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  2. VERY COLD ! Feeling like gonna passout!
  3. Don't be! God has a plan and that plan is'nt over!
  4. Name:Piggy Love <3 What: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ma28w7DyFO1ruav3u.gif somthing similar to this please! How: Not really, Except make the background be a cloud shaped in a heart that says Piggy Love also make the girls hair blonde please! Reference: . Style:digital
  5. Apple eats grape run nectorine! ojesfzVps
  6. Omg thats a lot to think of words for! Maybe Someday friends never, should never do stupid jokes. karrot juice...? LOL yvfuhlecfw
  7. Zoom x-factor crazy van, zoom X-factor crazy van... asashiojh
  8. *Looks at Darien and then Cautiously looked away*
  9. Run us Rat us Rack us? cutgtcy
  10. 1. Do you want your name on it: Yes. 2. Signature Theme:um .... lol idk ....hm..... The pig off of Gravity Falls. 3. Extra Text: NO....? 4. Image Preferance (E.G-Animated Pics):http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ma28w7DyFO1ruav3u.gif Thsi is Really what I want the girl and all but please make her hair blonde and it moving like the link would be great. 5. Your Gender:female 6. Do you want the image to be a direct click-link to your scroll?:yes. 7. Payment:An egg or hatchling.
  11. Popcorn or icecream ucky yummy try right eatings when questions.
  12. whu in the wplrd fdof tje sqiirre; jumo on the turtle,thehn thr rurtlt jump on thr wgale? NPT: The dog jumped int the pond then the cat jumped in the pond then said "This worked better in my head." the cat ran out
  13. Allison eat insects out ucky yard. hey that kinda makes sense! Im Awesome! dnjfcjsoisd
  14. No. well maybe, probably not well idk hm....................................................yea i guess, well prob not, yah.....No.
  15. Your grapes rated next Jukebox Caller....... I dont even know!!!!!! fuytouytv
  16. My juice has icky ucky nectorine cooked. IDK! luyhgvf
  17. My best trade was: I got a Neglect for just a random egg in the AP!
  18. Unite family, your vegetable yummy because baked. LOL while typing this im like this does NOT make sense what so ever but then i read it and it kinda does.... hjirgf