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  1. My shimmers haven't given me a shimmer egg at all this week I got a bunch of "no interests" .
  2. I have an interesting vampire hatchling looking for a new home. It's lineaged with a zombie grandparent. Lineage. Gone!
  3. The dragon Draco Ignus Argentum Thuwed died on April 10th if it was not a zombie wouldn't it have lost its name already and be just Deceased? Well anyway I have a zombie mate for her that's growing up, so her offspring will be zombiekin. I keep forgetting to check and make sure that named tombstone is a zombie but tonight I'm determined to make sure.
  4. The green copper has become my favorite, unfortunately, I only managed to snag one CB of that color. But I bred him to my grey dragon and they look soo pretty together. Lineage. Is anyone else doing this pairing and would like to trade offspring in the future?
  5. I have a GW shimmerkin free to good home! Please name it. Lineage I would like to know who picks it up, please.
  6. Not having much luck today got 2 "no eggs produced" and one shimmerkin.
  7. Free to good home: Lineage Claim my Lightning Thuwed I would like to know who got it and please name no killing. Thank you.
  8. I have this moonstone shimmerkin from Jewel(Spriter's alt), free to good home. Please name and don't kill it. Gone! your welcome.
  9. Picked up this interesting little Thuwed tinsel in the ap the other day. In order to see its full lineage check out the Zombie grandparent's surprisingly clean ancestry: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9HZ1S I will be breeding her when she grows up, probably to this guy. P.M. me if you're interested in receiving an egg. She is a Dusk too as well as maybe some other notable lineages. There were a few in there that looked familiar...
  10. The zombies are coming! Feature Presentation: Tinsel Zombiekin thinking of breeding it with either Guarding Death or breeding a mate for her from my Zombiekin nocturnes. Oh no! Picked up this little one in the AP and liked it. Its a zombiekin and if you check out its zombie grandparent's lineage you'll find its a Thuwed and a Dusk. I would be happy to breed her for anyone when she grows up.
  11. I can easily picture these dragons hanging out on cliffs at the Oregon coast. Very realistic dragons. I like them.
  12. Sunset/sunrise dragons only hatch at certain times: Sunrise: between 6am to 12pm cave time (EST/EDT). Sunset: between 6pm and 12am cave time (EST/EDT) Unfog it during one of those times to get the one of your choice.
  13. I really like these you did a good job spriting them. I named mine: Like an Old Penny Copper For Your Thoughts A Penny For Your Shoe Never Take Me Alive Copper The colors are gorgeous and I like the poses!
  14. Ok this is feels weird. I feel like I should be getting ready for another release...
  15. Oooh Xocowolf that would be an awesome lineage!
  16. I'm looking for either a 2nd gen silver egg from M silver x F blusang and a 2nd gen blusang from M silver x F blusang so I can breed a mate for her. My pretty silver. Or a 3rd gen M blusang from M silvers x F blusang's or possibly a male 3rd gen tan ridgewing with the same but unrelated lineage.. I would be willing to breed anything on my scroll including my shimmers for you.
  17. My silver Shimmer breeds quite well but my bronze so far not so much. Stats: Silver: 5 Shimmers and 2 Shimmerkin (blusang) Bronze: 1 Shimmerkin (Gold Wyvern), 1 No Egg
  18. Hehe named mine: Male: Double Oh Cee Dee Female: Oh Cee Dee Galore First egg from this pair is spoken for, but I have a breeding list for them in my profile if anyone is interested.
  19. I LOVE them they are soo pretty. Gonna have to hoard these I think. Thank you LadyLyzar!!
  20. Ok I couldn't resist, I had to change the females name. So now my Bloodscales are named: Double Oh Cee Dee Oh Cee Dee Galore Hehe seriously I am off to bed.. And if anyone wants offspring from them in a few days, just shoot me a P.M. *Snickers* Pun intended. Jeeze I really need to go to sleep...
  21. Got my 2 new eggs and now I am off to bed. Can't wait to see what the Hellhorses look like as adults in the morning. Good night all. *Passes out bazookas to those who need eggs to hatch*
  22. *Snickers* Anybody else need my Bazooka?
  23. Hehe got my first of the new eggs now I gotta decide if I want to wait for another egg to hatch to catch another or go to sleep and catch tomorrow. Hmm choices choices... Ooh my female Bloodscale, Oh Cee Dee Queen, grew up! My male is named Double Oh Cee Dee
  24. Mine has over 1000 views and a giant hole I can practically see the hatchie Yes! the bazooka worked! /Tosses Whitefire the bazooka. Here you go.
  25. I'm thinking about grabbing a bazooka...