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  1. Grrr the egg I am waiting on to hatch is sitting pretty with a giant hole at 3 days 23hrs. Stubborn egg... I want to start catching new eggs!
  2. Aaah! I have a copper egg that should hatch any minute now and then I can get one of the new eggs. Will have to wait another hour for another to hatch so I can have 2. Thank you T.J. and spriters for a wonderful event!
  3. I think time is slowing down..
  4. That one actually took me a while to finally get my 2 eggs for some reason. Well I am off to bed. Good luck everyone still egg hunting. Thank you T.J. and Spriters.
  5. Lol I think some of you guys need to go easier on the caffiene... I'm waiting for my last pink kitty egg to hatch so I can catch the last color of the these new ones, then I am off to bed, work comes early tomorrow. Smacks egg with the hatching bat. Hatch, lil eggie, hatch! Ug I think it will be another hour till that egg hatches. Gonna have to try in the morning good night all.
  6. Luckily I have 2 cb male horses and 2 cb female hellfires and they gave me 2 of the new eggs. Might look through my scroll and see if I have any other hellfire x horse combos I could breed to give away. Good luck breeding everyone! Looked through my scroll and I really don't have that many horses or hellfires, surprising that I don't have more horses since I quite like them.
  7. Yay! got my second at the 15 min drop and a bunch of overburdaned messages. If only I hadn't grabbed those 2 CB daydreams earlier...
  8. Lol got one! Just need one more =p
  9. Darn not a one. They are pretty! Will have to try again next hour.
  10. I caught my 2 now any others I manage to catch will be gifted . But that will wait till tomorrow, I am off to bed now. Goodnight all. Oh and Happy Birthday dragon cave! Thank you T.J. and Spriters! Amberose
  11. Free to good home: Lineage. a Shimmerkin that shimmers like gold. Claim my Shimmerkin Gold Wyvern! Please name and I would like to know who gets it.
  12. Gifting this Lightning Thuwed, please name and I would like to know who got it. Claim my Thuwed!
  13. Trying to come up with ideas for a mate for her. She is so pretty. I decided I don't like the colors of this eggs lineage with her so I am giving it away. Please name, no killing. Claim my sunstone egg. I think I am gonna go with purple ridewing X purple unless someone has a better suggestion. I started breeding and off course got a tan ridgewing egg. So it too is free to good home. Claim my tan ridgewing!
  14. I have a thuwed for someone who wants it. Please name, no killing or biting. I would like to know who got it. Lineage Claim my thuwed.
  15. So far my silver shimmer from Prowl has bred: shimmerkin shimmer shimmer shimmerkin not too bad
  16. Finally managed to breed a mate for my Holly Thuwed and here is the first offspring for anyone who wants it. Gone! Lineage. P.M. me if you want a sibling to that egg. Your welcome Wahya. I'm half tempted to re-breed the mate using Speckle Throats and Crimsons instead of pink and red... but that would have to wait until winter rolls around again.
  17. Amberose

    Glomp Gifting

    Amberose --> Honigdieb: Silver Shimmerscale (Accepted!) Hehe.
  18. Yay! They didn't refuse, but they gave me a shimmerkin. Oh well, its free to a good home. No biting, killing, and please name. Lineage Gone! Your weclome Lysian.
  19. Amberose

    Glomp Gifting

    Amberose--> Mystic Tiger: Royal Crimson- Accepted
  20. Thank you so much TJ and spriters they are soo pretty. I have my 2 crimsons and 2 Soulpeaces, the soulpeaces were a gift from some kind person since my whites and daydreams refused to give me hybrids. I will try them again next week and I will see if I can gift them to people who are having trouble. If I can resist the urge to horde the pretty's. Gonna have to eventually freeze some hatchies from both these new breeds. Thank you again for these great additions!
  21. Amberose

    Glomp Gifting

    Amberose--> SoldierGirlForever: Silver Egg- Accepted. Been a while since I glomped.
  22. Don't worry they will be back at the 5 hour drops and the hour drops. Hour drops are easiest to find eggs usually. And yay! new eggs got 2 reds just need to find out what makes the blue ones.
  23. Happy Easter! Thank you everyone who was involved with setting up this event.
  24. Was hoping for a red, but at least they didn't refuse, so here is a spring egg for anyone who wants it. Please no killing, biting, and please name it. I would like to know who picks it up. Take me Home! Once I get a red I will have a mate for my Holly.