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  1. Hehe that dragon's grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides are mine. Glad you found a descendant. xd.png


    And here is a Zombie descendant for anyone you wants it. Lineage.







    I've started gathering this year's current crop of Nocturne Zombie fodder. I am going to be gathering 5 for Zombieing and breeding 2 offspring from each possible combo from the 5. If anyone is interested in swapping babies for more possible Zombie descendants please P.M. me.

  2. Yay! After getting seven winters I finally got a red egg now I'm crossing fingers that I get a successful breeding with him so I will have a mate for my Holly.


    Of course now that the speckle throats have come out I gotta decide if I want to add them instead of the pinks. tongue.gif

  3. I just finished reading the Arsani's description, I really like it, its very detailed. I love the adult sprite they're soo pretty.


    I must confess that after reading this: "One has to be particularly careful with an Arsani in captivity that has recently lost someone. If left alone, they've been known to turn to necromancy (one of the few dark magics they do practice, although only in times of extreme distress) in their grief, and occasionally they will succeed in reviving the corpse as a zombie."

    I now kinda want to breed one to a common dragon and try to make a Zombie out of the common at Halloween. tongue.gif Basically breeding a 2nd gen Arsani who's father I attempt to make into a Zombie.


    I feel a bit guilty cause I am really tempted.

  4. These Thuwed babies are up for adoption to loving homes.   Please love and care for them, and if you get a moment, let me know where they toddled off to.  smile.gif


    Thuwed x Dorkface white



    Terrae x Harvest x Hellfire x Ember hellfire egg

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Water horse x Waterwalker water horse egg

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Terrae x Harvest terrae egg

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Pink x Red pink egg



    Magi x Black magi egg


    You're welcome, IrishDragoness!  Always happy to give someone their first of any lineage. smile.gif

    I claimed the water horse egg! Thank you!


    Giving back to the thread! Lightning Thuwed



  5. I see gold's, silver's, gold wyvern's, black's, and trio's in the cave all the time but I can't catch them. The ones I have were trades. I even saw a thunder in the forest biome a few days ago, there were only five people in there and I still missed it. sad.gif


    Yet I can catch nebula's quite handily and even the occasional blusang. rolleyes.gif

  6. The zombies are coming!

    Feature Presentation: http://dragcave.net/lineage/FlcWG and http://dragcave.net/lineage/TRa3i, http://dragcave.net/lineage/bses3, http://dragcave.net/view/LI7Qm.

    Oh no! I have 2 Nocturnes with dead parents that I can breed to any of these as well. Just let me know who you want bred to who.



    I am going to be making more zombies this coming Halloween with another set of similar nocturnes (hoping for at least one offspring with both parents as Zombies), I do 5 CB adults for Zombieing and get at least one offspring from each possible combo without inbreeding. P.m. me if you are interested in swapping baby's for more chances of success, if I get a partner I will of course breed 2 from each combo.