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ariaalina.png<-- My Scroll 25k56cl.gifMtC.gifHere's my wishlist. If you do not know if your offer is acceptable, just PM me to ask, I won't bite. ^_^I do accept IOUs. I am currently trying to trade: None at the moment

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    Specific eggs or hatchlings I want (for some reason it really does not want to hyperlink this...):

    Would like any:
    Tinsels, Shimmer-scales, Silvers, Reds, Pinks, CB Guardians or CB Whites

    I would be happy to breed anything on my scroll for Shimmer-scales, Silvers, low-gen Tinsels, or any of the rares listed in my wishlist. One thing though, except for my holiday dragons, all of my dragons are monogamous.
    Highlights of my scroll are here:

    Outstanding IOUs:
    From me:
    Bronze shimmer egg from (FgYSM) to Crithach - must notify with every breeding

    To me:
    4th gen silver from stitchstinks446