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  1. Caught a CB black truffle egg in the AP. It had a big hole in it. I reflex clicked it and then thought it was an ember till I read the egg description! 

    So happy cause I don't have any yet and have been trying to get them from the biomes.

  2. I have this very interesting vampire Thuwed. It is a fake low gen but if you click on the bottom named tombstone it does trace back to a pair of Thuwed's at the top of the very messy lineage. It is also has zombie grandfathers on it's dad's side. Free to a good home. 😊  (This is a line I tend to deliberately make vampires from, I can breed a living egg for someone after they are off cool down if anyone is interested.) https://dragcave.net/lineage/pTVg7

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings!   


    And it's being traded with a teleport from my Thuwed magi! 🤣


    Also here is a red Thuwed free to a good home: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

  3. Hi, I am not a new member of Dragon Cave but I'm back from a hiatus and am very confused. The site has gone through some changes and I either forgot how to do some things or thing's have changed. Anyone willing to answer any questions I have? Thank you. 😊

  4. I completely forgot to check to see if there was a new release so now I'm behind. Managed to get 2 of the undecided eggs. Now just need the opals, but I gotta wait till 2 eggs hatch before I can go hunting again.


    But I did get my gold trophy! Which was a complete surprise when I bred an egg and it stayed, instead of going to the AP like I thought it would. biggrin.gif