given before she releases her grip on the blade, "I shall not give you trouble nor shall my friend" Telia lowers her wings and puts her talons in front of her to show she will not hesitate to defend anyone. She hears a rustle and glances behind her in Tonitruas direction to check he is alright before snapping her attention back to the hooded figure. "I am Telia, may I know your name?" She glances at the blade dug into the ground and notices on the visible part how clear the stains are and how much blood has stained it. Telia almost shudders at her thoughts, By the way this cloaked figure acted towards me and Tonitrua and the blood on the blade, it makes me wonder how many poor dragons has this vile being murdered? I hope that no dragons remain at the lair of this being
  3. Before Telia speaks she swallows her fear and tries to move the blade lower, away from her chest. "Only if you put the blade on the ground." Telia rethinks quickly realising a better option "Actually, please dig it deep into the ground so I know you shall not harm me or my friend." Telia speaks her chirping voice coming out as more of a growl. "Do you swear to not harm me or the thunder hatchling?" she glances in Tonitrua's direction but as a feeling of dread sends chills to her core making her snap her attention back to the 'ghost'. Telia straightens even more so she now has to look down on the cloaked figure. Telia is truly scared and angry at the ghost for threatening her and Tonitrua, though she knows to show it could mean an end to her, Tonitrua and possibly her other friends.
  4. Telia snaps her attention towards Tontitrua and she does not like what she sees. A pang of anger and fear for her friend's life washes through her but she is quick to suppress it knowing anger won't help her rescue her friend. Silently and swiftly she moves towards the 'ghost' then in a few great strides she leaps between him and the blade and, her claws scrambling for grip for a moment, she grabs it. "You leave him alone!", Telia snaps shocked by the fierceness in her voice. Still gripping the wicked blade she spreads her wings like a shield for the friend behind her. Telia fears for her friend, she knows she is lucky to have met him and the others. She fears for own life too as she is all that stands between this monstrous being and her friend. Telia then calmed herself and lowered her wings a bit before continuing. "Please, as my friend said we were hunting birds but we did not know about the net until it fell on you.", she lies trying not to show the fear she feels.
  5. Telia was watching the "ghost" from a fork in the tree in a position she can't fall from with her talons at the ready to slice the vines. As she sees the stranger looking away from Henna Telia has a bad feeling about what could happen so she gestures to Tonitrua to slice the vines holding the trap with her. With a swift movement the trap falls and Telia hopes that it will land on the intended target. She has rarely failed to capture her targets before but this time she is genuinely worried, because she will be the one to grab the dangerous blade the apparent "ghost" carries, but if the trap fails and cannot hold the ghost then she will most likely not be able to grab the blade without being injured. She thinks of this as she watches the trap fall, its sticky weight falling silently through the air as if in slow motion, the sun glinting off the web and suddenly Telia cannot bear to watch, the tension from worrying about everyone finally settling on her shoulders. Suddenly noticing the flash of pink the hooded figure was looking at she darts down the tree and makes it to Whiny pulling the girl behind her wing to try to camouflage her. She knows the trap must have landed by now but she did not look, a strange feeling of coldness creeping up her spine as she pushes Whiny back behind a thicker bush before turning around, the feeling of dreaded coldness still pushing on her.
  6. Telia opens her eyes, then looks at the Thunder hatchling, "Tonitrua settle we're at my trap see?" Telia gestures to the web strung about to create a net, "and what scream? I'll check it out later, alright? Tonitrua? my trap needs to be fixed, first priority is catching that horror of a ghost," Telia shudders at the memory of her dream, the ghosts voice still embedded in her mind she shakes her head to clear it and begins to sing, her voice sweet and clear, it's a simple tune, a happy one, but her mind still gets dragged back to her forest, burning, flames scorching her trees, the fruit and earth, everything she used to create a prank, but she stops thinking, turning her attention to the thunder hatchling and the web recently collected hanging on the tree she grabs one end of the thick, sticky web and gets to work on her trap "Tonitrua can you please grab the other end and help place it over the hole?" She leaps up over the web and using a slim branch she sits in a convenient forked branch then lowers her end in place, she begins joining it, finishing in under a minute, after, she swiftly glides to the ground. "Well do you think we should check out everything? we might uncover the cause of the scream you heard and see if anyone or anything is trapped in the fire and if we can help it."Telia squeaks, unable to not imagine the form of a helpless dragon, scorching, unable to escape from the flames.
  7. Telia scrambles up a tree to get another stick then looks at Tonitrua, But sensing danger she tries to snap him out of his frozen state asking him what was going on and what had happened. She catches sight of the fire and scrambles down the tree, forgetting the sticky web in her clutches and for the first time since she was young she falls... as she falls she remembers the look on the hellfire's face in her nightmare and spreads her wings, but still she lands with a thud on her back then scrambles to her feet. She beats her wings and glides checking to make sure Tonitrua is following. She reaches the edge of the forest and plonks down near her trap, making sure the web doesn't get tangled while she rests. Her wings ache from the hard landing and she's out of breath "Tonitrua please be alright" she mutters to herself. " That fire was close we must warn the others! I hope they already know! what to do where to go first?" Telia panics but calms quickly, then places the web somewhere it won't get caught on anything and thinks about everything that has happened and where the fire came from, She looks at Tonitrua questioningly " What happened back there Tonitrua? why'd you freeze up like that?" she chirps then begins to pace uneasily, worried about everyone, about the forest; the place she grew up in, her home being consumed by the fire. The flames still burn behind her eyes and she stops pacing and lays her head on the ground closing her eyes.
  8. I'm not really a cosplayer but the idea is kinda interesting... A few friends do it occasionally if I remember correctly, They each have set characters from vampire knight. Some pics on the internet kind of threw me off the idea though... and besides cosplaying a vampire knight character would be kinda difficult...
  9. also i'm not sure if I have a solstice could someone check when the cave returns please?
  10. That happened to me my shimmers all but one are fogged and I have DAY glorys I have been looking for those for ages... now I have to change their names...
  11. (gathering this is for everyone...) *Grabs a huge pillow twist it into a massive pillow stomping rabbit lets it stomp everywhere before someone hits it with a pillow, then grabs a load of pillows and begins to throw at everyone* Haha everyone take that suckers!
  12. Telia is wandering around, thinking about her nightmare and all the stuff that is happening when she remembers her trap and decides to check on it. "I should go and check on my trap, make sure no little creature got caught in it while I was here, so I'll return later," she chirps quickly "if I'm not too busy with my trap of course!" At this Telia grins toothily, " Tonitrua are you coming? you can help me carry some web to patch the hole I created to free you when you got caught." Telia glances around at everyone, sings out a quick goodbye then heads towards her trap. Arriving quickly she sits down for a bit, wondering if she'll be able to collect enough web from what was left in the spider cave. " Hey Tonitrua, the web we're going to collect has to be strong enough to hold our ghost, as well as be invisible and sticky or else he'll just escape and we can't have that happen because he's dangerous, when he gets caught I'll dart in, steal the blade he carries and then well.. we deal with the matter from there" Telia looks at Tonitrua, smiles then stares off into a tree at an agile little pygmy dragon, who flutters off quickly.
  13. Now I gotta decide on secondary name for my lineage project dragons the name will be used for both Kalona and Nyx and their offspring.
  14. Yeah. That lineage is also another of my lineage's as I've mentioned they're inbred for a reason: The first being it would take ages to find enough cb's and it's a real easy way to create even gen and keep track of them all. I never give away my project dragons because of the fact they're inbred. also it kinda looks cool in a way... I was planning to add a second name to both Nyx and Kalona and the suggestions for the dragons are rather nice I never considered sunstone... hmmm well this should be fun Can't decide between Ember and Black The Ember looks strong and powerful but the blacks have good warriors in their descriptions ahhh why does this have to be so damn hard Update: Chose ember
  15. I'm starting a Lineage project and I need two cbs I want a Blue female nebula (Which is going to be named Nyx) but have no idea what to use as a mate (which is going to be named Kalona) I need a dragon that would make a good warrior, I'm thinking a Black dragon would be perfect, But still want suggestions for it. the lineage should look like this but with the new chosen dragons: This is also one of my other lineage projects as you can clearly see all non second gen dragons are going to be inbred clearly because finding enough cb's is going to get quite boring and because that way all dragons are linked
  16. I haven't got a single new Halloween egg and all the areas are empty
  17. Telia gets up and looks at Tonitrua "well, come on," she chirps, then walks towards the tavern. She walks quickly and soon arrives at the Tavern, she slips through her window and follows the sound of people and the smell of food, she trots to where her friends have gathered,looking back to check if Tonitrua is still behind her. "Hey everyone I'm back, how have you been? I found a young hatchling caught in my trap his name is Tonitrua, he's a Thunder dragon and gave my trap a pretty good shock! Tonitrua these are my friends, I'm sure they'll be glad to meet you. Oh! I should probably tell everyone about my nightmare, it was about our suspected ghost and a few dragons, one was a massive male hellfire, he looked very strong.What I can remember is being in a cave, the ghost was there and so was the hellfire, the ghost was talking to him, but I could only hear something about the ghost killing dragons and the dragon interfering in something, when the ghost walked away the hellfire looked sad as if someone he loved had died, then I was moved to another section of the cave and saw five baby dragons... killed in front of all the other dragons in the cave." At this, Telia starts crying softly, small tears running down her scaly cheeks, she lays down and curls her tail around her, unfolding her wings so that they lay by her side, she stops crying but lays there upset, wondering what it meant.
  18. Telia looks at Tonitrua, "yeah, I suppose I sort of disturbed your hunt. The tavern has great food and it'll save you having to hunt aswell," Telia spreads her wings stretching them out slowly then, retracts them again. She smiles at Tonitrua, then gets up and climbs a tree, snatching a small bird before it has time to make a sound, she then glides down gently and dumps the bird at Tonitrua's small feet "well do you think that'll be good for a bit till we get to the tavern? I mean, it is a small bird and we aren't all that far..." Telia sits down waiting for Tonitrua.
  19. I got a lot of funny codes... but I'll only list these ones Pink water horse lol( I only got it for the code) blacktip
  20. Telia looks at Tonitrua smiles and says: "Well Tonitrua, we have food back at the tavern, I'll explain what I know about the problem on the way there, come on". Telia begins explaining what she knows telling him about the ghost-like figure that has been appearing: "I really only know that he's dangerous, appears and disappears at will and has been taking things from the tavern but I've never really seen him in real life though I had a nightmare during my nap. You look terrified did you have a nightmare too?"
  21. Telia wakes up from her sleep. Her head still spinning from the nightmare, it seemed so real. Before it can invade her thoughts any longer, she hears a sizzling sound and looks over to her trap "uh oh" she chirps softly under her breath and trots over to where a small male thunder hatchling has been trapped in the sticky web. "How'd you get caught in there? Never mind I'll get you out please be careful around here you don't want to get caught again, now hold still." Telia gently breathes fire around the hatchling melting the web he's caught in once he's free she speaks rather quickly "So what's your name? I'm Telia, I live in these woods. Sorry about my trap but we have a problem so it's necessary." Telia then remembers her nightmare and decides to head back to the tavern to tell the others, "Do you want to come or stay here and explore?" She asks the little thunder hatchling tilting her head slightly.
  22. wljfiemcn wolves love jingleberry fishes in enigmatic mountain climbers newt??? lvjbqergb