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  1. For traps most likely Dex (to represent the manipulations needed to bypass/set triggers). Stealth would be secondary - for concealment.
  2. I will join - looks like you've got most roles covered. Though I do see the Rogue/Thief-type hasn't been taken as such.... Mind if I take that role? The trap expert (Or as close to expert as allowed )
  3. Maybe worth remembering that Positive Energy hurts undead while Negative heals them.... at least for the traditional ones....
  4. Most healers (Clerics) channel positive energy to heal and negative energy to harm. [Cure/Cause (insert severity range) Wounds]
  5. Not voting, but I thought I'd mention this for consideration too... In the mythology of Heroes of Might and Magic, Elements are dealt with as this: 4 Classical/Tangible Elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The world is made of those four, but in their natural form the elements are too unstable/volatile to mix. So there's a Fifth Element that binds them. That fifth Element is Magic. Powerful, but intangible - difficult to define.
  6. [ummm.... first questions are always the hardest to come up with.....especially as names have already been given.... Perhaps the Stone Ring/Stargate could be a starting point?] While the dwarven warriors were placing the log seats, Galadriel acknowledged Brod's words with an incline of her head. From his messengers, she already understood the implications of the hidden meaning behind Brod's seemingly innocent request. When offered, Galadriel did choose sit. Her guards didn't, but took up a position flanking, yet behind the Lady. Their distance and chosen locations were formal - similar in nature to the positions they would take up within the elven court. --- Daniel returned Jack's nod, and then paid attention to the log placing. It would give him an idea of the standings of the different peoples within the gathering. All the logs were equal distance from the fire, but it did seem that SG-1's log was slightly further away from the others. He also noted that Galadriel was accorded more space than most of the others present. That - if any human logic could apply - meant that she was higher in status than the rest. Even though it seemed that Brod was still the military leader of the camp. --- Sam, since the natives still seemed under the impression she was the leader, was the first Tau'ri to be offered a log to sit on - though it could also be due to the injury. She wasn't sure which. She also sat by the fire - the log seat reminding her of the Girl Scout camping trips that she'd been on as a teenager. Though the company was completely different. She nodded her thanks at the dwarves, then turned back to Colonel O'Neill with a raised eyebrow. Are you going to join me? [i'm assuming Teal'c will remain standing, Eretta will most likely join him.]
  7. At the question, Pythia refocused on the present. Filtering through what she'd seen, and made what sense of it she could. "We won't have trouble until we get into Alderton's lab." It was a reasonable assumption that the room she'd seen did belong to the missing scientist. "Once inside, it looks like our investigation gets interrupted during an item analysis. I believe its when I'm trying to determine which form of the chemical was taken." Again, she was assuming that she was trying to take a reading - or perhaps just turning the tube to read a label, when her vision faded out. Either way, the lack of any further info was a problem. [Rather vague.. but wriggle room is always good.]
  8. [@SUP3RSPAWN3R read Standard Rule 9: PM forms for approval. Ones posted in the RP will be ignored.] Pythia nodded at Shelia, and while balancing the donut boxes and coffee turned her mind inwards. Since she was actively trying to use her powers, she needed to access her trance state. Baxter labs.... what awaits us...? Pythia focussed on that one question in the hopes that an answer would make itself known... The Baxter building was ahead of them. The view point seemed to move quickly through the corridors before pausing outside an open doorway. A laboratory was inside the indicated room. The vision zoomed in on a particular storage unit. The unit opened, test-tube holders on shelves were scanned, until a partially filled one was encountered. She could see herself reaching towards it..... [i think that's a very dramatic point to pause/get interrupted ]
  9. Taking the donut boxes and coffee trays from the designated driver, Pythia balanced them on her lap as Rose got back in. "Not a problem." She wasn't yet confident enough in her power control to attempt taking an advance peek while on the move. Though it might still be worth a try... Fully aware that outside Cadmus facilities any conversation could be overheard, she asked: "Shall I try and make a reservation with Apollo?" Translated from code, it meant 'should she try to see what awaits them' - of course, to anyone else it was a lazy way to refer to the Apollo Theatre.
  10. [i'm game for Sauron wanting them alive, especially since he's been out of the System Lord loop for so long..... he won't know that the infamous SG-1 has showed up.] Now that Alex mentioned it... Daniel couldn't shake the image of embarrassed natives trying to get everyone covered up appropriately. |"It would certainly be an exercise in confusion for all involved."| He managed to say without breaking out in mirth. Though it was a difficult task. --- Cloak secured, the issue of her state of dress no longer being a topic of concern for the natives, Carter turned towards O'Neill at his last comment. He could see the hidden amusement behind the stern look she sent his way. Can you be serious for once and not confuse the locals? She was fully aware of the fine line between a polite suggestion and downright insubordination, so she left it at that. Though the quirk of her lips did promise some payback later. Once they didn't have an audience. [Hmmm why do I have an image of Carter in Biker Leathers to taunt Jack with...? I'm guessing its Q+A time now though lol Night camp makes a perfect time for that sort of thing.]
  11. "Understood." Meek and timid could be done. And the donuts and coffee could make for a good bribe if needed. Hopefully the interior of the Baxter Labs would be easy to navigate. From the sounds of things, they needed to get as much information in the shortest time possible. Weaponised Hope/Despair could be a very potent tool in anyone's arsenal. [based on my university, the Chemistry department was a maze... was a lot of fun to move what we termed 'N-Bombs' around (big canisters filled with liquid nitrogen)]
  12. With Hanzo leaving for specialised supplies - Pheonix also excused herself to see to the standard supplies that would be required for their journey. Tapping Web on the shoulder, Pheonix indicated that her input on the travel would be needed. After all, Web was - at the moment - the only one that knew exactly where they'd be heading. Granted Tinker usually saw to provisions, but Pheonix still felt like keeping an eye on the Abyssal. And this did provide an opportunity to get more information about what they'd be facing. Pheonix didn't like the not knowing much about adversaries, so she was determined to correct that. Web followed Pheonix out, having been sworn into the unit - Pheonix was now her superior officer, though the exact positioning within the unit hadn't been defined. [There that should keep those two occupied for a bit. And now for the Circle's turn to hear an odd theory.] It was Silent Falling Tree's turn on watch when Tinker's call came in. Quickly calling the other members of the Circle together - they all should be there if Tinker had news of import. Or even if he didn't. It was one of their traditions, it made sure no secrets were being kept. Ironic really considering which Maiden was Tree's patron.
  13. [i don't mind too much I did give permission for assumptions to be made. But thanks for the concern Fortune.] On route In the car, dubbed the 'Scuro-mobile' - what Pythia could only assume was meant to be a play on the Batmobile - a basic plan for entry was made. First stop, to get the coffee and donuts. Then on to Baxter Research. That was Plan A. And hopefully it was the only plan they needed. "Plan B?" Pythia queried, since there was always a chance that they would be stopped. The abduction should put security on higher alert - unless it was an inside job and the news was suppressed to the general staff. Which was looking likely, considering the small amount of information Cadmus had. And they didn't need to rely on 'official' channels.
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    I know its Halloween and most people will be saving spots... But: oooo lookie: A z code Signodextra Anyone want? PM me for the port
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    oooo lookie: A z code Signodextra Anyone want?
  17. [understood. Since Rose/Shelia is the more experienced of the two - Iris will be following her lead. That means basic actions - like arrival etc. can be assumed in posts.] Taking in the information from the briefing, Pythia nodded in understanding of the mission. Now she knew why only Intelligence was involved, they needed more information before committing. It was probably hoped that her 'reading' ability would provide a lead or two. A quick stop off at the living quarters, so she could change into something less conspicuous, and then they could leave. One advantage of the teleports on all floors, it didn't matter where they left from. Once changed, Pythia turned to Rose. "Ready when you are."
  18. [sounds good to me Fun fact: Both Iris' name and codename have Greek mythology roots. So she's the Rainbow Oracle of Delphi . Poke fun as needed ] Even though the pun was unintentional, it was still amusing. She considered the possibility. "Maybe, though I'm not exactly shadow material." A glance down at her Greek-style dress would attest to that. Though a change of clothes was very easy to do on the way out.
  19. [i'll leave it up to you how they know each other outside ] "Maybe I should try tea roses next time I meditate." The reply was serious, though the next meditation period would have to be put on hold. While the elevator made its way upwards, she speculated on the upcoming briefing. "Wonder what fact-finding mission they need us for?" Based on the fact that both of them were Intelligence division, and no stealth or combat personnel were assigned, it was unlikely to be a mission in a 'hot-spot'. Though going behind the proverbial lines wasn't completely out of the question.
  20. [ Easy mistake. At least you don't mind/can work with it ] Elevator At the greeting, Pythia joined Shelia in the elevator as she replied: "Hi. Yes - I was using a lavender candle in the mediation chamber." A thought occurred to her; not everyone found lavender relaxing and in some cases claimed it gave them headaches. "It's not too strong for you is it?" Though she wasn't certain what she'd be able to do about it if it was. [i noticed that Iris and Shelia are relatively similar ages. Iris being only a year younger than Shelia... Its possible that they already know each other from outside Cadmus.]
  21. Floor Five: Mediation moving to Floor One: Briefing Room Pythia's meditation cycle was interrupted by a summons. Unfolding her legs from her pose, she blew out the scented candle as she brought herself out of the trance. Her exercise had been both a success and a failure. Successful in that she'd achieved the base goal of entering and maintaining a trance - at least til the announcement. A failure in the fact she hadn't managed to clarify the vision that led her to join Cadmus - a personal aim of hers. Pausing only long enough to move the smoking candle to a corner of the room, Pythia made her way to the elevator. When the doors opened, she wasn't surprised to find Agent Rose already waiting inside. [seeing floor 5 is below 3, I assumed the elevator that Sheila was in is picking Iris up before heading upward to briefing.]
  22. [That's ok... and ooo evil plans are afoot. . Interesting times ahead I think.]
  23. [. Of course, Carter's tank top causes problems..... though as Jack would say, while giving her a joking leer; 'it is a sweet number'. ] Carter may have been mentally prepared for one of O'Neill's 'humorous' comments at her state-of-dress, but not for the natives' reaction. As the males nearby turned away - all apart from her teammates - she quickly glanced down at herself. As far as she was concerned there was nothing wrong with what she was wearing. Still more covered than most half my age..... Great. Now I sound like a fussy old prude. In reply to Brod; "No apology is needed, due to no offence given." -- Eretta took the offered cloak from an embarrassed dwarf, and crossed over to Sam. She knew the cloak would be too small, but given the fact that Galadriel had made the suggestion to leave the paste to air - and that Sam had come out with it exposed - then it meant that the cloak would be acceptable. She also noted that most of the Tau'ri didn't share the local reactions, as she secured the cloak around Sam's shoulders. Making sure the paste remained undisturbed. -- Daniel, being a little more sensitive to other cultures than Jack - who was still looking in Sam's general direction, averted his gaze to the fire. While it wasn't as extreme as the rest, it did at least give his teammate some privacy. Not that the tank top was in any way indecent. [i'm assuming no one is going to prevent Eretta from cloak duty ]
  24. [Yep. Wonder what our sneaky eavesdropper makes of all this? Not to mention Tinker about Web's theory. The reaction of his Circle should be interesting...]
  25. Location: Floor Five, Meditation Room. Walking into the chamber, Pythia looked around the rather sparsely furnished area. There was a woven mat on the floor, a chest in the far corner contained candles, candle holders, matches and incense. Pretty much anything small that could be used to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Closing the door, she considered the current aim. The goal here, at least according to her schedule, was to attain the necessary frame of mind to achieve a state of trance, enter and maintain it. Not to trigger any visions. The design of the room was meant to cut down any outside distractions, only things within could disrupt the occupier. Unless an emergency occurred - or she was required elsewhere - then the intercom system could interrupt. Selecting a single lavender-scented candle, Pythia lit it and placed it in a holder in front of the mat. Then she settled on the mat in a comfortable position. Breathing in the scent, Pythia's eyelids slid closed. The candle flame danced as she slowed her breaths down. Once they'd evened out, the next step was to clear her mind. Easier said than done, but that was the reason for this practice.