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  1. I'm breaking up the journey into at least two posts, if that's not a problem. Mostly to give others a chance to respond. I've always guessed that the Tribe is east of the lake, but let me know if I'm wrong, and I'll edit the post.
  2. Feather nodded and murmured "Thanks" to Carnarl before gesturing for the villagers to pick up their things and follow. Then she turned and started out of the forest at a slow jog. Natives of the forest as they were, they should be able to follow her here. Once they cleared the tree line, Feather paused, as much to give the villagers a short break as to scan the horizon and get her bearings. In the far distance she could see the peak of the volcano. In the nearer distance, she saw a large bird's head poke up from the grass, but disregarded it for the moment. Feather turned back to the Tribal group, and decided that they looked up to further travel. So she gestured them to follow her further and started off towards the west. They would pass by the lake's plain before breaking once more into the jungle.
  3. Feather intended to wait patiently and impassively, but that got rather boring. There was only so much interest she could find in watching others pack their belongings, sorting through what was fire-damaged beyond repair. And she rather thought that playing one of her little pranks probably wouldn't go over so well with Carnarl. So she leaned back against a convenient tree and started throwing her little hatchet in little spins through the air, then catching it. Eventually, she stopped when she noticed that the flying weapon was distracting the villagers and slowing them down even more. Feather sighed and cleaned the blade before putting it away. She knew she was fidgeting, but she couldn't help it. She was a bird, and a bird-of-prey at that. She didn't like to wait for others. She would much rather be stretching her wings. But she had made a promise, and she was by the Island going to make good on that promise. It was Mother's way, and Feather tried to remember and honor her mother in any way she could. Otherwise, she might be forgotten.
  4. Well, this might be interesting. Feather's going to have to lead the Tribe close to the volcano to get to the caves from land-side. At some point I was going to have them cross a bit of open space (and introduce Beata), but it sounds like they're not going to like it. At all.
  5. Oops. Forgot her mark. I'll edit my post above. Sorry.
  6. I posted. Feather was quietly watching the lake scene, but then she got bored and went to check on the Tribe. My second character. Do you like her? Username: Ramoth Character Name: Beata (Bay-ta) Age: 56 Sex: Female Personality: Beata is generally kind and steady, but rather diffident and aloof. She has no particular need of company, and typically stays in her animal form, which virtually no one can seriously threaten. Provided that they don't startle her, smaller shifters and animals can approach and gambol about her, secure in the fact that predators won't dare attack her. So they're safe as long as they don't get under her feet or in the way of her horns. However, she does have a very . . . violent startle response, which generally results in the offender getting impaled. Animal Form: This Black Rhino stands roughly six feet at the shoulder and is twelve feet long. The front horn measures two feet long, while the rear horn is ten inches in length. She weighs about 2400 pounds. Description: Despite the great size and African origin of her animal-form, Beata's human shape is pale skinned and quite petite. She barely breaks 4'8" and doesn't weigh much more than 100 pounds. Her age only shows in the crow's feet about her gentle green eyes and in the hints of silver in her otherwise blazing red hair. She doesn't carry any weapons, and keeps various stashes of cloth around the island that she can fashion into a simple toga whenever she takes human form. Beata's mark is the silhouette of her own rhino-head on her left shoulder blade. Other: Beata is quite possibly the oldest shifter on the island. She knows about the others, but doesn't go out of her way to associate with them. Or avoid them, for that matter. She has children, but they've all gone their own way. Key word: Doe (reminded of Julie Andrews song in Sound of Music)
  7. Feather's motion-triggered eyes had picked out the shark-shifter's dorsal fin long ago. She had stayed to watch what might happen when the strange shifter met the shark-lady of the deep lake. The shark-lady that she knew well enough to keep away from while hunting. After a while the male shifter had dived below the surface, and all she could see was the very end of his pipe, presumably acting as an extended airway while he fooled around underwater. So engrossed was she in watching what would happen next that she didn't really notice when the horse-lady and Stripe left. That odd man had implied that he knew her mother, and Feather wanted to know how. Eventually, she got bored of watching a little pipe wiggle around, and decided to go check the Tribe again. Maybe they'd woken up by now. The eagle-shifter turned to the forest and started trotting through the trees. When she arrived at the clearing, she stopped at the edge, blinking. Well, they certainly move fast once they start moving, she thought, shrugging. Not everyone was as much of an early bird as she was, even without songbirds chirping in her ear. Feather's eyes were drawn to the movement of people getting ready to go, but she kept scanning until she found the leader, standing off a ways and watching. She approached him, dodging around people in the way, and said, "I'm here. How long do you think until they're ready?"
  8. ((By the way, the OOC thread disappeared.)) Cleo smiled. "Greetings, R'ran. I can't say that I've been to Nabol other than training flights a while back." She settled herself down while Isis and Osiris sat at the edge of the table. They weren't particularly hungry, so they could wait for their human to eat. Gossips that they were, they chittered along with the conversation. "What dragon do you ride, R'ran?" she asked. Although she was curious about Ezran, she didn't want to ask the woman outright, so she touched her queen's mind. Neith, can you ask Jubilath what's up with Ezran? The striped queen came back with, Jubilath rose recently, and her rider is pregnant.
  9. ((Wow. All the way on the last page of the section.)) Finally clean, for the first time in far too long, Cleo dressed. She looked around at her quarters in consideration. I'll have to ask Manora to send a cleaning-lady up, she thought to herself. Neith crooned in reply. Cleo's great striped queen had had enough to eat and was now quite happy to sun herself on the ledge, greeting and gossiping with other dragons occupying themselves similarly. The young weyrwoman looked lovingly at her dearest friend, and then started off down the corridor, followed by Isis and Osiris. The two little fire-lizards danced happily around her as she made her way down to the Kitchen Cavern. That little bit of food and wine she'd swiped earlier weren't enough. She wanted . . . wanted . . . soup. That's want she craved. Good, warm, delicious, perfectly spiced soup. With klah to drink and some bread to sop up the last drops of deliciousness. Entering the Cavern, Cleo made like a trundle-bug and headed straight to the food. Once she'd secured her little bounty, with a few bits of meat for her little friends, she stopped to look around for a place to sit. Ah. There was Xyliana from just before, and Ezran, who had Impressed at the same clutch as herself. And who seemed slightly odd to Cleo's empathy. Something was different about her. The queenrider walked over to the three sitting at the table and asked, "Mind if I join you?"
  10. Feather watched, blinking, as the shifter-man jumped onto the horse-lady's head, then slid down her back into the water of the lake and swam away. From what she'd seen in flight, the horse-lady was very grumpy, especially around males. She shook her head slightly. Strange creature. Anyway, she turned back to the tigress. "Hey, Stripe," she greeted the tiger-lady. "I stopped by the Tribe, but they didn't seem to be awake yet, and I didn't want to just stick my head into random huts looking for Carnarl." Feather paused. "I'm not sure I'd want to wake him up by intruding on his space for that matter." Her eyes slid over to the little lion cub, curious as to who he might be. And stifling an urge to scratch him behind the ears. Some of the smaller cats she'd come across had let her do that, and young felines were just so terribly cute.
  11. When Feather arrived at the village, the Tribe hadn't yet awakened. The young shifter didn't feel comfortable poking her head into random burned huts looking for Carnarl, and didn't particularly want to wake him up, either. So she turned and wandered away to explore a bit. She would return later when the Tribe would hopefully have greeted the sun. She hadn't gone far before she thought of the equine-shifter and her herd. The area around the lake was burned, so they would have had to go elsewhere for grazing. If she recalled correctly, and she usually did, there was another clearing not too far away. Feather nodded to herself and started off through the trees. Seeing a familiar orange and black-striped form, Feather grinned and picked up her pace while still moving silently. She broke through the trees in time to see the horse-lady pick up a small lion cub while Stripe faced off another predator. He had a bag of belongings, so he was likely a shifter rather than a feral animal. And she noticed the pipe in his mouth, so could it be the shifter-man from last night that seemed to remember her mother? Anyway, she watched as he menaced the little cub then turned back to the tree-line. Towards her. She looked him over, then snorted before passing him to talk to Stripe. Perhaps she was beginning to understand why her mother hadn't talked about him at all.
  12. ((I hope no one minds if I start the morning sequence.)) For the two eagles high in their tree top nest, the night passed peacefully. They dreamed eagle dreams of catching fish and joyful flight. It seemed all too soon when the sun peeked over the edge of the horizon and the songbirds started their greeting to the dawn. Including a cardinal making its hard little peep noise. Right. In. Feather's. Ear. Her eyelids slid open and she turned her head to glare at the little red bird. It chose flight as the better part of valor and fled. Feather stepped up to the edge of the nest and stretched her wings, rolling her shoulders, and then shook the sleep out of herself. Behind her, her sister woke more slowly and then joined her. They eagle-talked to each other companionably and tipped forward over the edge of the nest with wings spread wide. They soared to the ocean and separated, hunting for their breakfast. Feather returned to the nest first with a good-sized salmon. She tore it apart and was about halfway through before Breeze returned with a largish tuna, highly proud of herself for catching and then carrying the big fish. Feather chuckled and went back to finishing her meal. Once the salmon was a tasty memory and a sad skeleton, Feather tossed the bones out of the nest to fall to the forest floor and be scavenged by the various critters that had learned the eagles' nest was a decent food source. Then the bald eagle closed her magnificent yellow eyes and went still. Feathers melted into the tattoos on the shortening arms, and disappeared entirely on the rest of the young woman's body. Feather opened her yellow eyes again and reached over for her clothes and got dressed and armed. She turned back to her younger and only now smaller sister. "There was a group of shifters displaced by that fire yesterday. I offered the backcaves to them. I'm going to be leading them there. Once you're finished with that tuna, could you fly over to Father's cave and see if he's there? If he is, tell him what I'm doing, and if he isn't, let me know when I get there." The Steller's sea eagle nodded and Windfeather made her way down the tree's trunk to the forest floor. She disturbed the critters already foraging on her salmon's remains, but not for long. Feather reached the village and stood near the treeline, looking for the alpha, Carnarl.
  13. Just to make sure, I'm still here and keeping an eye on the Island. I'm just waiting for it to be daytime again.
  14. Feather was tempted, severely tempted, by the man's mention of a flame in a bottle. How would it work? Did one feed the flame sticks through the mouth of the bottle? And wouldn't the fire make the container hot and hard to handle. She gave another worried look up at the sky. Night was pressing in on her, she had to get to shelter soon. She didn't know the tribe all that well, and she certainly didn't know the man with the strange interest in her mother. Her sister had a nest not too far from here. Feather finally made a decision. "I'll return in the morning," she said to whoever cared to listen. Then she melted into the trees and jogged away, occasionally stumbling over twigs and rocks. Eventually, she reached her sister's tree, and luck of luck, it wasn't damaged. Feather started climbing up, using her knives to provide handholds when the branches were too far apart. Once she reached the top-most branches, she could see into the nest. Her sister was there, and gave a quiet little call in recognition. Feather stripped her clothes, folding them and placing them next to her sister's bundle, then she closed her eyes. It took her several moments to block out the worry about the night. But eventually she began her shift. She shrunk, mouth hardening and protruding into the yellow beak and her hair shortened, became feathers and turned white. Her arms lengthened as her legs got shorter. She got massively itchy as her feathers burst out of her skin. After several moments that seemed much longer, a bald eagle stood with mantled wings on the edge of the nest. Feather stepped down and snuggled next to her larger, but younger sister, who hadn't yet grown adult plumage. The bald eagle rested one wing over the juvenile Steller's sea eagle, and they both watched the last of the light fade and went to sleep.
  15. Where are you going with this, dracoon? Your Michael is weirding poor little Feather out.
  16. "Willow. My mother's name was Willow." The sudden question, and changed look in his eye, startled the answer out of her. Why would he be interested in Feather's family? She didn't recognize him and she knew most of the marine shifters by sight. So he likely wasn't one of them. And as far as Feather knew, her parents had always been together. Their daughter had only needed to look at them to see their love for one another. She had only needed to observe her father's pain to realize the depth of grief he felt for her loss. Who was this man to show such sudden interest in her? Between the fading light and the man's disconcerting gaze, Feather was on edge. Nervous. Her hand dropped to rest lightly on her hatchet. She needed to find someplace safe to spend the night before the lack of light left her helpless.
  17. Feather nodded. "I will lead those who wish to come to the caves tomorrow morning." Only after promising that, did she turn to regard the strange and aggravating man who had tried so hard to interrupt. She looked him up and down, evaluating him with all the disdain of a bird-of-prey for the land-bound. Feather noted his stripes, but unfortunately they didn't give her a solid clue as to his species. The man was old, even compared to her own father, who had only been eighteen at her birth. The eagle shifter cocked her head to one side suddenly, remembering. Her mother had sometimes told stories about a legendary place other than the island. Some of the stories had featured crotchety old men that detested young people on their territory, which almost always featured the same kind of short green grass. The comparisons between those legends and this man amused her while she waited for Carnarl's response to his aggression.
  18. ((I'm guessing either an elephant or a gorilla, depending on what is meant by helping.)) The young woman smiled and nodded. "They're safe enough that a young child could explore them without coming to anymore harm than occasionally getting lost. I marked all the caves and passages I could reach or get into when I was younger. And the system doesn't connect to the volcano." She paused. "As long as you stay out of my father's cave, he won't care, and there are other entrances." Feather looked up, noticing the decrease in light. "It would be best to wait until tomorrow morning, however."
  19. Cleo finished eating and started brushing crumbs off her clothes. Which rather forcefully reminded her that she was still wearing the same outfit that she'd worn during her accidental exile. And that she hadn't had a real bath in a very long time. I wonder if our old weyr is still unoccupied . . . she thought to Neith. The queen's eyes simply rolled in happy colors. Cleo climbed back up on her dragon and directed her to fly to their weyr. The bronze would be in capable hands, as would the rider. Neith landed on her old ledge and let Cleo dismount. The junior weyrwoman looked around at the quarters. There was a layer of dust over almost everything. Isis and Osiris swooped in, chittering and looking immensely proud of themselves. They landed on a large sand wallow-basin that was the only change. Cleo snorted, then dug into her chest of clothes, looking for something without any moth holes, then went about arranging for a nice hot bath.
  20. Feather followed the tilt of Stripe's head. The man she indicated, Carnarl, was an intimidating specimen. Height and physical power aside, he projected a dominant presence unlike anything Feather had encountered before. Her shoulders tightened as she considered what to do. Eventually, the inquisitive shifter relaxed and approached the much taller Alpha. "Hello. My name is Windfeather," she came to a stop, and touched the pouch around her neck for comfort, then continued. "I know of a series of caves that your people could use as shelter until their homes have been rebuilt. I could lead you there, if you want."
  21. Feather noticed the tiger-lady sizing her up, but she didn't reciprocate. She'd already noted everything from on high in eagle form. "Pleasure to meet you, face to face. My name's Windfeather, but please, just call me Feather." Her eyes began another pass around the settlement, this time steadily evaluating the fire damage. About half of the huts had been rendered unlivable, and there were too many people to crowd into the remaining huts. She couldn't pick out where they'd kept their food stores, but they could definitely use more shelter until they could get those huts rebuilt. She gave a quiet suggestion to the tiger-lady, "There are sea caves near the volcano. The one my father claimed has a whole system sprawled out behind it, and he only uses the first cavern. If your friends need a place to stay, I'm sure he wont' mind as long as they stay out of his cave. Not that he uses it very often." Her voice took a slightly bitter tone for that last bit. She shook her head and continued, "I explored the system pretty thoroughly when I was younger. The passages and caves are all marked." Now a smile grew. Those were fun memories from before she became a shifter and gained the side-effect of nervousness in closed spaces.
  22. Hey, Bubbles. Do you mind if I mention caves on the island? They'd be on the coast, possibly near the volcano. Coastal caves would be good places for marine shifters, like Feather's father, to live while in human form.
  23. Feather didn't react to the shark's appearance. She had often seen its, her, shadow beneath the water, and made a point not to fish from her section of the lake. In eagle form strafing the water surface, Feather was pretty fast, but it only takes one stroke of bad luck to turn hunter into hunted. Then, the horse-lady stomped off, and the tiger-lady padded away, leaving Feather to look back and forth between them, blinking. Which one to follow? There was a man sitting by the lake, but he wasn't doing anything interesting. After a few moments, Feather decided that she should head towards the forest, to check on the nest she had built in one of the trees. So the eagle-shifter jogged after the tiger-lady. "Hey! Wait up!" she called out. As Feather passed by a section of burned trees, she looked up. Nestled in the highest sturdy branches of the tallest tree was a large nest made of sticks, dried mud, and leaves. From the angle she had from the ground, her primary shelter looked to be in good condition. But those keen eyes of hers picked out a steady fall of material, and the supporting branches themselves looked rather fire damaged. She would have to build a new nest. Easy come, easy go was her philosophy on most material possessions. Feather picked up her speed again, entering a clearing a several moments after the tiger-lady. She stopped, both to show herself nonthreatening and to look around at all the new and possibly interesting things and people in the settlement. Her golden eyes flickered constantly, moving from one thing or person to the next.
  24. Consoled. Let me know if you want Feather to follow him. She might, since he never told her what species he was, and she's nothing if not persistent in satisfying her curiosity.
  25. Feather's eyes went wide in shock. The lizard-man had started the fire? To stop a fight between the horse-lady and a monkey shifter? She couldn't follow the logic. It didn't make sense. She started to back away, but when he mentioned the grief of losing a friend, she stopped. Feather knew that she'd had a different upbringing than most of the shifters: she was a second generation and her mother and father had both helped raise her. A few years ago, her mother, who shifted into an elk cow, had been killed by a wild predator, probably a wolf. Her father had retreated to his orca form in the sea. Feather touched her pouch, then walked over and crouched next to the curled up lizard-man. She touched his shoulder gently, offering solace and if not true understanding of his actions, at least understanding of his pain.