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  1. Well, here's my namesake. Toned down from the source material.... the Chaotic Evil Goddess in full power would almost certainly be OP. Username: Takhesis Nicknames: Tak/Evil Queenie Species: Technically a deity, so umm.... Outsider? Looks: Has two forms: human, a female with piercing green eyes and shoulder length raven hair. Wears DnD style plate armour that's lacquered black. [Not much of it lol. For some reason female armour operates under the assumption that less is better ] The other form: A five headed dragon. Each head is a different colour, and her torso is black. Too heavy to fly. Also not very manoeuvrable and slow.... Powers: Can switch between forms - once per battle. Wounds transfer over. Dragon breath: Each head has its own breath weapon. Only one can be used at a time: Red=Fire, Black=Acid, Blue=Lightning, White=Ice, Green = Poison. Can easily be dodged/blocked. Though poison is a cloud and the acid will eat through stuff.... eventually. Elemental Resistance: Dragon form is tougher due to scales. Skills: While she can be killed, her essence will flee back to her Realm, and she'll slowly regenerate there. Rank: Dark Queen of Krynn, aka the Five-Headed Dragon of All Colours and of None. Preferred Weapon: (Human) Sword. (Dragon) Natural weapon. Other: Lances and Paladins will deal extra damage to her. She can be challenged before regeneration.... she'll just be easier to beat lol. [Dragonlance YAY!] Edit: Timezone = GMT. But am on at odd hours anyway.
  2. [ Yay. All together again. And yes Dace is a good counter to evil people.] Pheonix returned Hanzo's salute. That solved the issue of finding him. And she was saved from answering Hanzo's over-enthusiastic question by the arrival of Shaya. Though she suspected that someone ought to remind him about being discreet about the Orbs. It wouldn't do to spread the knowledge of them around. Web acknowledged Shaya's congratulations with a nod. The basic plan seemed to be going ahead - the Orbs were next on the list. At the apology, Web said the same thing as she had said to Mia: That none were necessary, that the rest of her ilk did hold true to the unpleasant reputation. "It is only a theory.... and no real proof to confirm or deny it." Web made sure to keep the specifics vague, in case of eavesdroppers. [Hmmm as far as I'm aware, only Hanzo, Shaya and Pheonix know the theory.... I bet Tinker would find the possibility interesting, if a little scary considering its implications.]
  3. [she may just do that....] Atlanta After Teela left, Atlanta took a few seconds to gather her thoughts and compose herself. Then she quickly walked through the now-empty and quiet ship towards the docking bay. She had no particular plans, she just needed to spend some time outside the ship. Cabin fever was - as far as she was aware - was not a pleasant thing to experience. Though, she reflected, I suppose that is why there's viewports on board ships... so you don't feel contained. Her faster than normal pace allowed her to catch up to the rest of the crew while they were discussing where to go to spend their impromptu downtime.
  4. Ummm... so here's a thing. Username: Takhesis Nicknames: usually Tak, occasionally Evil Queenie Species: Elf-blood Looks: *glances at avatar* Just take away the staff if its not being used as battle weapon. Powers: Crystal based magic: Magic that involves crystals in some form or another. More powerful if channelled through an already existing crystal - such as that on her staff. Healing Trance: can accelerate natural healing of herself and others. Healing others takes more energy and while in a trance can't do anything else. Crystalline Shield: calls up a bubble shield of crystal. Defensive power - usually used before healing trances. Can be broken by attacks. Skills: Like a stereotypical elf: Good vision and better than average balance. Rank: High Priestess of the Dark Crystal Temple Preferred Weapon: Crystal-channelled magic/staff. Other: Extra cookies if you can guess where the second nickname comes from. Also sea... if Alice wants to come out and play, then she could fight my namesake.... that is if you want..... though it would mean a second form. My namesake would be good as a sort of boss battle for the other dualists.
  5. Oh how wrong/naïve Atlanta is.... Granted it should be true. However, the matter of honour and a perceived slight would override most common sense in certain circles.
  6. Atlanta "The Alliance - as a whole - shouldn't be after you." Atlanta replied, "Only my betrothed would be, if he knew I was on board." A wry smirk appeared, "And I don't think his superiors would authorise use of Alliance resources on such a personal matter as recovering his intended. Especially one that has no real value or interest to those in power."
  7. Pheonix nodded as Mia congratulated her on the promotion. Then Mia asked the question that she'd been asking herself. Or at least a very similar one. "As everything seems to have been resolved - regarding the former Ambassador, then there is no need to stay on site." Pheonix replied, then realized something. Something that she should have noticed earlier. "Though someone should inform Artificer Hanzo of the downtime." [indirect way of asking where's Hanzo? lol I'm imagining Shaya would also wonder where they've wandered off to if they just left. And I doubt she'd like the Abyssal to stray too far - considering the recent changes to their status.]
  8. ----Cutscene ---- The orcs that had fled the battle continued running until they reached their main camp. There, those that had not been sent gathered around to hear the reports of the survivors - expecting to hear of some great massacre. They did not like what was spoken of. Orcs did not flee. They were not cowards, and those that returned in failure had shamed themselves. Only one of the survivors was spared the fate of the rest. One messenger was enough. The Lord of Mordor had to be informed. And the Lord of Mordor hated bad news. The fate of a coward was almost certain to be better than what was in store for that unfortunate Orc..... -------
  9. [ The language pick was funny simply because of the following canon scene: 'Hammond: .... placing a Russian member on SG-1. O'Neill: Over my rotting corpse..... sir.' O'Neill has such a way with words ] Daniel thought a bit, then replied to Alex, switching to Russian automatically: |"Advance scouts perhaps? After all, some of the other force did escape the battle."| It was a reasonable assumption to make, and there was some logic to it. Even if Daniel would end up proved wrong in the future. Carter, while recognising the language spoken by her two companions, had no clue what they were discussing. What she did know, was that O'Neill didn't like the Russians and that she may need to do some damage control. Or not as the case may be.
  10. [Hope you're feeling better - and no worries, I'll do a cut scene or two during the net-less days, just to make things interesting.... after all the Orcs that ran off must be doing something lol. And why do I think that SG-1 is having fun confusing the newbie?] Daniel could only roll his eyes at Jack's innocent act. But as it seemed that Jack was going to drop the subject, Daniel managed to hold back the reply that was on the tip of his tongue, at least for now. Carter wasn't fooled. She knew from experience it was only a temporary truce, the question was who'd break it first. Though on occasion she did wonder how she put up with the pair..... keeping an eye on the surroundings was a much better idea. Eretta was just as confused as Brod, though she could guess it was similar to the camaraderie shared among the Riders during the slow periods of a watch. The topics however, were not the same.
  11. [i've always had the suspicion that Sam knows about the things Jack got up to during the loops. I'd imagine Teal'c - if he knew - would secretly approve, but remain silent over it not to cause trouble for his friends. Technically Jack can employ the perfect excuse: It's Spacemonkey's (Daniel's) fault, after all Daniel was the one who pointed out the 'no consequences' thing of the loop....] Carter, though she'd never admit to it, actually enjoyed the somewhat mischievous nature that her CO displayed on occasion. Of course, it was irritating to be caught in the proverbial crossfire. No doubt, based on O'Neill's silent reaction, he was already plotting revenge on the unsuspecting Daniel. As such, she took a small amount of pity on him and some amusement in saying over her shoulder: "Its a military trick, Daniel. Don't worry, you'll pick it up - eventually." --- Daniel practically glared at Carter's back at that comment. The military vs civilian thing was his and Jack's territory, she was meant to be the neutral party, seeing she was a scientist as well as an officer. Then he muttered: "You've got to stop spending so much time with Jack. His sarcasm is starting to rub off on you." Though he couldn't see it, Carter only grinned in response to that.
  12. At Alex's question, Daniel could only reply: "You've just seen why those two are the most annoying non-couple in the galaxy." With a roll of his eyes, he explained: "They have this uncanny knack for non-verbal communication. If you asked either of them about it, they'd say it was due to working together for as long as they have." "I've been working with them for the same length of time - and I still don't know how they do it or even understand it most of the time." --- Carter didn't see the eye-roll, but she heard the slight grumble of complaint in Daniel's last statement. Guess we found one language-system that stumps Daniel. Glancing sideways at O'Neill, she wondered if he too saw the humour in that, or whether he was fixating on the first comment. She'd long stopped correcting Daniel on his couple comments, though she did wonder if he was aware of the rumours that went around the base on a daily basis because of the good-natured teasing on that matter. [There's bound to be rumours about Jack/Sam, whether true or not. Military base gossip would love to focus on a scandal in the upper ranks/ flagship team ]
  13. With the unit gone, including Tinker, Pheonix turned to the two hovering civilians. Her orders wouldn't mean much in usual circumstances when it came to civilian attachments. Though one could always hope that the civilians knew how to conduct themselves. Pheonix hadn't really had much of a chance to get to know the pair that well - but that was more by her design rather than any other influence. She knew their Exaltations, and she knew Web slightly better than Mia. If only due to the fact the Dark Exalt had been with them longer. While Pheonix was dealing with the unit, Web wondered what next. She knew the general plan - Get the Seventh up and running, Go after the Orbs and foil her former Master's plan. After that was anyone's guess - though as a Ward, she'd likely be expected to stay with her guardian. [You pick who speaks first of the gathered trio. After all, any of them could.]
  14. Atlanta "Indeed there is." Atlanta confirmed to Teela's surprise at her reason for running away. Then the next question, that dealing with an offhand choice of word in the aftermath of a pirate attack. "The family of my 'betrothed' has a strong military background." Atlanta said, "I can only assume I picked up the term from them." And some of the workforce that were employed by my father.... Atlanta was hoping her relatively vague, but precise answer would satisfy the Captain. After all, one could never be certain who was working for whom long term or who could be paid for a one-off job.
  15. Atlanta The mild question wasn't what Atlanta had expected, though to be honest she wasn't sure what she had expected. Sitting on the bunk, Atlanta settled herself. Her pose took on a more serene look than would be seen on a junior scientist, as she answered. "I'm not a junior scientist on a research project. I ran away from an arranged marriage." There she paused to see the Captain's reaction. Hopefully my identity as miss Ward, junior scientist can remain relatively unquestioned. I did have the relevant schooling after all....
  16. [Heehee, military ranks are confusing for someone who isn't used to them ] Seeing Mia's confusion, Web realised what she'd said was rather ambiguous. Especially given the new promotions. Oooops... At least a compromise was easy to reach, given the relative positions of both candidates that her earlier statement could have referred to. --- Pheonix thanked the unit for their congratulations. Tinker had earned the right to be a little reserved in his enthusiasm, though those that knew him would be able to tell he was pleased with the outcome. After that, was the issue of unit location. And - as she caught sight of Web and Mia in the doorway - what to do with the tag-alongs. Since leaving Lookshy, the unit hadn't really had a break, so Pheonix felt justified in altering the rest orders slightly. "I'm giving the unit some well earned down time. Just make sure to be available on a short notice recall." [in other words its up to unit what they do.... as long as they don't cause trouble lol]
  17. [That scene was them. I like the fact he still followed the rules by resigning before kissing her. Wonder how many loops it took for him to plan that one? And no worries on the prodding.] With a small grin, Carter followed O'Neill. She knew he didn't mean anything by the egghead comment. After all, he did often turn to the 'eggheads' for a solution when things went FUBAR. --- At Jack's questioning greeting, Daniel was only able make his usual reply of "Jack" before Brod rejoined them with his announcement. --- Carter took one assessing glance around, making sure everything and everyone was in order. Perhaps now was a good time as any to start correcting the misconceptions, so ending her sweep on O'Neill, she silently asked him to go ahead and make the call. [How easy would that be to misconstrue as her ordering him? Or maybe she can communicate without words - so she must be Valar?]
  18. [Heehee military protocol can be awkward when it comes to 'civilians'.] Web considered that, it was true that sticking with the unit was the most likely option. Then again, she entered this as one of Shaya's 'retinue' so shouldn't she stick with Shaya? And, ironically, Mia's guise as a servant would allow her some more freedom than she would have as a military attaché. "Guess we follow the Captain, until requested otherwise." Web speculated, since as civilians they couldn't be ordered. Though my status as Shaya's Ward might say otherwise..... -- Pheonix hadn't gone far, the unit was still technically on Lookshyan soil - being in the main courtyard waiting for their own officers to dismiss them. Yes, the new Chumyo had already given them orders to rest, but they waited more out of formality than any other reason. Plus they did want to congratulate Shaya on her promotion. Guess they'll be surprised by the extra knot on my shoulder. Pheonix thought, somewhat amused.
  19. Trouble? Now what trouble could a junior scientist cause? o:)
  20. Atlanta - caught by the Captain "Of course," Atlanta replied, and reopened the door to her room as it had started to close behind her. Her thoughts were a confused mess, Why would the captain want a word? Have I been found out? Unless its about payment - have I paid enough? While she stepped back into her room, she quickly ran numbers in her head. It didn't really help the direction her thoughts were taking. Once both were inside, Atlanta enquired, with as much grace as she could muster to hide her confusion: "To what do I owe this visit?"
  21. [i'll try to keep the shippyness to a minimum.... though the recent SG-1 reruns aren't helping my imagination. Especially the episodes that feature a Jack/Sam moment. *cough*Window of Opportunity*cough*] Carter didn't really know how to react to the fact that O'Neill seemed to like that dress. Or maybe its really me? And not the dress that he likes? Thankfully she didn't need to answer that as she caught the direction his eyes were going. Towards Daniel. Their resident well-meaning diplomat and unintentional trouble magnet. Carter smiled at her thoughts, and started walking towards Daniel. "Right. We already have enough misconception to go round." She paused mid-step, "Who's turn is it to pull him out of the fire? Mine or yours, sir?" She hadn't lost track, technically it was always the turn - the responsibility - of the team leader to restrain Daniel's enthusiasm. Carter just wanted to be sure how far O'Neill would be willing to take the pretence - should it really be a problem. Like if they ran into an Amazon-style culture.
  22. Web agreed, seeing that most of the onlookers had already left. Most likely following Chumyo Del Ran's order to rest. "Probably a good idea." Heading towards the doors, Web asked: "Assigned rooms? Or barracks?" Either option was a possibility. The question was which one would be best to wait in and of course the location did dictate what they could do while waiting. The rooms could equal a second chance to try and work on the assassin angle, whereas the Bronze Tiger barracks would limit activity - since Dace and the rest were suspicious of her. If only because they knew she was an Abyssal.
  23. Atlanta - her cabin The rest of the flight had been rather uneventful, the ship-cycles going as normal. Most of her time was spent reading, with the occasional pottering around - helping out as and when asked. The docking announcement in the early hours came with little surprise - she knew they were heading somewhere to repair after the raiders, after all. It still woke her up. Atlanta stretched, and then dressed in the clothes she'd put aside the night before. Then while brushing her hair, her eyes fell on the corner of her case that peeped out from under the bunk. She considered briefly, Do I? Or don't I?, then decided she wasn't yet in dire straits. She didn't need to do anything drastic yet. Using her foot she pushed the case further under, then left her room. She had no real idea of whether she'd leave the ship while repairs were being done, but then again was there any real reason to stay cooped up while the ship was stationed? Her musing wanderings took her to the catwalk that overlooked the Firefly's shuttle bay. [Feel free to have Teela intercept before she gets there - she'd have spent a while dressing and going through a 'morning' routine.]
  24. Repair stops are always fun to make .... and are often more trouble than what caused the damage lol.
  25. Carter had already guessed that the first part of his response was hypothetical, but she still seemed to have a compulsion to answer it - at least til he added not to. Though she could still answer the second one. "Considering that it's most likely Daniel's fault - I was going to let him clear things up after himself." Then she wryly added, "At least its a change from being considered inferior." Most of the cultures they'd encountered, either ignored her completely, tolerated her presence due to the rest of the team or on a very early mission, treated her as property to be traded - thanks to Daniel's insistence that they follow and respect the Shavadai culture. That was not pleasant. She could have lived with just the dress - not liked it, but it wasn't that bad. --- At the introductions, Eretta inclined her head, and greeted Daniel with: "Dr Jackson, hopefully the journey's pace didn't cause too much trouble." --- Daniel nodded at Eretta as he was introduced, his mind already on the similarity of the name-giving. "Pleased to meet you." He honestly stated, then added: "The pace was necessary to avoid further conflict, that would have been more trouble than the journey." Though it could have been better.... I hope Jack's knee is ok and that this next pace is easier... [Couldn't resist the episode reference in Carter's part... and O'Neill will know she's not making a jab at him/his treatment of her with her reply. Though he may make a joke about that blue dress... he did seem to like it....]