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Here Be DragonsWish List: CB Tan Ridgewing, CB Two headed Lindwurm, CB Gold Wyvern, CB Trios, CB Seragamma, CB Copper, CB Metallic's (or low gen) or nice gen tinsels no higher than 6th, shimmerscale dragons no higher than 6th gen, 2nd gen male green copper x female grey. I collect Dorkfaces and Thuweds. Hatchlinings only wanted for freezing: horse, soulpeace, and geode.I am happy to breed any dragon on my scroll for those who PM me and ask. I am also happy to bite. Shimmerscale lists open, all other dragon lists are open as well.

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    Breeding Lists:
    If a dragon isn't listed here its list is open.

    Shimmer:8th gen Bronze from Royal Huntress x Gold Wyvern
    1: Gift: Breeding, Gifting Thread

    Shimmer:5th gen Bronze from Felix Felicis Leviosa x Cavern Lurker Wave

    Shimmerkin list: Let me know what breed you want.

    All other dragon's lists are completely open. P.M. me if you would like to be added and please give the name of the dragons you would like me to breed together. My dragons do not have set mates, although I try to continue lineages where possible.