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ZPletter2b.png *** TheOath3.png *** eoc_button.gifSee my Scroll! :) - I take breeding requests (except CB metallic and up to 3rd gen prize dragons). I DO ACCEPT AND GIVE IOUsPrize Dragons Spreadsheet *** I live in Europe, so my timezone is GMT+1, please keep that in mind when waiting for responses! ;)

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    Well, I'm a little chaotic and tend to dream of big projects without having even the basics to start with. But without dreams nothing will get started. ;)
    So I'll try to make this list step by step without messing anything up ...

    Kind of a sitemap:
    1) Personal heroes
    2) IOUs / Requests / Swaps
    3) Wishlist
    4) Prize Dragon Spreadsheet


    First of all: My personal alltime heroes!

    ==> Shroomlet \o/ < my own and very personal lineage sibling - cannot be bred anymore *g*
    ==> Solakthe <3 < nearly even gen suiting mate for me! XD
    ==> Mailinvomwald =^.^= < my sweet little alltime hatchling :)
    ==> Hurunduer m^.^m < always patient bear, who maintains me in every situation :)

    Also some special persons, who may always ask me for anything!
    Alse15, pinkgothic, Terpsichore, Req, dustpuppy, Nymue, Pikabubba, Sethiss, QAndais, MaximumOccupancy, Thenameisplissken ...

    Also a special Thank You to Absolute for my Pii Saart! :D


    My list of IOUs >.< and requests/swaps :)

    IOUs already filled by me: 67
    Requests filled: 80
    ... won't count anymore. XD

    I owe:
    - pinkgothic << CB Green Copper

    Owes to me:
    - HonehSweetehPie >> 3/4 2nd gen metallics, 3/3 CB Tsunami, 3/3 CB Thunder
    - GoldGryphon >> 4th gen Quantum Color x Hellfire

    - for Prize Dragons: see spreadsheet
    - else: none atm

    Event swaps/trades:
    - pinkgothic << 2nd gen Arsani x Wrapping Wing

    Inaktive players:
    - Lacrima << 2nd gen Pillow from f Gold x m Pillow for 2 Lurker hatchlings (I had success, but it wasn't picked up.)
    - shadesofchaos << 1/4 2nd gen female silver x spring/fog/*magi*/pink/purple nebula/trihorn/purple/horse/*swallowtail*
    - shadesofchaos >> 3rd gen Silver Shimmer


    Third: WISHLIST

    What I definitely need at the moment:
    - 2nd gen f Gold or m Blusang from f Gold x m Blusang (unrelated to mine - please ask before breeding)
    - 3rd gen female Gold from perfect checker with Sweetlings
    - 3rd gen Rosebud from perfect checker with m Golds
    - 3rd gen male Silver from perfect checker with female Blacks

    Always appreaciated:
    - (low gen) Shimmer Scales (I love them in general! :D )
    - low gen Tinsels
    - CB Blusangs
    - CB Coppers
    - CB or low gen Golds
    - CB or low gen Silvers
    - Tri-Horns, Gilded Bloodscales, Bleeding Moons (only as hatchlings and NOT messy or inbred)
    - easy-to-continue Trios (for gifting)
    - nicely lineaged dragons (I love checkers and rainbows!)
    - BSA hatchlings (CB and nice lineages preferred, especially Reds, Pinks and Purples)
    - CB hatchlings


    Prize Dragons I own:



    Thank you for reading through all of this! :)

    Happy collecting, breeding and trading to everyone! :D