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  1. Mý gf just got her first GoN. On the second try. With only one each of the Trio. her scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Shadowsworn_Princess
  2. I'm perfectly happy with the rate of new releases. But the flood time needs some changes. 24 hours at minimum. And the issues with Cave Blockers also needs a LOT of fixing.
  3. So, I'm a little confused how the whole 'registering dragons' thing works. Mostly on the spreadsheet bit. Halp? x-x
  4. May I register for this awesome-looking lineage? New Member FORUM NAME: Evolzar Laggia SCROLL NAME: Ke-Nan TIME ZONE: US Mountain Time (soon to change)
  5. For this Christmas I would like a Golden Wyvern! EDIT: I got an eggie from Xythus!
  6. I cannot catch one of these ;~;
  7. I have my own little storyline in my cave, and I like seeing the children of my dragons on other peoples scrolls Gives me some more dragons to work with in the storees.
  8. My sister got an, albiet messy, Dorkface out of the AP. http://dragcave.net/lineage/n173q So jelly...
  9. Not even going to mention the fact that the game rules already state that currency being used in transactions is forbidden. But this is just plain stupid. It may be a good idea in theory, but in practice it would just be moronic. DC isnt a store, it's an adoptables thingy. Trading is a cool part of the game because you get something neat for giving someone something they think is neat. The Gold would be worthless on anything else and would only serve to ruin trades. This idea just has fail written all over it.
  10. Hah. I remember wanting to have a really long-lineaged dragon, but not a messy lineage Now I need my CBs or close-gen. Or PBs.
  11. You know what i hate? When I'm surfing the AP, and a rare pops up, I click it, and OOPS. I'm egglocked. Even though I would have GLADLY ditched one of my eggs I had currently for that rare. What I'm suggesting is a single egg slot that you can put eggs from the Cave and AP in, that only is used when egglocked, and unless you make room for that egg, it's auto-abandoned in 24 hours.
  12. Sun Wols from Dragon Drive. So happy. Senkoukura, again from Dragon Drive. Irontooth. I so thought this would be taken