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  1. ((Sorry for my in-activeness. I'm going to restart with my character. Pretend I didn't post before if I posted before. When I'm posting, blue means good Koi, red means EVIL Koi, purple means both.) Koi stared into a stream, watching a koi fish.
  2. Koi kept on going on and off until the pressure of the water was so high it disabled her zombie form and sent her flying into the ruins a lot of dragons were, crash landing on crusher's nose
  3. Koi dived into a nearby lake in soulpeace form, thenshifting zombie and back, the force of the transformation making a fountain of water
  4. I wanna join! Username: Ravenx10 Name: Koi Gender: Female Type/Breed: Soulpeace went zombie Power: To switch between zombie and soulpeace forms Personality: Agressive in zombie form, VERY shy in soulpeace form Appearance: A red and black version of a soulpeace stage 1 hatchling in soulpeace form, Blue and yellow stage 1 zombie hatchling in zombie form Age/Stage: Stage 2 hatchling History: ??? Extra: Extra: She is evil in her zombie form and the complete opposite in her soulpeace form
  5. Pfft. Forget about that other character I was making. I am making a new character! Username: Ravenx10 Name: Kai Gender: Female Species: Hellfire Wyvern Personality: Very small-tempered and hot-headed, but very protective of friends Crush/Mate: None so far Talents/Abilities: EXTREME flying speed and pro healer Other: She has the same coloration as a male hellfire wyvern and an odd sheild-ish thingy on the tip of her tail
  6. Because I just felt like it. And also, normally when dragons hatch, you can't tell their gender.
  7. Me joining! Username: Ravenx10 Name: Sairikoi Gender: Unknown Species: Soulpeace dragon Personality: VERY shy Crush/Mate?: Nope. Talents/Abilities: Pro healer Other: Her coloration is black with red, deep crimson and dark gray where the blue, purple, and white are supposed to be
  8. (Sorry if I am late joining Username: Ravenx10 Name: Cacrico Xenyos Gender: None Type/breed: Winter Magi Power: To make ice platforms out of thin air Personality: Nice, but shy. Will run away from anything bigger than a mouse. Is hard to find. Appearance: A normal winter magi hatchling, but oddly it has an odd blue streak on it's tail. Age/Stage: Frozen hatchling History: (I do not want to tell) Extra: This is based of Cacrico Xenyos on my scroll: (My scroll) And by the way I am calling this one It. I forgot a few things. Also thinking about bringing an adult vamp
  9. Add me to the list (If there is one).
  10. ((I will be having inactivity problems))
  11. ((Guys,watch your spelling)) Forum name: Ravenx10 Character name:Cricket Gender:Female Neglected? No, is a sunstone Age:Stage 1 hatchling History: ? Personality: RP'd Appearance:A normal sunstone, but she has green horns. Abilities/Powers: She can jump high and put someone to sleep. Number:4,237 Other: Weak bodies, Strong hearts and is Raven's sister Forum name:Ravenx10 Character name:Raven Gender:Female Neglected?No, is a mint Age:Stage 2 hatchie History:? Personality:Unlike her sister, she is kind and not afraid to fight Appearance:A normal mint,
  12. The Stone 12321 wants to join the ninja chickens. *Stone swats a space chicken* (Yes, The Stone 12321 is a stone dragon)
  13. Forum Name:Ravenx10 Dragon Name:Unnamed Gender:Female Age:? Breed Of Dragon:Gray Dragon + Dark Myst Pygmy Breed Description:This odd creature is not known about...We will find out later. Description Of Your Dragon:Unnamed is gray with black wings and has a tail that is a dark myst pygmy head at the tip.Other than that,She looks like a normal grey dragon.Unnamed's front feet are covered in vines. Talent:Unnamed can use her vines to make bridges,ropes,and all sorts of stuff. With Or Against Sylan:Against History:? Other:As we progress in the RP,she will tell us some of her h
  14. Username: Ravenx10 Character's name: Light Sky Down Gender: Female Species: Pygmy Clan: Wind Clan Rank: Scout Personality: Friendly
  15. Username:Ravenx10 Character Name:Light Sky Down Gender:Female Age:Adult Dragon kind:Pygmey Personality:Kind,Speedy,and Adventurous Other: Her energy depends on the day is is. She also likes stuff that are yellow/orange. ((Edit: I am making another character and have you guys forgotten this post?)) Username: Ravenx10 Character name: Raveinx Gender: Female Age: Stage 2 hatchling Dragon kind: Mint Personality: Same as Light but a sound will make her run away Other: Is Light's sister and has long claws like a raven and I will be having inactivity prob