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  1. Possibly. If it is a hardware based issue, they must recall the system to change it. Unless they released an Xbox One 2.0 (ironic, isn't it) for a discounted/free price with a verifiable proof of purchase from the original, or possibly a device that gets plugged into the Xbox One to circumnavigate the "features". If it is a software/firmware issue, then it is possible to fix it remotely. Even with saying that, it is possible the software update/total rewrite would be too strenuous or large to do remotely. In short, MS might still have to recall to fix a software issue. Even if they don't, I assume the software component would be very difficult to reach as to dissuade tech savvy buyers from tampering. This would call for a massive software upgrade/rewrite that would not only clog a home's wifi/internet connection for hours, but in cases where people pay by the MB, it would break people. Either way, I'm seeing a very dismal future for the Xboned. Even with that, the initial release will probably be somewhat successful. I know as of last week Thursday, the closest GameStop to my house had sold out of Xbone preorders but still had about a dozen PS4s left.
  2. Gift report: Dsnake1-> Speedyheart: Gold Egg Gift Metallic: Dragon This was a Glomp
  3. Gift report: Dsnake1-> TurboSilver: - please use lineage link /view/Q2HsW]Gold egg gift[/url] Metallic: Dragon
  4. FLOWERS!!!! This has awesome potential. And I love the new dragon
  5. I want to participate! Forum name: Scroll name: Rank: Silver Wishlist: 1. CB Royal Blue (NL would be cool as well) 2. NL Ice 3. NL Thunder (Or any lineage if you have some laying around) 4. NL Blusang Lindwurm 5. NL Red Dorsal (Or really any lineage) 6. NL Golden Wyvern
  6. Recently, I have been working on some sprite recolors. I know it may not fit quite right, but you could have some unofficial shinies or a certain recolor croup like golden or metallic pokemon or something
  7. May I please be added to the list?
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    Must have some beginner's luck. This is my first time doing a SWSH and I got all three. - 4 eggs - 211 eggs - 164 eggs But anyways, I would join a forum wide shiny hunt. Could be quite a bit of fun. I personally recommend something crazy that most people won't shiny hunt.
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    The name traders!

    Preferred method of contact: PM Dragon(s) you have: After I breed a gold for Metalweavers I can breed my gold. I can possibly give an IOU for a 2nd gen thunder or magma Name/dragon you want: Ukkonen Myrsky
  10. Forum ID: Dsnake1 Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Dsnake1 PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04&MID=190983 Proof that I read the rules: shiny happy people
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    Scyther needs Cheris
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    Started a nice little boufalant shiny hunt to go along with my tauros hunt.