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  1. (poor Alex....) The Lady Galadriel, unlike Jack, did notice Alex's discomfort. Choosing not to embarrass him further, Galadriel returned her attentions to the one that had originally expressed concerns about mind-reading abilities. "I will endeavour not to invade any privacy with my ability. Though I am sure you all have questions, perhaps it may be time to check on how the treatment is faring?" The dark green paste on Carter's arm had dried, and the edges had turned scaly. So it may be time to see if it would flake off and check on whether the poison tendrils had retreated enough...
  2. (It is lol) Atlanta Atlanta picked up the requested contacts, and placed them carefully in her eyes one at a time. She smiled softly as Athena asked her next question, that one was easier to answer. "Yes. I have." It may have been a childhood crush and not 'true love', but she still remembered the way her younger heart used to skip around when she saw a certain someone. Someone she hadn't seen for a few years - his family had moved away before she turned thirteen.... Her eyes seemed to take on a far away look as she spoke. She blinked a few times to settle the contacts in place, which also had the effect of refocussing her in the present.
  3. (Yay, blunt girl talk ) Atlanta Taking the seat Athena had indicated so the transformation could begin, Atlanta replied as the wig was located and brought out: "I have experimented with certain things, but no I have not 'been with' anyone in the most literal sense of the phrase." She picked her words with care, trying to avoid the inevitable blush that would accompany the admission of being a virgin. She was only partially successful - her cheeks still betrayed the colour of embarrassment, but it was at least better than her usual reaction - given her colouring the blush would have spread further.
  4. Galadriel inclined her head at Alex; "Empathy would be a better descriptor of the ability I possess." She paused to allow SG-1 their say. Carter even though she didn't outwardly show it, wondered if the Lady had already picked up on her inadvertent deception. She wasn't the leader of SG-1, and she was out of her depth - again. Its not that she thought she was incapable of command - she just wasn't prepared for it this time round.
  5. Hmm, I think the first part of the disguise plan should work well - the preparation stage. After all, that part basically involves clothes and make-up, nothing too difficult. The problems would come during interactions. I was thinking that the first test would be seeing if Atlanta could fool the crew if she came out of the shuttle first pretending to be Athena? (Basically giving her a chance to develop and practice the 'attitude' differences?)
  6. Atlanta - following Athena At the decision to use both plans, Atlanta's attention turned towards her part in the charade. As she followed Athena into the shuttle, she started to note details that should help her pull the twin stunt. Such as Athena's posture and style of movement. Of course, the companion carried herself with much more confidence than a junior scientist. That was the first thing that was noticeable - apart from the obvious appearance differences.
  7. Hmmm, decisions - decisions Even though my character (Atlanta) suggested the double decoy, I'd say go for which ever plan/combination of plan makes the most interesting scenario. I'm sure a companion could think of a few ways to disguise slight differences at a distance. Plus it might be a chance to let slip some of Atlanta's secrets After all, after that suggestion she might not be viewed as a shy scientist anymore... and Teela already suspects something's up with Atlanta after the pirate attack aftermath....
  8. [at least Jack isn't making too much of a scene Even if he can't keep his mouth shut ] Carter held her own reaction in check, she didn't think the Colonel was helping, but he wasn't necessarily making things worse. She was going to let the diplomats' take care of this situation. But that didn't mean she was going to daydream, she was going to observe carefully. Daniel did notice Brod's careful phrasing and he did appreciate Alex's input during the conversation. It made it easier if more than one was making an effort to understand the natives. He did mentally sigh at Jack's pointed words referring to the Lady that was seated practically opposite them. Not that she seemed put out by it. -- Galadriel spoke up, "Telepathy, by the description you have given, is a very rare ability. It has only been known to be used by the Valar themselves. Lesser abilities do exist among certain bloodlines, but not to the extent that you seem to fear so."
  9. [heehee, I can see some very interesting conversations ahead... especially with the inbuilt mutual dislike/distrust between Silune and Pheonix Feel free to interrupt/interject replies where appropriate.] Pheonix almost grinned at Silune's description of the dangers - as a Lookshayan officer, she was already well aware of them. And she had the training to deal with them. Granted most of her solutions involved some form of violence, but they did work (most of the time). Pheonix was sure her commanding officer knew about the main reason she'd have for objecting, but she also knew the concept of keeping potential enemies where you could see them. "Meeting the rest of the unit seems like a good chance to get to know each other better. Though I do believe you have already met some of them within the mansion." It wasn't an accusation as such, but it was a blatant attempt at information gathering - to see how much Silune already knew about them. While her mind was on newcomers and introductions, she remembered the incident at the gate while on her way over. "Today seems to be a day for new people." Her comment was very blunt, yet Pheonix rarely made social observations without having a reason behind them. She wasn't certain how much detail to go into, considering the presence of a Lunar, but she had to make a report. Swallowing her distrust - especially since Silune was an admitted assassin, Pheonix switched to full military mode to address Shaya: "There's a visitor at the main gate, one who seems to recognise the legion uniform from a brief glance at a distance. The guards are currently barring entry, Hanzo went to see what it was about." Then she asked the obvious: "Shall I summon the unit to a specific place for a formal introduction, Commander?" Pheonix suspected some of them would still be outside the barracks - especially since she'd given them conditional downtime after the battle at Lenco's. That and they needed some unwinding after their Underworld experience.
  10. Atlanta - standing around "It looks like those are the only options we've got..." Atlanta mused, "Especially seeing we have a time restraint to implement any plan we come up with..." She was certain that if they had more time to think things through, they could come up with something that these.... bounty hunters.... wouldn't expect. As it was, the sniper option seemed the one to be most expected - otherwise why would they take a hostage? - but also most likely to succeed. The decoy route did depend on how similar she and Athena were to start with. Too many differences could render it impossible to pull off. Though Atlanta wouldn't have suggested it if she thought it was impossible... "The sniper plan would be faster to get into place, depending on how long creating a believable lookalike would take. Of course, if I'm going to try and stay at a distance and not get close to them - the twin illusion wouldn't have to be so detailed." Atlanta would still have to mimic certain aspects - such as the way Athena walked and held herself - but most of the illusion would be provided by a borrowed costume. [This could get really confusing Especially if Jake is fooled - since he's not there to hear the plan...]
  11. [Heh. Confusion is always a good companion to SG-1. Poor Daniel, he's getting abused by Sam's foot. ] When O'Neill retook his seat, Carter offered him a small smile of thanks. Though she wasn't really sure whether she was thanking him for not making a larger fuss or for not directly calling her out on not correcting the misconceptions earlier. She did, however, give Daniel another gentle nudge with her foot to stop him making any more comments to Jack about his outburst. -- Daniel refocused on the natives, this was what his presence on the team was for - the diplomatic side that the military personnel often overlooked. Well, that and his knack for linguistics. "Please forgive the reaction, we tend to place a high value on privacy and the idea of personal space being invaded - whether intentional or accidental - produces an uncomfortable scenario. Abilities such as telepathy would be highly regulated among us to preserve personal space." Daniel was carefully avoiding mentioning true telepathy didn't exist among the general populace, simply because he wasn't certain that the Lady was telepathic or just highly observant. Then again, he wouldn't be surprised if telepathy did exist in some form - he only had to think of the way Sam and Jack could 'read' each other... [Am assuming Daniel's little speech is after Jack's sarcasm to Brod's question.]
  12. [That's fine - I bet Jack's used to being interrupted by Daniel, especially when it comes to interacting with the natives. ] It seemed that Jack wasn't going to take Galadriel's word for it. And it looked like he was going to kick up a fuss, and Daniel didn't think that was a good idea, considering they were technically surrounded. "Jack." Daniel cut across what ever complaint his military friend was going to make. "I really don't think its wise to push the subject." His eyes flicked to Sam, hopefully indicating to Jack why he thought that. Carter didn't miss the glance, and after a split second of contemplation turned her attention to Jack as well. "He's right, you know. We are on borrowed time as it is..." While her tone was soft, it still carried the weight of a decision made. Her eyes, at least, told the truth. She didn't like the idea of her mind being read either, but if they were being hunted they needed some allies - or at least some information before creating any rifts. While she would, as always, back O'Neill up if he did decide otherwise, Carter was hoping that he wouldn't force the issue. Especially as, for some reason, she was still considered the 'boss' of the group by the natives. That would be some wake-up call.... [lol the science 'twins' are ganging up on Jack ]
  13. The new design is really pretty - when it renders properly - but recently my scroll has started to look like this: Screenie White text on the default tan scroll paper is, quite frankly, a pain in the ass to even try to read....
  14. [No preference in particular... canon Jack is very paranoid, so its unlikely he'll believe Galadriel, but he also trusts his team. So if any member of his team tells him to calm down - he probably will, though if its Daniel and things turn bad he won't let Danny forget it. He respects Teal'c's instincts, so if T intervened he'd back down with less of a fuss... Not sure how he'd react if it was Carter however.... since she's technically still his subordinate... The only thing I can think of as unlikely is Alex speaking up in response - he'd probably think of himself as too new (though since he is your character I could be wrong)]
  15. Thanks for letting me know you picked it up
  16. The user this was bred for hasn't read the PM for more than 48hrs... so since its an Elemental Baby I'm going to put the link here for someone to adopt. An early Easter Egg! Love and Name, please.
  17. Carter was jolted out of her musings by the Colonel's tone. And she mentally cursed herself for not paying attention - it was obvious that the colonel was going to react badly to that statement. She only hoped that Daniel would be able to smooth things over if the native's got offended by it... --- Lady Galadriel's escort seemed to take more affront by the slight tone of challenge than Galadriel did. Though her calmness did somewhat mollify them. At least that was the impression given by their expressions. "Reading minds? No. Reading postures, interactions and the surroundings - and making judgements based on those impressions? Yes." ---- Daniel looked between Jack and Galadriel while they spoke - wondering if he should intervene - but chose to keep silent for now, unless the other native 'factions' were to react badly...
  18. [Oooo I can see some fun times ahead between Stephen and Zeditha if they ever met lol, and here goes on my first RP post. PM me for why I think that - if you want...] Stephen stretched his muscles out - as he had done every day since he had left home. He never knew when he would need to run, and getting a cramp from unpreparedness wasn't in the plan. He took a quick glance around his current place of residence, it wasn't much to look at, but it was dry and safe - at least for now. In fact, it was pretty much a dump. An abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. A left-over remnant of a more Industrial age, rusting out-dated machinery blocked most of the view from the main door, and the windows had long since been boarded up - though the wood was rotting away. It hadn't taken a lot of effort to get in, and it was unlikely that anyone would think to look inside for him. Looking over at the few things he had with him - his clothes were getting a little dirty and he was running out of spares, Stephen decided to take a risk and go to the nearest water source to at least attempt to get his outfits somewhat respectable before going into public. He left what he could, packing a small backpack with what he was going to clean. No-one would look twice at a teenager with a backpack. They'd probably assume he was playing truant if they did see him at all...
  19. Carter bit back her smirk at confusing O'Neill with a kid's tale, I'm so going to pay for that later.... then turned her full attention to the rest of the gathered 'representatives'. Galadriel, at Brod's prompting, confirmed the rumour: "It is true that I encountered Annatar. As for seeing His mind - it is not something I would wish to relive. However, I can make an educated guess." She glanced at the crebain, as she voiced her opinion. "We have brought time. He will not be expecting any of his spies to encounter the group so soon after the initial combat. The crebain have a large range under their wing, so the bought time will be shorter rather than longer." Carter started wondering how someone could see into another's mind - assuming they were talking literally rather then figuratively. And from Galadriel's controlled reaction, it looked like the literal option was more likely....
  20. Atlanta Atlanta conceded the point, it was not the best plan, but at least she tried. As Athena continued pacing and plotting. When she reached the part about needing a distraction... "Two of them. Two of .... us - I mean, you?" Atlanta waited til she had Athena's attention before continuing. "Chances are - after the initial confusion, 1 of them tries to grab you, the other tries to grab me - that would provide an opening to administer the ... substances."
  21. At O'Neill's glance at them after the inspection of the bird, Carter merely raised one shoulder in a shrug to indicate that she was at a loss. Poisonous maybe? We don't know the wildlife... A second idea occurred to her, a rather silly idea and with a slight gleam in her eyes, she beckoned O'Neill closer. Then, when he got closer, she whispered; "Maybe its like Santa's Robins, except with an evil twist." --- Daniel had drawn a blank on the name of Mahal - though he wasn't going to give up considering it, especially given the obvious reverence that the Dwarves gave that name. So changing his train of thought, he turned his attention to the dead bird and Jack's underwhelmed confusion. Seeing the fried bird - Daniel couldn't see why the natives had been so concerned - it did look rather unthreatening, if slightly larger than most Earth birds. Daniel, from his position near Sam, heard her suggestion and started contemplating the possibility. It wasn't as far-fetched as it sounded, pigeons had been used to carry messages during the World Wars. Though it required breeding to get the more docile versions that would respond to training.... and looking at the dead bird he didn't think they'd be as 'domesticated' as pigeons to start with. [No worries about the net-less state. I just had a silly picture in my head when I wrote Carter's part....and I couldn't unsee it]
  22. Web inclined her head in acknowledgement of the request, and merely placed the papers she'd been carrying on the small table Shaya had recently vacated. It made it easier to organise, Web figured that Shaya would want a plan of travel presented sooner rather than later - so she made that her task while Pheonix followed Shaya into the bedroom. Curious, Pheonix followed her Commander into the smaller room that currently served as Shaya's bedroom. It wasn't long before her curiosity had an answer, there was another in the room waiting for them. One that Shaya seemed to expect Pheonix to react badly to... if her words and stance were anything to go by. Considering that the few she would react badly to on first meeting were Lunars, Abyssals and Wood/Water aspects.... well maybe that was considerably more than a few. Pheonix mentally ticked off the options, not wearing very dark colours - so unlikely Abyssal, no Jade of any colour - rules out Dragonblood... most likely a Lunar... While she was assessing Silune, she asked; "Another unexpected recruit?" She was trying to control her standard reaction, but the effort was probably visible to both. [Pheonix's military backround is probably the only thing that is stopping any overt hostility ]
  23. Eretta and a few of the nearest members of the Free People - both Dwarf and Man - headed off to find the downed Crebain. As they left, they could hear Brod's question for SG-1 and the reaction of the dwarves. --- The reaction of the newer members of the camp to the weapons was, while somewhat expected, still made Carter run potential scenarios in her mind. She was looking for a way to diffuse the situation without any conflict. She was saved from those thoughts by Brod's attempt. While Daniel was running through his mental databanks for any information on the name of Mahal, as well as trying to come up with a way to correct Brod's misconceptions, Carter spoke up: "I think remarkable does well as a description." She knew fully well how annoyed O'Neill got at the goa'uld for pretending to be gods - using the supposition that superior technology is magic - and she wasn't about to make the same mistake. Even if she really should have let Daniel do the smoothing over - since that was his specialty. --- Galadriel had seen the Tau'ri prepare their weapons when the initial alarm had been shown, so she had been expecting some sort of action from them. Her guards however, had apparently been paying more attention to the Crebain and had reacted to a perceived threat. While Brod's words had mollified them somewhat, they only stood down at Galadriel's gesture. --- The crebain - when it was found - had no feathers left. They had all been burned away by the staff blast. Eretta carefully approached to pick it up - after all the Enemy's agents were known for trickery, but it was well and truly dead. Carrying the dead bird back to camp - Eretta figured they could throw it on to the campfire to be sure that no trace remained. [Teal'c Fried Crebain, anyone? ]
  24. Atlanta - explaining her plan "I was thinking - if it was possible for me to look like Athena in the given timeframe - we could make the bounty hunters doubt themselves." Atlanta started. "While they are trying to work out which one of us is their real target, it may be possible for the rest to rescue Jake." "They may also turn on the one that hired them if they think the employer left out important info - such as having a near-identical sibling." Atlanta would be the first to admit the plan wasn't completely without risk, the bounty hunters may just decide to try and take them both. Or they may not be easily fooled by the 'twins' and work out it was a trick. Of course, it all depended on whether the hunters were being paid enough to cover such 'complications'. And her acting ability. And whether Athena could make her a good enough look-alike. This seemed a better idea in my head.... so many ifs and buts....
  25. [You can assume my characters entered - even if Pheonix was curious about the commotion at the gate, she wouldn't ignore an implied order (the summons). And Web probably knows her nature might make things worse at the gate - after all the guards would still look askance at her even if she is a guest.]