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  1. I have this little Dorkface hatchling in need of a good home. I don't know what gender it will be: feel free to PM me if anyone wants me to breed them a sibling to this one.


    Gone! Thank you Mistress of Whispers! Lol, yeah I am glad too.

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!

    I baked everything, decorated my gingerbread house, got my two new eggs, one Holly Thuwed, and 2 each of all the other Holiday eggs! This was my first DC Christmas and it was lots of fun!


    Thank you TJ, all the mods, and the spriters for such a fun event!


    The new eggs are soo pretty!

  3. Congrats!!! I just took a peek at it, and oh my gods, that is a beautiful lineage!~ My Holly is messy, but then again, the entire lineage is mirrored, so, it's still pretty epic~ wink.gif

    I was just gonna be happy with a really messy one, I about fell out of my chair when I saw its lineage.

    Oooh I took a peak at yours and someone worked hard to make a mate for it so yeah its epic!

    I am gonna make a mirror mate for mine I think. Will give me something to do. Hmm getting a couple of CB seasonal winters might be tricky.

  4. I got a Holly!!! and its a Thuwed! Can't believe it. I am Happy! biggrin.gif


    Oh and happy Holiday hunting everyone!



    Ok, I'm editing this cause I am off to bed and gonna fog my holly since everyone is looking at it. It's racking up even unique views, views, and clicks, lol. tongue.gif Don't want it to get sick, I will unfog it later tomorrow for those who want to see. Goodnight all.

  5. Nice one of the musty eggs I picked up has -use lineage link please, for CB replace the word view with the word lineage- view/LoamH]this[/url] very nifty code: LoamH, now if only I could get a brine egg.

  6. Woo! New release, I egg locked myself this morning. tongue.gif So I dropped a few eggs and froze one of my hatchlings so I could get the silver trophy, since I was only one dragon away. biggrin.gif Woo! an extra egg slot. Thanks TJ!!