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  1. i want disney to open a new park in florida called kingdom hearts and have it be a geared to teens and young adults with rollercoasters and such. Would work well too, each land themed to a different world and if set up right allow them to close a section and completely redo it if that movie falls out of favor for a new movie. Imagine walking into traverse town as the main entrance hub and seeing neoshadows and sora and cloud and sepheroth walking around
  2. I thought the unifying theme was pretty nicely done. I know i would spring for keychain replicas of the keychains that change the keyblades form. yeah parts were a bit cheesy at times but other then atlantica missions i generally found both ps2 and the gba game to be pretty compeling and drew you in nicely. And to say nothing of the secret ending sequence at the end of KH1, had me drooling for a long time. also in terms of enemies the heartless and nobodies are instant icons.