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  1. 12tpt When I look at this one I always read twelve points, haha. bOYEa I should have known it was going to mature male from that right there.
  2. I think it's also for Xbox, but I'm not certain. I had a lot of troubling installing it on the computer, so I know what you mean. Is there something wrong with your copy? I think the mods for the computer version make up for any problems you encounter. I agree, they are so slow that it can take literally thirty minutes to get from destination to destination, but everything feels so much more rewarding because of that. So it's not so bad~
  3. Don't think my mother tongue is any mystery, haha. I was supposed to learn French - it never stuck, though I can make accurate guesswork at the words.. on packaging. I've been fascinated with Latin for a long time and I wanted to learn it, but I don't think my memory agrees with me. For other languages I can actually understand, I can understand (some, it varies) Japanese when I hear it, but I can speak very little. There's a teach yourself Korean book I must get back to reading so I can add that to my list! I'd love to try and self-teach with actual dedication and make progress.
  4. You know you've played a Resident Evil game too long when you're watching a cooking show and they mention a herb, and you immediately wonder how much health it would restore.
  5. Skyrim, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, AION. There's always the chance for more...
  6. If you enjoyed Skyrim I can seriously recommend Oblivion: Game of the Year edition, or the Anniversary edition. Morrowind is also well worth the time if you don't mind visually older games, it still has a lot to offer and I'd rate it just as highly as its successors.