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  1. Granted! You're patient zero. I wish for a new laptop.
  2. I'm currently working my way through 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami and A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick. Edit: Oh, and I've also started re-reading the web serial Worm. It's pretty good.
  3. Granted! That's how we get zombies. And great Disney movies! I wish for a fish.
  4. Right now: This is actually my favorite song.
  5. I pretty much exclusively use pens at this point unless I'm typing something up.
  6. I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter Generations recently, as well as Pokemon Yellow and Silver.
  7. I guess I should probably say hi, as I tend to do about once a year! Nice to see that everything's still here, even though we're quite a few volumes further than we used to be.
  8. Granted! It's delivered exclusively by snail. I wish I knew more! (Also wow, I can't believe my thread's still running!)
  9. Granted! It's done, but all the answers are wrong. Also you wrote some really embarrassing stuff on there, jeez... I wish for some headphones.
  10. You got it! One bowl of vegetable soup. That's it. That's all you get from here on out, is a single bowl of vegetable soup. Enjoy! I wish for a typewriter.
  11. You get 350 dorolo, utterly worthless in comparison to the dollar or any other currency out there. I wish for a fish.
  12. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/...rd%C3%A4mmerung
  13. http://xkcd.com/1369/
  14. Well, they're not necessarily lucky, but I carry them around at all times, except when I'm in the shower. - A necklace that has the key to my house, a dragon pendant, and a wolf pendant, both of which I bought at a fair, but they're... Special to me nonetheless. - A ring that I nearly never take off, made out of stainless steel; it's a spinner ring, and it normally keeps my hands occupied and me focused if I'm trying to focus on one thing or another. - Two leather wristbands that were made for me by my Aunt's coworker, although I manage to clean them more often then the other two >___>''. I still wear them nearly non-stop. Admittedly they're just jewelry, but they all hold a little bit of a special meaning to me, mundane origins or otherwise .
  15. N: 7/10. Mrrf, dunno what it stands for. A: 8/10. I giggled X3. S: 9/10. Neat and organized, while to the point :3.
  16. Granted, it's a Russian doll instead :3. I wish that I could BEND REALITY TO MY WILL.