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  1. The moment 'C' had finished that thought all the torches on the stone walls of the arena burst into flames. The flames on Hellfire Asura's side of the arena were red and orange, as flames normally are, but the flames on 'B's side were brilliant blue like a female Hellfire Wyvern's fiery breath. Both females seemed totally ignorant of the different colours of the torches flames. They started to claw at each other the moment they could see each other. Hellfire Asura, who was a bit bigger than her younger opponent, drew the first blood. Almost the same moment as she slashed 'B' on the shoulder, Isirion killed the flame of one of 'B's torches. Asura smiled arrogantly at 'B' then jumped back to her starting position to launch a new attack.
  2. The pit in Isirion's hideout The shadows thrown by the dancing flames of a burning torch moved along the walls of the pit and made it look like the man carrying the torch was followed by a living darkness. The darkness grew even deeper as the man erased the torch in the sands of the pit like it was the light of life of someone he hated. As the light had died, he whispered with a voice as cold as ice into the dark: "Soon it will begin..." "Soon it will begin...I'll make myself a name in the Hellfire Games and leave behind the humiliating 'B' and then this place forever" whispered a strong looking female Hellfire Wyvern while stretching every muscle in her powerful body. 'B' let out a defying roar and moved towards an iron portcullis. Behind the portcullis waited the bloodstained sand of the pit: The battleground where the Hellfire Games take place to decide which females earns herself a 'Hellfire' name and the chance to mate with Hellfire Torch. With a creaking sound the portcullis opened and 'B' walked into the arena to challenge the famous 'Hellfire Asura', who had successfully defended her place as Torch's mate for two mating seasons now. 'B' growled as the portcullis at the other side of the arena opended and Hellfire Asura entered with a bloodcurdling roar.
  3. Places Isirion's hideout (NPCs there: Isirion, Hellfire Torch, Hellfire Asura, Hellfire Azmodan Torch, Hellfire Belia, Hellfire Chimera, Kitty, Mean, Nasty, Skull, Twitch ) Located in the Volcano habitat, the hideout contains various places that are especially designed to further the purpose of the Bloodline of Torch. The pit in Isirion's hideout Here the infamous 'Hellfire Games' take place to determine which female Hellfire Wyvern has the right to mate with Hellfire Torch or earn herself a name. As the Bloodline of Torch continues to grow, the Hellfire Games also determine which Hellfire Wyvern has the right to mate with the offsprings of Hellfire Torch. In the pit the winner is decided by the number of wounds a dragon can inflict on it's opponent. For each successful wound a torch symbolizing the health of the dragon is extinguished. Usually a dragon is considered the winner if every one of it's opponents torches is extinguished, but there are said to be occasions where the contestants are forced to fight until one of them dies. The lower caves in Isirion's hideout The hatchies here are kept in seperated areas once they have gendered male or female. Both places have access to a fenced feeding area. From time to time Isirion appears and instigates a fierce food fight for example by throwing in a fat chicken. After the fight is over he will dispose of the hatchies that didn't meet his requirements of both physical and mental strength. The hatchies that do meet his requirements and pass a final test he transports to the intermediary caves. The intermediary caves in Isirion's hideout Hatchies that find themselves here have reached this place by killing at least one of their age-mates during or after a food fight. To keep those hatchies alert and training usually two of them are assigned to the same cave. Habitants of the intermediary caves have access to the training grounds. The upper caves in Isirion's hideout Here reside those few dragons that have earned themselves a name in the 'Hellfire Games'. Even if they caves are big enough for two dragons they don't have to share. Residents of the upper caves are allowed to fly around freely in the hideout. Torch's cave in Isirion's hideout This grand cave is the highest up and visible from almost everywhere in the hideout. It is very luxurious and home to the special Hellfire Wyvern 'Hellfire Torch'. In front of the entrance burns a torch that is lit with the fire of whichever dragoness currently has earned herself the mating rights with Hellfire Torch. The training grounds in Isirion's hideout The training grounds are dedicated to enhance the strength, agility, speed and stamina of the dragons. The 'Sleeping Dragon' Tavern (NPCs there: Albert, Candice, Erastor, Henna, Jaxon, Winifred) The 'Sleeping Dragon' Tavern got its name from the similar-shaped lake it was built beside. The tavern is famous for the beautiful view over the lake and the mouthwatering food that is served for owners and dragons. For almost ten years now the tavern has been owned by the elderly couple Albert and Candice. Together they have two children: Jaxon and Winny. Ground floor: Kitchen and dining area: Candy works here and keeps everything clean. When she is not cleaning, she cooks the most delicious food for the guests and her family.Private rooms: These are not for rent because Ale and Candy live here with their children.Dragon stables: The dragons of the owners that spend a night at the tavern are accommodated here.Nocturne Dragon room: (4 coins/night) A small and dark room with no view of the lake.Horse Dragon room: (6 coins/night) This room is a bit smelly because of the nearby stables, but big enough for 3-4 people. First floor: Gray Dragon room: (8 coins/night) A common room with a nice view for up to two people.Black Dragon room: (8 coins/night) Same as the Gray Dragon room, currently rented to the female stranger, now revealed as Henna, the herbalist for a month in advance.White Dragon room: (10 coins/night) A clean and comfortable room dedicated to healing. FlowerOwl stays here. Second floor: Red Dragon room: (15 coins/night) A special room with adjustable temperature for incubating eggs.Royal Blue room: (20 coins/night) The most luxurious room the Sleeping Dragon has to offer. It has the most beautiful view, the most comfortable beds plus it's own washing and cooking area. Alzira was invited to stay here for free by Jaxon.
  4. Non Player Characters Humans: Albert (nickname Ale): Because of his minor alcohol problem, Albert is called 'Ale' by everybody. He is around fifty years old and has a rather bulky stature. He adores his lovely wife and his children. Ale is mostly responsible for the liquid stuff that is served to the customers. Candice (nickname Candy): Because of her sweet personality, Candice is called 'Candy' by everybody. She is a few years younger than her husband but more than a few pounds heavier. She is responsible for the food prepared for the guests of the Sleeping Dragon tavern. Candy tends to be a bit overprotective towards her children and wants to keep them in the house so they don't get hurt outdoors. Erastor, the exorcist: Erastor was hired by Candy in order to excorcise the ghosts plaguing the forest and the tavern. He has spiritual abilities but is a coward when it comes to facing threats to his corporeal well-being. Henna, the herbalist: has rented the Black Dragon room a month in advance. Isirion: The main antagonist of the Bloodline of Torch, who sees dragons as things. He has an ice-cold voice and ice-cold eyes and he is very quick with his bloodstained blade which has already cost the lives of hatchies and dragons alike. Isirion can see in the dark and he seems to be able to move incredibly fast; almost as if he is teleporting. Maybe that is why he has such unbelievable luck in stealing eggs from right under the wings of their parents. He is hunting especially for the eggs of Hellfire Wyverns. Jaxon (nickname Jax): The son of Albert and Candice. He is fourteen years old and a real wild spirit who likes to sneak out and collect weird stuff. In his free time he experiments with the stuff he collected and creates - most of the time - edible food for dragons. Sodger, the old soldier: Sodger is the former captain of the first Royal Blue dragon regiment. After his retirement he started the Egg Hunter business alone until his failing eye-sight forced him to hire an apprentice. The beggar: The one-handed beggar approached Orion and Alzira in the fishermen's village and told them his story. The Guardian: The Guardian lives on the island in the middle of the lake and has dedicated his life to guarding the Leetle Shrine. The Gatherer: The 'Gatherer' is a kind and compassionate man who had specialized in gathering information. He has vanished while investigating some mysterious thefts. Winny (nickname Whiny): The daughter of Albert and Candice. She is eleven years old and a bit of a crybaby. She loves fluffy things and despite her being a bit clumsy, she follows her older brother on his sometimes dangerous collection tours. Her greatest wish is to own a fluffy dragon, but her parents and her brother are convinced that she is too young for that. Dragons:Hellfire Torch: This male Hellfire Wyvern is the main protagonist of the Bloodline of Torch. In his younger days he had to witness the death of his friends by the hands of Isirion and nearly fell victim to him too. This gruesome experience left him emotionally and later on also bodily scarred and made him frightened and wary of nearly everything. Despite growing up in Isirion's 'care', he is capable of showing kindness and compassion. Currently he fullfilles his duty as the Grandsire of his own bloodline with his currently assigned mate. Hellfire Asura: A very arrogant and proud acting female Hellfire Wyvern that was handpicked by Isirion to be the first mate of the main protagonist because of her prowess in battle. So far she has produced one offspring. Hellfire Azmodan Torch: This male Hellfire Wyvern is the only offspring of Hellfire Torch and Hellfire Asura. He has a very violent nature and thus enjoys fighting the fights he has most of the time provoked himself. He gets especially upset when a female is involved. Hellfire Belia: A very strong female Hellfire Wyvern that has recently earned herself the right to fight against Hellfire Asura for the chance to mate with Hellfire Torch. She won that fight, but the belly-wound she received from the next fight made her unable to produce children. Hellfire Chimera: A very competitive female Hellfire Wyvern that fights for the right to be Hellfire Torch's mate. In her youth she lost everytime to her age-mate but despite this her competitive nature was noticed by Isirion and he threatened her life to encourage her to win the next fight. 'K' (nickname Kitty) A female dragon with razor-sharp claws that behaves for her own reasons like a cat most of the time. 'M' (nickname Mean) A female dragon that likes to fight dirty using physical violence to inflict impeding wounds on her opponents. She kind of admires 'N' because 'N' fights even dirtier than herself. Like 'N' she did not help 'T' as she got tangled up in the rope-maze. 'N' (nickname Nasty) A female dragon that loves to exploit the weaknesses of her opponents after attacking them emotionally. Her favourite fighting partner is 'M'. Like 'M' she did not help 'T' as she got tangled up in the rope-maze. 'S' (nickname Skull) A female dragon that was nicknamed Scaredy-cat and had her wings shredded by Kitty. Now she calls herself Skull and lives in the hidden boneyard, occasionally wearing a skull to fit her new nickname. 'T' (nickname Twitch) A female dragon that got tangled up in the rope-maze for almost an hour. Since that event she has a shocking ability and a split personality: One part of her thinks of Isirion as her saviour the other part hates herself for the murder she had commited on his demand.
  5. Player Characters Scrollname: aegagrusScholarship Charactername: Dantalion Type: Owner Species: Human Age: Early twenties Gender: No™ Description: Dark reddish hair in a ponytail, dark eyes (you can tell they're not grey or blue at least) - they squint too much to tell. Square glasses. Around 5'10". Hands and arms covered in scars from being clumsy around dangerous substances. Has some cross between a trenchcoat and a lab coat that's probably made of Jester Dragon wing membranes, since it's got the same patterns. They got a belt with a bunch of bags on it to store their stuff. Personality: Incredibly exuberant and just a bit unhinged - well, that's how they want to be seen, anyways. They're always checking weird occurrences, dragons, all that, just for the sheer fun of it... or so they say. They've been a bit too cowardly to actually get involved instead of drifting about on the sidelines until now, however. Very clumsy normally, but can be precise when the situation calls for it. Still, given all their scars, they weren't always like that. Strengths: Incredibly focused on what interests them. Come hell or high heaven, if their curiosity has been piqued, nothing can drag them away from a situation. They're quite knowledgeable on dragon poisons, their effects, and how to treat them. They also have a lot of first-aid skill, mostly from having to deal with their own stupidity before. As well as that, they're good at figuring out situations quickly and what is at stake. Weaknesses: Very flighty. They'll deal with a situation for as long as it interests them and then they'll abruptly drop out of the picture. Cowardly, but tries not to show it. They'll be all pomp and circumstance until they're in real danger, and then they'll hide behind the nearest person instead. Despite being good at reading a situation they're bad at reacting to it. Intentions: Tagging along. Since the situation has essentially crashed into their life, they figure they'll take advantage of it and have some fun. Deep down, they're just bored and restless in the city, since they hate the authorities but have never been brave enough to do anything about it. They've been in an emotional limbo, essentially, denouncing the Nebs and the cruelty of the nobles but never fighting where it matters. Location: "Crashing the party" (AKA they wanted to sneak in to the Blue Lady's party because they figured it'd be fun, but ran into chaos instead) Scrollname: AK-Meow Charactername: Treasure Type: Dragon Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Ungendered Hatchling Gender: ? Description: Treasure's eyes are the colour of pure gold, little else is known about this dragon Personality: Very curious and adventurous Strengths: Quick learner Weaknesses: Quick temper, overcurious at times Intentions: Just living life and not having to care about too many things except shiny things Location: Isirion's hideout Scrollname: Alzira Charactername: Alzira Type: Owner Species: Human Age: About 30 Gender: Female Description: Quite common looking except for the green hair Personality: Curious, likes to draw dragons hence she started dragon hunting Strengths: Good at drawing Weaknesses: Doesn't know much about dragons Intentions: Finding rare dragons, but mainly drawing dragons. Especially young and tame ones as they are easier to study and draw than those in the wild Location: The forest near the Sleeping Dragon tavern Scrollname: ArcticFang Charactername: Ezaryth Type: Dragon Species: Blue Zyumorph Age: Adult Gender: Male Description: Your average Blue Zyu, but leaner than human-raised dragons. He does have deeper blue scales than usual, more of a navy than the norm. His gray scales are also sootier. His eyes are orangey-gold, like his wingtips. Ezar is approximately 5 years old and has been raised by other Wild Dragons. Personality: Naturally protective, inquisitive and stubborn. He hates being restrained or being treated like property that's why he despises the Black air bandit tribe who holds him captive. Strengths: Good in single combat, determined, insightful, survivalist Weaknesses: Gets angered easily and when angered, he is blind and reckless. He has a vengeful nature, especially after being wronged. Skeptical of human-raised dragons because they usually get everything handed to them. Intentions: To live and to kill the air bandits and all who pose a threat to those he swears to protect. Location: Lair of the Black air-bandits Scrollname: Carai Charactername: Hellfire Keahi Type: Dragon Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Adult Gender: Female Description: Her eye color is a pale lavender, the same color can be spotted at the wing tips, she is a bit smaller than most, but that only makes her speedier. Personality: Keahi is quite a friendly dragon, and sometimes she´s very curious and wants to explore and experiment with everything. She has a bit of a temper but it usually blows over rather quickly. Strengths: She tries to always be honest and see the best in others. She is quick to befriend and if you do she´ll have your back a hundred percent. Very speedy. Weaknesses: is a bit naive and her temper can get in the way sometimes. Intentions: get new friends, live life while it lasts. Location: Isirion's hideout Scrollname: Drakessis Charactername: Roxanne "Drake" Draikenflaeme Type: Owner Species: Human Age: 18 Gender: Female Description: Teal-gray eyes, Dark brownish-reddish hair, scars on hands and on the underside of her chin, wears dark red dragon-scale like armor with dragon-like claws as weapons; Her parents were dragon lovers, coming from a long line of dragon caretakers and protectors. She was raised apart from society with only other Draikenflaemes and dragons around. Growing up like this provided her with a better understanding of dragons and their nature and fighting skills than most and she was considered the most mature and responsible of her siblings. Every so often Drake, as she prefers to be called, will bite back her emotions and go to marketplaces and such. She often travels with dragons nearby, for most of her friends are dragons. Intentions: Stop dragon-slaying and help dragons in need Location: travelling around Scrollname: EmmaD333 Charactername: Tonitrua Stormsinger Type: Dragon Species: Thunder Age: Gendered hatchling Gender: Male Description: Molten-gold eye color, silvery tinge to scales Personality: Hot tempered Strengths: Superb eyesight and hearing, fast Weaknesses: A bit small for his age, afraid of big adult dragons Intentions: Finding friends, and possibly a mate Location: The forest near the Sleeping Dragon tavern Scrollname: FallenDiablo Charactername: Dämon von Gefallen Type: Owner Species: Human Age: 19 Gender: Male Description: Black hair, Green eyes, 6'2" in height, his features are beautiful beyond what most would believe possible for a man. At a very young age Dämon, the only son of the city noble Königin von Gefallen was stolen from his crib by a maid out of jealousy for her own inability to bear children. The maid eventually died in the woods, leaving the infant to die as well, if not for a Golden Wyvern hatchling that had escaped a dragon smuggler on their way to sell it in the big city. The young female dragon saved Dämon by taking him to the small cave she was living in and kept him warm with her own body. When the search party lead by his mother eventually found him, the hatchling hid and Dämon was taken back, but both of them never forgot each other. As he grew up strong and healthy in the family mansion, Dämon was subjected to his family's interest in the beauty and possible power of keeping dragon parts close to her body, either as adornments on her clothes or even herself. Of course stitching parts onto a willing human required practice, not to mention the ability to acquire the needed dragon parts, so Dämon picked up quite an exoctic range of skills to support his mother, that he adored, ready to use them without doubts or fear. After a number of years passed his mother sent him to the black-air-bandits for a so called 'Training Camp' and it was through them that he learned how to really hunt dragons and process them effectivly, earning his very own bandit name 'Diablo'. During his time with the bandits two major incidents occurred - the first caused by a renegade black-air-bandit left him with a power he did not understand yet and the second reunited him with the Golden Wyvern that once saved his life. After a rather interesting exchange he decided to save her and take him with her instead of skinning her for profit, like a black-air-bandit was supposed to. That action, decided entirely by himself made him realize that he had to split his two lives to keep the Golden Wyern, Sollaria, safe. So by day, he is entirely mother's good boy, helping her out with every wish and experiment, being the pride of the von Gefallen family and showing off the golden wyvern as a pet, while at night he is a black-air-bandit through and through, training his powers by catching dragons and turning them into parts in cold blood for further use. Personality: Curious, Eccentric, fond of the stories of his mother's adventures and looking up to her Strengths: possesses magic to empower his strength, speed or defense, his good looks make it easy to impress and control weak-minded people to do his bidding Weaknesses: Follows his mother almost blindly, sometimes too obsessed with his powers, taking unnecessary risks to cement his title as the black-air-bandits prime hunter Intentions: Wants to find out more about the power he gained and the power of dragons in particular Location: The von Gefallen mansion in the big city / the Black-air-bandit hideout Scrollname: FlowerOwl Charactername: Lunaspeeria Type: Dragon Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Matured hatchling Gender: Female Description: Close to growing up Personality: Curious, loves to watch her owner, trying to study everything Strengths: Good at learning new things Weaknesses: A bit afraid of enclosed spaces, touched by a human, hence carrying the smell Intentions: Wants to take part in studying things, especially herbs and healing stuff Location: The forest near the Sleeping Dragon tavern Scrollname: isabella3 Charactername: Telia Kuran-Kiryu Type: Dragon Species: Ochredrake Age: Adult Gender: Female Description: Telia grew up in the forest near the Sleeping Dragon Tavern and curiously watched the humans visiting it. As she grew older her interest in the humans grew too and she tried to get their attention by throwing acorns at them. This lead to the humans to sometimes making funny noises and even funnier gestures so Telia got a bit addicted to playing these pranks. She experimented with throwing different kinds of fruits and found out that throwing rather squishy ones lead to the 'best' results. Maybe over time she overdid her experiments a bit, because recently not a single human has taken the path through her forest to reach the Sleeping Dragon Tavern. This made Telia interested in them even more and she decided to activly go looking for them. Personality: Curious, playful, very interested in humans Strengths: Good at playing pranks, has a charmingly beautiful chirping voice Weaknesses: Can't resist playing pranks most of the time Intentions: Searching for an owner that shares her cheerful spirit and personality Location: The forest near the Sleeping Dragon Tavern Scrollname: Lilithachaos Charactername: Hellfire Lilith Type: Dragon Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Adult Gender: Female Description: The only differences from a normal female Hellfire is that Lilith's wingtips are black and her flames and blue markings are more of a midnight blue with streaks of bright blue, much like veins. Her eye coloring is still the bright blue eye that is typical of her breed. Hellfire Lilith has earned her name by challenging a named dragoness in the Hellfire Game and winning against her one mating season ago. So far she has beaten all unnamed challengers in the recent Hellfire Games that tried to win against her to earn a name too. Lilith has one of the upper caves for herself like the other dragons that earned themselves a Hellfire name and she fights tooth and claw to keep it that way. Personality: Lilith has concealed her motives for most of the things she does. Despite fighting in the Hellfire Games with everything she has to survive, Lilith shows no will to strive for any mating rights because no offspring of her own should be born into this nightmare she and the other Hellfire Wyverns are trapped in. Above all she values life and kills as little as possible. The only exception is if her supposed 'keeper' makes it clear that it is a fight to the death in order to get rid of a contestant showing some despicable weakness or weaknesses. Strengths: Very strong will to live, quick to adapt, has high stamina Weaknesses: Hesitation to kill, doesn't trust other adult dragons, but has a soft spot for hatchies secretly wanting children of her own but not under her current circumstances. Intentions: Surviving from day to day killing as little as possible Location: Isirion's hideout Scrollname: Orion97 Charactername: Orion Type: Owner Species: Human Age: 21 Gender: Male Description: Blue eyes, dark brown hair, somewhat tall, fairly handsome Personality: Friendly, ambitious, believes dragons are very amazing, would risk his life for them, sometimes wishes he was one, likes to go hunting, occasionally builds, tinkers or invents as well Strengths: Loyal, brave, smart, good hunter, always prepared for an adventure Weaknesses: Can be too trusting at times, might exaggerate at times Intentions: Gaining dragons as friends and companions for adventures, travelling with them and helping them reaching their goals Location: The forest near the Sleeping Dragon tavern Scrollname: rainpeltstar Charactername: Rallis (R as long as she is in Isirion's hideout) Type: Hatchling Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Matured hatchling Gender: Female Description: She is a bit thin compared to most Hellfires, but this makes her more agile than if she was heavier. She was stolen as a young hatchling, before she could remember anything Personality: She likes to learn, to know why everything happens, and how Strengths: She is clever and fast Weaknesses: Doesn't like gore, feels guilty after attacking another dragon Intentions: Survive, and to somehow escape. Location: Isirion's hideout Scrollname: Silverphoenixx Charactername: Alteria Type: Dragon Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Gendered hatchie Gender: Female Description: Alterias egg was stolen by Isirion when it could not have been older than 5 days. Still he took it with him and to his hideout where he forced it to hatch prematurely like so many others. Thus Alterias first steps outside her shell were amidst a lot of other utterly confused and scared hellfire hatchies. Alteria discovered as soon as she could think and squeak that she wanted those hatchies to be friends and survive the nightmare they had been born into together, but her good intentions were not always rewarded by the other hatchies and so Alteria had to learn early how to fight for her believes. Although the hue of a normal Hellfire female's wings and fiery breath is a deep iridiscent blue, the parts of Alterias wings that have grown so far are so lightly coloured they appear almost white. In addition the tiny flame she is able to produce yet has a distinctive light blue, almost white colour too. Personality: Optimistic and happy towards friendly dragons but cautious towards unkown or hostile ones, feeling rebellious and agressive towards the only human around, but knowing better as to let that feeling show too much. Strengths: Good at fighting, fast, has spirit and a knack for leadership, loyal to the very few friends she was able to make amidst the hatchies Weaknesses: Sometimes is unhappy and depressed, when her attempts at making friends fail, is scared of the bloodstained blade she saw her keeper wield in her nightmares Intentions: Wants everybody to just be friends and be peaceful Location: Isirion's hideout Scrollname: WinterWhisperz (Co-NPC) Charactername: Hellfire Chimera Type: Dragon Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Adult Gender: Female Description: Isirion stole her from her mother and father when she was still an egg as a possible mate for Torch. After she hatched, she found herself constantly in danger of being killed by Isirion, because she always lost against the other dragon, that hatched at the same time as she did. Despite this, she has not given up her ambition to one day be the mate of Torch, whom she loved since the day she first saw him. Isirion noticed her constant losses and her competitive spirit and gave her an ultimatum: If she looses her next fight, she will be killed, but if she wins her next fight, she will be allowed to live and fight for a chance to mate with Hellfire Torch. To not let anybody know, how much she longs for Hellfire Torch, she puts out a cold front and is often mistaken as harsh and distant. Personality: Cold, harsh, distant Strengths: Her fights made her very strong and fierce and her fire burns bright Weaknesses: She cares for no one but Torch Intentions: To one day be Torch's Mate and stay at his side Location: Isirion's hideout
  6. Important, please read first: Please don't apply, if you don't like reading. This rp has been running for a long time and I mean a very long time (8 years). Recently I had a lot of bad luck with players so I became especially picky regarding new ones. I am still putting in a lot of time to create immersion and tailor-made quests for my players but the further the story progresses the more difficult it becomes to integrate completely new characters. If you have read a significant part of the rp (later parts are more important since they explain what the hell is going on right now and what those factions are) and are interested in a challenge read further. This rp does progress slowly, but with high quality. It is meant to be something you invest probably half an hour for a good post a week, but that post should count. So if you are interested and can really abide to the rules and have the patience to stick to a turn-based mastered rp, feel free to apply with a human character from one of the following factions: The Sunstone-Bandits: currently on the run from the Black-Air-bandits and the Hellfire Army, practically suicide but who knows how far someone can get who does manage to stay alive... they were sadly annihilated, but perhaps, there was one smart survivor who didn't stick to the pack... The Black-Air-bandits: currently chasing the Sunstone-Bandits, they do not know, that they have a big target on their backs too, but they certainly have the power of friendship magic! The city nobles: play a dragon collector in kahoots with the corrupted Nebulas (probably the most fun), pick your pet vice, decorate your mansion, show off, stay alive The blue lady: I intended to give this character to one of my players from the start, now it is here for claim since her special party starts very soon. She is a city noble with quite the sadistic streak, oh and she pins living pygmies to her walls for decoration. Who wouldn't want to play her? The shadow guild: your typical run of the mill assassins, sometimes referred to as gardeners, they do exactly what their name implies. They are in the process of being hired by Amara Hassleborough to avenge her father, but their leader also has his own reasons to crash the party. The Nebulas: the corrupted city guards, which may or may not still have a few actually decent members, they have suffered a big loss recently, claimed a few tiny victories and are trying to get the city back under their control The Bloodline of Torch 4 active players: aegagrusScholarship, Alzira, FallenDiablo, Isirion 3 inactive player: isabella3, Lilithachaos, WinterWhisperz 9 departed players: AK-meow, ArcticFang, Carai, Drakessis, EmmaD333, FlowerOwl, Orion97, rainpeltstar, Silverphoenixx Goal: The main goal of this RPG is to have fun playing yourself as an owner or as one or more of the dragons you have (or would like to have) on your scroll. As you follow the main storyline, you create a history and a personality for your character. If you choose to focus on breeding, this RPG is a nice way to bide your time, while you are waiting for eggs to hatch or rare eggs to appear - you may even get the ones you wish for from me, if you request them in the RPG in a certain place. Setting/Plot: The setting is the medieval Dragon Cave World as it was back in 2012 when this RP started (= no magic elements, no mana-crystal addicted dragons, no named cities or regions). As this RPG is mainly about Hellfire Wyverns, the habitat where most of the action took place was Volcano, but all the other places are now available too. Feel free to imagine your own personal hideout, hatching ground, etc. The main plot will resolve around the main protagonist, Hellfire Torch and the main antagonist, Isirion. Nearly everything that will happen is influenced by the actions of your character in the RPG. Beware: Every action has a reaction! Introduction for future eggs/hatchies/dragons: Lately, every night, a sinister shadow creeps into the peace and the safety of your dreams. With the unpleasant feeling that you are not alone in your own head come the memories of another dragon - the memories of the Hellfire Wyvern named Hellfire Torch: Hell: No other word describes Torch's first impression of the world outside the shell of his egg. Still covered in the remains of his egg, his mind untainted and curious for the wonders of the outside world, Torch dared to look around. But to his horror, the very first thing his yellowish red eyes saw were the gruesome hands of his owner Isirion, who grabbed a helpless and defenseless Gray Dragon hatchling by the neck and threw it out into the wilderness to die. Evil laughter filled the cave and Torch's ears, and he cowered in fear as Isirion drew a bloodstained blade and probed two eggs right beside him. Both eggs seemed to shiver and crack and soon revealed the baby dragons inside them. The first was a beautiful Sunstone Dragon; the other was a sturdy Stone Dragon. Isirion glanced at the hatchlings, shoved them towards Torch and said with an ice-cold voice: "Play as long as you can..." Time flew by and Torch and the other two hatchlings grew larger and developed the first signs of their respective genders. Torch and the Stone Dragon turned out to be male, but the Sunstone Dragon was female. Despite their different gender and species, the three of them would run around in the cave trying to catch each other, occasionally bumping into one of the eggs that Isirion had brought back with him earlier. Maybe their bumping even helped the eggs to hatch, because soon enough a pure white baby White Dragon and a little Moonstone Dragon emerged from the broken shells of their eggs. Torch and the others, now adults, listened in amazement to the first squeak of the baby dragons and, not a minute later, in horror to their last. Isirion had once again drawn his bloodstained blade, and this time he used it to stab the newborn hatchlings to death. Their blood still fresh on the floor of the cave, he began chanting a sinister sounding revival spell from a scroll. Unholy mist began to rise from the dead bodies, trying to transform them, but then the spell failed and the bodies disintegrated in an instant. Torch and the others screamed out in horror - fire shot out from their nostrils and they attacked Isirion in order to take revenge for the murdered baby dragons. The first one to strike - and ultimatly to die - was the Stone Dragon: As he tried to crush Isirion with his weight, the bloodstained blade found its way to his heart and mercilessly killed him. The Sunstone Dragon attacked too and swung her tail like a morning star to keep out of the reach of the blade, but Isirion dogded the swing and stabbed her in the chest. Torch was too afraid to do anything, and so he could only watch helplessly as the sinister revival spell was spoken again over the bodies of his now dead companions. The words, like the unholy mist, hovered in the air, and then disintegrated the same instant as the bodies; the spell had failed again, and now Isirion sought someone else to take his anger out upon. His bloodstained blade aimed for Torch but the young Hellfire Wyvern was driven by his bottomless fear and managed to dodge the killing blow at the very last moment. Oddly, this seemed to please Isirion and he patted Torch with his bloodstained hand on the head, then he said: "You are worthy to be the Grandsire of a new Lineage of Hellfire Wyverns - The Bloodline of Torch!" At this moment the dream begins to fade, and you wake up wondering what to do about it. Introduction for future owners: Whether it was fate, skill or pure luck - in the darkest corner of a cave, you find a hidden scroll possibly belonging to someone called Isirion because that name is written on the top of it. Bloodstained and made out of the hide of a Paper Dragon, the scroll gives you the chills the moment you take it into your hand. As your gaze travels down the scroll to find more information, you notice a peculiar pattern hidden among the bloodstains. After a few tries you manage to concentrate hard enough to read about a secret hideout and the foreboding words 'The Bloodline of Torch'. The information you got from the rest of the bloodstained scroll leads to the conclusion that the mentioned hideout must be located somewhere in the Volcano habitat. However, blindly stumbling around in the vast habitat searching for it leads to nothing, so you eventually decide to gather information and possible companions at the famous 'Sleeping Dragon' tavern first. After reading the respective introduction, you have the opportunity to play either as an owner or as an egg/hatchie/dragon. Owner: You could be an adventurer that actively tries to find Isirion's hideout, or maybe you are an unscrupulous individual that already knows that Isirion is after Hellfire Wyvern eggs and smell a chance for a good trade. Or you follow your own personal quests to get rare eggs. You could even be someone who tries to make everybody, including Isirion, a better person. Egg/Hatchie/Dragon: You can start as an egg because the consciousness of the ready to hatch dragon in it could receive the dream that sets the events of 'The Bloodline of Torch' in motion. Depending on your own feeling of security, I would recommend that you don't play an egg that is already in Isirion's hands but if you dare to do so I am looking forward to your evolution. Of course you can also play as a hatchie or even a full grown dragon. Whatever you choose, please give the following details of your character via PM: Scrollname: Charactername: Type: owner or egg/hatchie/dragon Species: everything allowed except zombie, discontinued or holiday dragons; owners are human Age: if known Gender: if known Description: eye colour, hair colour, etc. Personality: quick to anger, composed, curious, etc. Strengths: honest, etc. Weaknesses: afraid of heights, etc. Intentions: gain companions, fight, finding rare eggs, searching for mates, etc Location: describe your place a bit, if you have chosen to be an Hellfire egg/hatchie/dragon at the mercy of Isirion leave a question mark, I will fill it in later. Updated rules (May 2020): 1. This is a mastered, turn-based rp. Don't apply if you can't abide by the rules stated below: 2. Only the active turn-player is allowed to post. If you don't get a pm from me saying it is your turn and see your name in my signature, don't post. 3. The active player whose turn it is must post within a week or inform me per pm that they can't post in time to gain a grace period depending on the reason. 4. A player who continues to keep the others waiting without notice and/or reason will be removed from the rp in a way that reflects the actions of his character so far after a warning pm and a final grace period of another three days. 5. A player can be inactive as long as he wishes as long as he notifies me before so I can plan accordingly and 'park' the character somewhere. 6. Read your post before you hit submit. Take care it fits what has been written before (current story-line, your character's personality, other characters' actions...). Basically write a decent post and take care with grammar and the other stuff that makes a post readable or prepare to edit a lot. 7. I prefer longer, literate posts over short ones, but as long as they are contributing and give me or others an opportunity to react it is fine with me. 8. Keep your posts IC (in character) and talk about everything OOC (out of character) per pm. Anything not IC will be considered spam. 9. But...No buts, you sign the rules with blood. This rp is called the Bloodline of Torch for a reason ^^