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  1. Just thought that I'd post a few ideas I've been having for some Environmental areas. More specifically, I've been focussing in the Soith California area, since this seems to be our state of choise and all. This is organized by locale with Flora and Fauna listed with them. I may add more to them or more areas altogether in the future. Mojave Desert: Once the hottest place in Southern California, the Mojave desert is now one of the coldest. It is just one, vast, nothing, though rumors have spread of settlements of nomads in the desert.The Mojave, despite not being a valuable spot for nuking, has been utterly saturated with radiation, with the highest concentration being at its lowest point. The local fauna have become perfect survivors in this new age, content with little food, water, or heat. Fauna Diggers: A race of lizards that have grown larger due to radiation. Adults average at about 3 feet from end to end. They are equipped with strong, steel-hard claws that allow them to effortlessly burrow underground. They are ambush predators, choosing to hide underground and strike prey when it draws close. While they by no means normally pose a threat to humans, in a pack they can be dangerous. Tarantulas: Already native to the desert before the bombs fell, these large, hairy Arachnids are terrifying enough by their looks. Like most creatures, their size has grown considerably from radiation. Now with their bodies alone easily being the size of a human head, these large spiders can take down wild sheep, and their fangs can punch through thin metals. Their poison is extremely potent, and can kill in minutes in large enough doses. Bighorn Sheep: relatively unchanged from their old-world counterparts. Bighorns do, however, now posses far thicker and luxurious wool, and it is prized by scavengers and merchants alike. They are frequently hunted, and as such are some-what rare. Flora Boom Cactus: After absorbing irradiated water, many species of cacti died out in the Mojave. However, those that survived adapted to the radiation, and have now become biological bombs. "Boom Cacti", as they are called, are large cacti resembling Saguaro. They are highly pressurized with irradiated water, and even the slightest touch can result in a violent explosion. This explosion is normally used to scatter their many seeds, ehich fly out at high speeds, acting like small bullets to nearby creatures. The water is, of course, highly toxic and shouldn't be drunk. Death Valley: The deepest, hottest part of the Mojave, the title "Death Valley" now fits like a glove. The area is so densely irradiated that it seeps from the ground, and has all but replaced natural water. The area is inhospitable to anything but the grotesquely mutated monstrosities that show no resemblance to their former species. The radiation is so thick that the area eminates a sort of artificial heating, warming the area to above freezing tempuratures. It would be a nice place, if it weren't for all the deadly radiation and shambling monstrosities. Fauna Things: No clever nickname or scientific classification can be given to these... Things. They are unidentifiable mutated monstrosities that personify one big insult to nature itself. They resemble pitch-black, deformed masses with only two soulless, empty eyes, a mouth full of daggers, and thick, heavy bipedal statures. They have long, tentacle-like appendages that stretch haphazardly from their backs like underdeveloped arms. They simply move about, uninterested in anything. That is, until They spot prey. It has been rumored that those who look into Their eyes will be paralyzed with fear, unable to move as They slowly kill you. Or so they say. Flora Radweed: the only plant anyone has been able to identify in the Death Valley. Radweed is a new species of plant born from lifetime exposure to radiation. It is a fluorescent-green plant that practically glows with radiation. Radweed thrives in any area with high afiation, and it seems that the plan wuickly die without it. Radweed is completely toxic, right down to the not-water flowing through it. Radweed grows about as tall as old-world long-grasses, and is shaped like branches with small nodules on the ends of the branches. Getting VERY enthusiastic with the whole Radiation thing here. Of course, other, less hostile animals like rabbits and vultures live in the Mojave, but I am too lazy to include them. Also, if it seems like I'm just copying Fallout New Vegas, I'm trying not to. The Mojave was just simply a different area that I could play around with. And yes, I'll get to my IC post eventually. Im still wondering if I should wait for a point to jump in , or to just say "Screw it" and get it done.
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  3. I have a Black dragon named Too Black Too Strong. Malcolm X references are awesome references.
  4. ((That happens SO often with you and me. It's bizarre...))
  5. Alexander still kept is eyes trained on the strange figure. On the King of Death. "I've lived in the company of Death for quite some time." he finally said. "And I believe that I have more then made its acquaintance. It is so thing many fear, yet at the same time it is the ultimate end." he turned to a dress Apocalypse. "This invasion has taken a turn no one could have predicted. And sadly, I. Had to abandon the effort. But I will not leave without my prize!" Saying this, Alexander teleported into the shadow of the tower. He scooped up one of the nets, then teleported into the main tower via shadows. There were two things wrong with this room. One, there was no one in it. Secondly, there was an owl harassing that poor wall. "Hello there, Luithark" Alexander said with a cruel chuckle. In seconds he had wrapped the owl inside the net and sealed it tight. The owl struggled and pecked, but he held it at a distance. He was so tempted to draw his sword... He then ran back into the shadows and teleported to Apocalypse's side. "I always get my prize." Alexander said holding up the owl. "Now, shall we leave before the kind King of Death turns us into writhing piles of rotting body parts?"
  6. ((magic.)) "This battlefield is getting far to cluttered." Alexander Said quietly. "What was once just an invasion on two overlords, there are now five. And that fellow in the center." Without turning to look at the demon clutching his arm, he spoke. "You fear him. Greatly. That comes as a surprise to me. When we spoke, you acted like an arrogant king. Even towards the man who held his own against your monster. Hi there, by the way." he said, addressing Shadow. After thinking for a moment, Alexander let out a long sigh, and a string of oaths (curses) under his breath. "Fine then. I shall recall my army, and we will return home. I trust your judgement." He had not done as much damage as he would have wished, only killing a single army. But right now, trusting an ally in the face of an unknown enemy seemed like the better plan of action. Alexander raised his arm to attract his High Minions' attentions. He ordered them to call for a full retreat of all forces. The Reds stopped firing, and the Browns stopped smashing. The Blues, bless them, tried desperately to revive as many minions as possible before retreating. The Greens killed whatever minions they were assaulting and fled back into the woods to circle back around. Alexander told his High Minions to lead his forces back to the tower. He wanted to see what this strange figure was all about.
  7. ((sorry I have been gone for so long. Spent two-and-a-half hours painting our windowsills.)) Alexander watched as the once blinding mist cleared instantly. He knew there must have been an outside intervention. He turned to see his ally Apocalypse hiding in the bushes. He looked almost silly; a massive, evil demon hiding in the bushes with a savage lizard-creature perched on his back. "great. My two best friends are watching this" He thought to himself. Alexander began to rally his minion forces. He had ordered a straight-up brawl between Browns. While his may not have had a numbers advantage, they were much more heavily armored and equipped with fantastic weapons. The Reds were to remain in the back and fire upon the enemy Blues. Like with the previous army, more Blue supremacy would be quite useful. His own Blues were split I to two separate groups. The more magically trained Blues would stay behind and heal Reds. While the more combat oriented Blues would dive under the water and attempt to surprise attack enemy Browns. The Greens were the most tactical of the minions. They snuck around the entire tower until they were in the forest behind the enemy forces. When they had their chance, they charged on the enemy Reds and Blues, making sure to get in their backs. The entire time Alexander stood there with the cockiest smile on his face. ((by the way, Shadow, most of my posts here are from my IPad ))
  8. ((ok, now chemistry is melting my poor stupid mind )) The attacking forces had been caught off guard when A second army joined the fight. The new army had flanked them from the rear, however much of Luothark's army had already been defeated. The High Blue Minion summoned it's other High Minions and summoned a magic projection of Alexander. "Master." it said happily "The second army has arrived!" Alexander stood in his throne room after Apocolypse's departure. Suddenly, a projection of his High Blue Minion appeared in the canter of the room. "Master." he said happily "The second army has arrived"! Alexander's face changed into a cruel smirk. "Excellent work, minion." he said approvingly, "I shall be there shortly". He drew out his map of the surrounding area, which included the location of enemy towers. He memorized the location of the forwsts and brush in the area, and reached out with his mastery over shadows. A spot under a tree will have to do. In a blink of an eye, he was gone. Alexander reappeared on the battlefield, just outside the perimeter of the surrounding forests. He was fairly light-headed, never using a teleport from such long distances before. When he had pulled himself together. He saw the bloodbath. Minions from all allegiances were fighting all around him. He saw how the lesser prepared and and armed army of Luithark was all but finished. He also noticed Lillith's army. They were better prepared, but his army was still superior in arms. The battle will play out quite soon. Then the game will truly be afoot.
  9. ((4th page, 4th, 5th, and 6th posts from the bottom. You also never even cared about the Brown sent out to up your character with a message, and your excuse was just lazy.))
  10. ((at least edit the post! Seriously, I am not liking how whenever something like this comes up, you just leave it. Like earlier, when you said you "found the patrols" even though I never said any were sent, you just say "close enough". it's fairly inconsiderate.))
  11. ((ok, so effectively in one post you destroyed half of the entire army with zero casualties, and your character managed to attack and capture every single red without any issues, as well as having browns and greens hunt down and capture all of the Blues which, as said in the previous post, were under water... I am calling some serious god-modding here...))
  12. The minions began to change their stratey. Most of the blues that were not reviving drowned minions were sent into the waters to rescue and minions that were knocked in. The reds that survived or were revived began to lauch firey mortars into the enemy ranks. These mortars detonated on impact, and the explosions sent scorched minions flying. The Greens were ordered to specifically target Blue minions, seeing as though the land was filled with water, they should have the only aquatic supremacy. They were surprisingly effective, mowing down enemy Blues at a rapid pace. The Browns, using there well trained wolves, would run onto minion ranks and tear them apart. The Blues in the water had all but eliminated the aquatic dangers. They had slaughtered all of the animals in the water, which live energy was used to make reenforcments. They had also solved the drowning problem. Since the enemy had decided to mainly drown the bodies, they coukd easily be resurected to rejoin the fight. They were even ferrying minions across rivers or deep pools. The High minions gave extremely effective orders to their respective minion tribes, and they were proving to be almost as great of a leadership as Alexander. They would have reds fore upon the reds on the roof, or lob fire into larger groups. They would strategically place browns to kill advancing ranks, and lead Greens with great efficiency to murdering Blues.
  13. "I have not refused you yet, demon." Alexander said calmly. "But one thing I do know is: the game is afoot. People will do anything to win, especially when their lives are threatened." Alexander rose from his throne and took a few steps forward. "I know your type: demons. Horrible creatures, most of them. living in the fires of hell, using maigics and fire like a knight wields a sword. Most don't even know mercy or pity, and rather enjoy killing for killing's sake. But you, you are not like most demons. You talk a big game and boast a big sword, but what you lack is what demons are known for: Magic. I will accept your offer, if only temporary, because I know your brutality can be rather effective. You could make a great general, if you survive, at least." He allowed his words to settle, and if one looked closely, it almost appeared as though his right eye was glowing. "Only the shadows hide the greatest of dangers." to emphasize his words, the shadows of the room seemed to close in, and, if it was even possible, become darker.
  14. Alexander looked up as the demon strode into his throne room. He was large, to say the least, and rather intimidating. But like his pet, Alexander showed nor felt any fear. He listened as the demon made his offers, and insulted him a little for good measure. After hearing the demon's offer, Alexander responded calmly. "Why?" he asked. "You say I have what you desire, and what, pray tell, would that be? A gullible and desperate man who you control like a puppet? A contender you know is stronger then you, so you wish to use them to do all of the work? Or perhaps a distraction to the other contestants, so that they don't even notice you. I doubt whatever you offer is mutually beneficial." Alexander's expression then turned cold. "And besides, what have you done during this competition besides send your pet to be a nuisance? While we are talking, my army is busy eliminating our competitors. It's about time for some bloodshed". Alexander waited for the demon's response. He had not declined his offer, not yet, but he would not blindly align with another evil, blood-thirsty competitor. Especially not one from Hell. He had a few bad experiences with that hell-hole. The minions began the assault on the tower. Reds longed fireball mortars into the windows, and smiled with glee as the sound of burning filled the tower. Greens skillfully climbed the tower with their claws and after entering the tower, murdered any minion they found. The Browns smashed down the door and charged in on their wolves, whooping and hollering while swinging their weapons about, while Blues followed behind casting magical attacks and healing the army. In the very back of the army were the High Minions, who were giving orders to the attacking minions. In seconds, the entire hundred minion army had assaulted the tower, ransacking and killing everything in sight. While Luithark's minions were working in the tower, they had unknowingly trapped themselves in their own grave.
  15. Alexander's army marched across the land, each minion knowing exactly what was to be done. The army was specifically designed for every needed task, and under the well taught command of the High Minions, the army functioned as well without their master as it did with him. Which was why Alexander was not amongst his army. He had remained at the tower due to a last minute change in plans. He calmly waited standing before his throne, his arms crossed and his expression patient. The army of minions moved toward Luithark's tower. But, they did not move as one unit. They had long ago split up into dozens of small squads, making for efficient travel. Any and all scouting parties they saw were annihilated without hesitation or casualties, already setting Luithark's army behind on number. The army slowly surrounded the tower, but was careful to remain unseen, even by the best of scouts.
  16. Alexander walked over to the minion bound in chains. The minion appeared confident; not showing fear or doubt. The minion had the audacity to even smile and compliment his forces. "So. Your master requests an alliance?" Alexander asked. "If you speak of the demon, then I pray he is fond pf you blues. Why should I align with him? What benefits me, in anyway. Heaven sends his retched pet to my tower; which attacked me without provocation." Alexander swing his sword at the Blue minion, leaving a large gash across his face. "I will not join with anyone who will only stab me in the back later. If your master wishes to discuss anything, then he should stop hiding behind pets and minions and see me himself." letting his words settle Alexander tureen around and walked back towards his army. "Guard" he said over his shoulder. "Throw him out and let him find his own way back. Take whatever he has on him". The Browns looted the Blue before throwing him out into the wilderness. "Now, my army." Alexander said calmly, addressing his forces "We move out, and win the day!"
  17. The minions were assembled and ready. Each one armed quite literally to the teeth. equipped with hand crafted weapons and armor from the captured blacksmiths, they were truly one of, it not the most well-armed army in this competition. On top of that, the Browns had bred and trained the Wild Wolves and could use them as extremely efficient mounts for swift killing. Alexander stood before his army, his hands behind his back and his expression stern. Every sing,e minion in the room stood at attention to hear their master. "My minions." he said proudly "Today, we show our competition that we are not to be trifled with. Today, we will destroy not one, but two of our enemies, and lay waste to their forces. Now is the time for the world to fear us, and know that we will not be denied. Today, we triumph!" to ad emphasis to his statement, Alexander drew his sword and held it high. All of his minions cheered, lifting their own weapons. Two browns entered the tower with a Blue held in chains. "Master." one of them said. "We gots a messenger for ya."
  18. ((lazy excuse is lazy Flower...)) As a last ditch effort, the creature collapsed the top floor of the tower. The celing and walls of the floor caved in, and light flooded the room. Not good. Reacting as quickly as he could, Alexander ran towards the nearest hole in the floor. Rubble crashed around him, and more than ode a strike of his sword saved him from being crushed. He managed to escape through the hole and fall to the floor below. Lucky, the creatures blood had not weakened this floor, so only the top floor and the floor below were truly damaged. Minions flooded into the room, looks of concern on their ugly features. Alexander clentched his fist with pure rage. It was all he could do not to slice a minion to shreds to re eave some anger. He grabbed a random minion by the scruff of its neck and brought it to eye level. "I will not stand for anymore failure!" he said exasperated. "I want our strike force ready, and our plan in motion. We set out in one hour. Fail, and The consequences will be severe." he released the minion and ordered the rest of the minions to arm themselves. None of the other Overlords new of his undertaking, and none of them would even mildly suspect it...
  19. ((Flower, two pages ago I had a Brown send a letter to your character, still haven't heard from that...)) After the loud shriek, many of the minions gathered around to see their master's progress. Some looked with Aw as small holes opened up in the floor above. Others acted with fear and concern for their master. Many started to grab weapons to try and aid their master. But before any could react, a High Minion ordered them to return to their formations for the coming invasions. They would all need to be on their best behaviors and in top shape. Alexander, still locked in combat with the creature, knew that something was wrong. The beast hadn't moved since he had begun his barrage. It was certainly not afraid of him, nor was on the brink of death. The beast began to lash out. It would try to strike with its tail or throw more blood. It just did not understand that in the darkness, he could not be bested. Drops of blood would hit the cursed blade, and wisps of smoke would escape the blade. But the wisps were not the blade corroding, no, they were the blade feasting on the blood. The blade needed to feast, it needed to kill. Kill. Kill! The blade almost seemed to become stronger the more it was soaked with blood, and its slashes became more and more severe.
  20. Ah, I see what you're playing at, monster Alexander thought. The beast had eliminated all light within the room, leaving only darkness. "I have said this far to many times; the darkness is my domain. In eliminating the light, you have ridden us both of an annoyance." Now Alexander had full control of this battle. The darkness acted like a radar to Alexander. He could see everything, but could not actually "see" it. He could feel the faintest of distortions in the darkness, and he knew where the creature was at all times. With his abilities enhanced, he finally started to retaliate. He would move behind the beast and slash its tail, only to disappear and reappear to strike its arm. He could move about as freely as he wanted now; without a speck of light to interfere. Eventually, his Wound magic would kill the beast, even if he did not attack with any killing blows or major strikes. His magic blade thirst for combat. It thirst for blood.
  21. ((uuuuuh, flower... The minions were never sent out. They were just selected...)) "The thing's blood is acid... That's just not fair!" The acidic liquid began to chew through the walls of the tower, leaving multiple small holes. Some of the bool had dripped into the lower levels, and he heard one minion scream in agony. Oh well, there were plenty of sheep around. It was then that the beast flicked some of its blood directly at Alexander. The fact it was acidic was bad enough, but the bloody thing could use it like a weapon! As said before, the top room of the tower was filled with shadows aside from the light provided in the center. This would be the creature's downfall. Alexander again moved between shadows, safely away from the spray. It was then he raised his sword. The blood red edge of the sword cauht the light and reflected it throughout the room. There he saw the beast perched along the opposite wall. He immediately withdrew his sword and began to move about the shadows to lose the creature's vision. "One thing you may tell your master." Alexander's voice echoed throughout the shadows. "Is that when in combat with me, any damage my enemies sustain cannot heal. Therefore, either you run off with your tail between your legs, or you bleed out entirely. And judging by how quickly you're bleeding, that won't take too long."
  22. ((dear sir, you should know that I am the ultimate Litteralist. (and perfectionist, but that's not up for debate right now...)) The creature tried another attempt on Alexander's mind. But this time, he was ready. "I will admit, I can be overconfident." Alexander confessed. "But I am in no way a fool. I will not fall for a trick twice. Now either scuttle back to your master, or we shall continue this dance." he knew the beast was angry; he could see it on its not-face. The beast could either run, fight, or attempt to mow down a few of his minions. He may lose a few in the combat, But hey, Fire minions were much more useful then one may believe. (("Xenomorphs, in all stages of their life cycle, have been said to have vulnerabilities to heat . . . The only Xenomorphs not vulnerable to fire are the Predaliens" - Alien Species Wiki ))
  23. (( and that, dear sir, is where I call BS. The Xenomorphs are mention to be living weapons, not magic users in any respect.))
  24. ((don't taze me bro! (bra? IDk...)))